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There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle

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Yu Siyang, a 25-years-old chef who just won the International Culinary Gold Award, was smashed by a huge earthen pot, wake up and become a 18-years-old little transparent Yu Siyang in the entertainment circle.

Signed a weird contract and big debts, the chef had to put down the pots and pans and carry his schoolbag to the performance class.

Strive for an achievement as Emperor Film as soon as possible, paying off the debts, and realizing big aspirations to open an ideal restaurant.

But, why the creditor make a very abnormal condition? Waiting online, urgent.

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:娱乐圈有个郁大厨
Author:Jing Nian Weixing
Weekly Rank:#4940
Monthly Rank:#5818
All Time Rank:#4223
Tags:Acting, Celebrities, Chefs, Childcare, Cooking, Cute Children, Cute Protagonist, Debts, Dense Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Love at First Sight, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Naive Protagonist, Older Love Interests, Orphans, Rebirth, Reincarnation, Showbiz, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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11 Comments on “There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
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  1. Dengan karakter ML seperti itu gw gk mau sih mc jadian sama dia. Karakternya murni bajingan dan bangsat. Banyak karakter yg dibikin menjengkel kan ala2 CEO dingin atau bad boy cool ttp bisa di sukai tpi yang ini murni menjengkelkan. Hanya org gila yg bakal duka karakter si ML. Terlalu diktaktor, pemaksa. Bayangin anak² umir i8 tahun punya utang 1 milyar harus melunasi hutang dari syuting film yg capek masih harus di paksa masak setiap hari. Dia gk bunuh diri aja udah mental baja. Meksipun jiwanya 35thn tpi kan org2 taunya 18 tahun, so harusnya org2 ya memperlakukan dia selayak umurmya. Si ML juga jatihnya pedofil anjir. Gw bingung kno ada org² yg bikin karakter bajingan tapi di romantisasi. MC pasti gk waras sih kalau sampai nanti bisa jatuh cinta. Terlepas si ML ana baiknya dan ngrbantu karirnya tetep aja bajingan. Kesan pertama udah anjing mau kek gimana pasti gk mungkin jatuh cinta kalau orang waras kecuali kalau orangnya tipe masokis udah di bully malah jatuh cinta.

  2. Only made it to chapter 15, I really can't tolerate a ML who ruthlessly controls the MC and forces them to serve them and sexually harassed the MC despite the MC clearly being unwilling in every sense. ML has no redeeming points, not even the love he has for his child, since he uses that to exploit the MC. I don't care how he changes in the future, I simply can not tolerate reading the MC being exploited until the ML straightens out his behavior - if he ever does!

  3. Lol, the ml never harassed mc sexually. Ml ask mc to cook with the attitude of not accepting a rejection that's it, because ml thought mc is the one his half-brother payed to seduce him(beauty trap lol). If you read the whole novel you'll know how ml loves his child and how caring he is to mc, definitely no sexual harassment..

  4. Is that the last chapter? (´;ω;`) Tho, its kinda hard to figure out whether the character is male or female due to continuously changing of "he" to "she" (^~^;)ゞ but thank you for updating it ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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