There is a Little Fairy Farmer in the Country

The protagonist gets a universal system of 100,000 light years from the galaxy, whether in the countryside or in the city, as long as the system is in hand, there are as many beautiful women as there are things you can’t think of, and nothing you can’t do..... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 711 Perfect ending Chapter 710 Ice Palace Adventure Chapter 709 Hanxing Palace

Chapter 708 Mortal emperor's treasure Chapter 707 The general situation is finalized Chapter 706 0The end of Empress Li Chapter 705 Gentle lies Chapter 704 2 beautiful shots Chapter 703 Find a way out Chapter 702 To the land of God Realm Chapter 701 Godlike woman Chapter 700 Be sealed

Chapter 699 Everything returns to 0 Chapter 698 Destroyer Chapter 697 Sacrifice to Eastern Emperor Bell

Chapter 696 Confront 0 Empress Dowager Chapter 695 The queen killed Chapter 694 Queen of Forbidden Land Chapter 693 Put in the waiter Chapter 692 Fairy captive fate Chapter 691 40,000 captives Chapter 690 Open the world Chapter 689 Dragon cart Chapter 688 Comparison of past and present

Chapter 687 Lost compensation Chapter 686 Don't take nothing Chapter 685 Protoss Chapter 684 Issue pass Chapter 683 Last threat Chapter 682 1 good trick to kill someone Chapter 681 Misfortune Chapter 680 Dragon Wars Chapter 679 Teleport Chapter 678 Lonely fairy Chapter 677 Build a road to escape Chapter 676 Resurrected queen

Chapter 675 Encountered a dead body again Chapter 674 Protoss Chapter 673 Taikoo Immortal Mansion under the lake Chapter 672 Army pressure Chapter 671 Terrible place Chapter 670 Conquer the Unicorn Beast Chapter 669 Wan Jian Gui Zong Chapter 668 Curse Chapter 667 Unicorn Beast Chapter 666 Enter the forbidden area again Chapter 665 The movement of the dragon Chapter 664 There is a big event late at night

Chapter 663 All flew away Chapter 662 Stormy Chapter 661 Pick a maid Chapter 660 The war is coming Chapter 659 Only one woman in a lifetime Chapter 658 Pass Chapter 657 1 more slave Chapter 656 Wait and see Chapter 655 Imitation Donghuang Bell Chapter 654 ?Ling's situation Chapter 653 Refining Star Beast Chapter 652 Battle Star Beast

Chapter 651 Star Beast Chapter 650 Single headed Chapter 649 Ask if you are afraid Chapter 648 Fairy Emperor Clash Chapter 647 Offend someone Chapter 646 Slag man Chapter 645 1 hand for everything Chapter 644 Time to part ways Chapter 643 Finally arrived in shangzhongtian Chapter 642 Vicious chaos Chapter 641 Set off again Chapter 640 Go to Shangzhongtian

Chapter 639 Come to a small wedding Chapter 638 Pick 300 fairies Chapter 637 The general trend is gone Chapter 636 Enemy pressure Chapter 635 Space magic Chapter 634 Blame Chapter 633 Midnight watch Chapter 632 In the sky Chapter 631 The goddess was arched by the pig Chapter 630 Xuxianzong Chapter 629 The big picture is set Chapter 628 Unhappy

Chapter 627 Do a full set of good drama Chapter 626 Lock Dragon Sword Array Chapter 625 Sing a conquest Chapter 624 First salute Chapter 623 Super actor Chapter 622 Lead the snake out of the hole Chapter 621 Let me make up 1 Chapter 620 The 1st Beauty of Zhongtianyu Chapter 619 Target found Chapter 618 The goal is the 1st beauty Chapter 617 Darkness into the Xuanxinzong Chapter 616 The plan has changed

Chapter 615 Departing Xuanxinzong Chapter 614 Xuan Xinzong Chapter 613 Renamed to 6 Linmen Chapter 612 Overbearing little farmer Chapter 611 Start with the kitchen Chapter 610 Just 1 passerby Chapter 609 Everyone pushes down the wall Chapter 608 Marry Huakui home Chapter 607 Another 2 breakthrough fairy kings Chapter 606 Kill another fairy emperor in seconds Chapter 605 Jump out an old hair Chapter 604 Hao Tianzong

Chapter 603 After being broken Chapter 602 Unexpected results Chapter 601 Here comes a big bomb Chapter 600 Super construction team Chapter 599 Money is more profitable Chapter 598 Killing the God of Heaven Chapter 597 I am a thief Chapter 596 Who is the real butcher Chapter 595 Late punishment Chapter 594 1 shot and 1 quasi Chapter 593 Doing the work of not being human Chapter 592 Frankly wide

Chapter 591 Xianfu Xinsheng Chapter 590 Beautiful countryside Chapter 589 Kill this little farmer Chapter 588 Xianqi Community Garden Chapter 587 Fairy building Chapter 586 Don't bully with fairies Chapter 585 Blackmail Fairy Chapter 584 Let Fairy be a flight attendant Chapter 583 Black technology aircraft Chapter 582 Perfect business empire Chapter 581 The Return of the Fairy King Chapter 580 Great sword and axe reform

Chapter 579 Slaughter a few dragons Chapter 578 Avenue Seal Chapter 577 Soul Killer Chapter 576 Super robber Chapter 575 Discover the Lingshi vein Chapter 574 The Pool of Nature Chapter 573 Young people give you 1 character Chapter 572 Mysterious old man Chapter 571 100,000 fairies Chapter 570 Die against me Chapter 569 Steal all Chapter 568 A ghostly place

Chapter 567 Teleportation Chapter 566 Kill another fairy emperor Chapter 565 No waste Chapter 564 Go to the pirate's den Chapter 563 Quietly leave Chapter 562 Give your face what you grab Chapter 561 Moon Black Wind kills more goods Chapter 560 Step on the spot Chapter 559 Secret kill 3 killers Chapter 558 Upgrade artifact weapon ‘none’ Chapter 557 Killer Chapter 556 Slap hard

Chapter 555 Reappearing Broken Immortal Seal Chapter 554 coming Chapter 553 Speak with fist Chapter 552 It makes sense to hit someone Chapter 551 1st restricted area Chapter 550 Fairy Thief Chapter 549 Whereabouts leaked Chapter 548 Business junction Chapter 547 Dharma is boundless Chapter 546 Ten Thousand Buddhas Chapter 545 Yinbing Battle Zone Chapter 544 Ancient Yingu

Chapter 543 Mortal Emperor is within easy reach Chapter 542 I'm not going to be a flower guard Chapter 541 Dragon Rebirth Chapter 540 Tribulation is flying Chapter 539 No traitor Chapter 538 Take over this **** princess mission Chapter 537 Princess Xiao Yue Chapter 536 Pirates Chapter 535 Break the enchantment Chapter 534 Meet pirates Chapter 533 I won't admit it Chapter 532 1 Nian Cheng Jing

Chapter 531 The Great Dream of Avenue Chapter 530 Conscious divine pattern Chapter 529 Not soft, use hard Chapter 528 Exchange Avenue God Chapter 527 Ask for Godmark Chapter 526 Chaptery in the stone Chapter 525 Avenue God Chapter 524 Won another fairy Chapter 523 Vietnam War Chapter 522 Big Luo King Kong Hood Chapter 521 Little Fairy Farm Chapter 520 The contest in the spaceship

Chapter 519 Fairy Chapter 518 Meet the Fairy Fairy Chapter 517 Walk with the devil Chapter 516 Go to Wanjie Chapter 515 Borrow the dead Chapter 514 Annihilate Chapter 513 murderer Chapter 512 Elixir of the dead Chapter 511 Go to Wanjie Chapter 510 Cut off sea water Chapter 509 Lots of flower girls Chapter 508 They are bad

Chapter 507 No choice Chapter 506 Chapter 505 Back and forth Chapter 504 The first hit the scene Chapter 503 The jealous wolf ambition Chapter 502 Fairy Island on the open sea Chapter 501 Build the most beautiful island in the world Chapter 500 Fairy without freedom Chapter 499 Build a villa village in the city Chapter 498 Adult topic Chapter 497 Chapter 496 Here's a chicken soup

Chapter 495 return with glory Chapter 494 Full nest dispatch Chapter 493 Go to the alchemist gate Chapter 492 Devour Chapter 491 Over the clouds Chapter 490 Big treasure Chapter 489 0 Cliff Island Chapter 488 Broken Immortal Seal Chapter 487 Why bother Chapter 486 Deceived fairy Chapter 485 Looking for 3000 years of panic Chapter 484 Questioned identity

Chapter 483 Bleeding blood Chapter 482 Tu Xian Ru Tu Tu Chapter 481 Escape again Chapter 480 See you upset Chapter 479 Scared away Chapter 478 Immortal Emperor Chapter 477 Robbery, male left female right Chapter 476 When the robbers go Chapter 475 Kill 1 Chapter 474 What do you want to do Chapter 473 Get an event Chapter 472 Manu Sky Seal

Chapter 471 Once again alarmed the small peasants of the world Chapter 470 Spike Fairy King Chapter 469 Dandi Chapter 468 Open branches and leaves Chapter 467 Silent lore type 1 Chapter 466 Emerald King Jade Ginseng Chapter 465 Catching the Star Moon Fruit Chapter 464 Xingyue Xianguo Chapter 463 Fairy Grass Orchard Chapter 462 The difference between masculinity and femininity Chapter 461 Grow longer Chapter 460 Poor sister paper

Chapter 459 Murder Chapter 458 Nun can't be done after fasting Chapter 457 Leave me all the fairies Chapter 456 Robbing the auction house Chapter 455 Super cottage goods Chapter 454 You smell so good Chapter 453 My daughter please Chapter 452 10 great grass Chapter 451 1 ticket big Chapter 450 auctions Chapter 449 6 Linmen Chapter 448 The 9th New City Master

Chapter 447 Killed in the castle Chapter 446 0 Glass Goddess News Chapter 445 Fatty means fierce Chapter 444 The face ripping battle is about to start again Chapter 443 Man's paradise Chapter 442 Drink flower wine Chapter 441 Heirloom Chapter 440 0 Empress Chapter 439 Xiao Xiannong broke through again Chapter 438 Heirloom Chapter 437 Find Soul Shard Chapter 436 Hu Xiao He Shan

Chapter 435 Crisis everywhere Chapter 434 Another fairy appears Chapter 433 What is Tao, what is immortal? Chapter 432 The first battle in the world Chapter 431 Buy away Chapter 430 The First Woman in All Realms Chapter 429 Heavenly Emperor Sect Chapter 428 1st Fatty Chapter 427 0 Autumn Bandai Chapter 426 Pack things up and go to Wanjie Chapter 425 Kiss with the princess Chapter 424 Princess Zhi'er

Chapter 423 Suppression by force Chapter 422 Advent Chapter 421 Shameless Chapter 420 Tu Sheng Ru Tu dog Chapter 419 Kill Martial Saint Chapter 418 Killer against the Holy King Chapter 417 Ready to fight Chapter 416 The Holy King is coming to earth Chapter 415 Code of conduct Chapter 414 Night talk about democracy Chapter 413 Little farmer has a surname of 0 Chapter 412 The love of Aunt Long 9

Chapter 411 Birth Chapter 410 A long-awaited wedding Chapter 409 Holy King is going to land on earth Chapter 408 1 Road 1 Belt Development Economy Chapter 407 Xiaoxiannong is tempted Chapter 406 1 piece of blood on cow dung Chapter 405 The mortal emperor's mind Chapter 404 Xian Gong Chapter 403 Something went wrong Chapter 402 The enemy is very red Chapter 401 Mortal emperor's mount Chapter 400 Destined

Chapter 399 Snake Chapter 398 Black scale tiger cat beast Chapter 397 The true face of Xianfu Chapter 396 Open Kunlun Xuxian Mansion Chapter 395 Wait for me in Kunlun Chapter 394 Fatty is going to Wanjie Chapter 393 Dance with the wolf Chapter 392 Enter Xianfu tomorrow Chapter 391 Holy King's decision Chapter 390 Bloodwash Gene Bio Chapter 389 Prepare for a big fight Chapter 388 Awe-inspiring means

Chapter 387 Ask the leader to eat some dragon meat Chapter 386 Roll up your sleeves and dry hard Chapter 385 Invite guests to eat dragon whip Chapter 384 Crayfish evolved into big lobster Chapter 383 Part ways Chapter 382 Burning Longquan Villa Chapter 381 6 forest gates Chapter 380 Heavenly Oath Chapter 379 Dragon Soul Chapter 378 Bubble with Dragon Blood Chapter 377 Mortal Emperor's Profound Soldier Chapter 376 Little Fairy Farmer Slaughtering the Dragon King

Chapter 375 Last choice Chapter 374 Weapons in 9-chain bronze coffin Chapter 373 Bronze coffin under molten rock Chapter 372 "Hua Ling Da Fa" turns fairy corpses Chapter 371 Beidou 7 Star Crystal Coffin Chapter 370 Lao Zun Chapter 369 Perennial flower Chapter 368 3rd space Chapter 367 Golden Bones Chapter 366 Found dragon signs Chapter 365 Swallow corpse Chapter 364 Fairy mound

Chapter 363 9 peaks deep Chapter 362 2 pig brothers Chapter 361 Discover the ancient tomb of Kunlun Mountain Chapter 360 Dow out Chapter 359 The sixth sense of woman Chapter 358 The ghost Chapter 357 The Strange Phenomenon of Kunlun Mountain Chapter 356 Full speed ahead Chapter 355 Departure from Kunlun (Part 2) Chapter 354 Departure from Kunlun (middle) Chapter 353 Departure from Kunlun (Part 1) Chapter 352 Women's products

Chapter 351 I'm going to be your uncle Chapter 350 Here comes a glass of wine Chapter 349 Jinger's Party Chapter 348 Holy King is coming Chapter 347 Avenue Certificate Act Chapter 346 Doors of All Wonders Chapter 345 Oath meeting Chapter 344 The first thing after going out Chapter 343 Fight to death Chapter 342 Before the opening of Xianfu Chapter 341 Exit Chapter 340 Star Blood

Chapter 339 Are men all wonderful? Chapter 338 Profiteers Chapter 337 Cheating a beautiful reporter Chapter 336 Target female reporter Chapter 335 Pig playing as a tiger Chapter 334 Run faster than a pig Chapter 333 Lost learning pig called Chapter 332 Not to die Chapter 331 I don't go to hell Chapter 330 Jade Face Jun Chapter 329 Return home Chapter 328 Manchurian elixir

Chapter 327 Dragon Tiger Mountain Master appeared in the village Chapter 326 Carry on the blood fairy experiment Chapter 325 Farmers are most responsible Chapter 324 Your uncle Chapter 323 0 Change Fox Fairy Chapter 322 I tricked a fox fairy into a girlfriend Chapter 321 Fight for it Chapter 320 Fox Fairy Chapter 319 Little fat man wants diet pills Chapter 318 The richest little farmer Chapter 317 Play the coolest Chapter 316 Miss Long 3 is coming

Chapter 315 There are a large number of missing persons Chapter 314 Realm of ruins Chapter 313 A longing place of paradise Chapter 312 Yunhai Lingshan Chapter 311 Heavenly Vision Chapter 310 79 days came Chapter 309 Break through again Chapter 308 I was sold and counted money for others Chapter 307 Fatty's spring is here Chapter 306 Jump Chapter 305 Going to practice in the middle of the night Chapter 304 Genesis

Chapter 303 Everyone has their own destiny Chapter 302 Playing dogs also depends on the owner Chapter 301 Defective Spirit Tool Chapter 300 Take a soy sauce Chapter 299 The spirit in the stone Chapter 298 Treasure Hunting Instruments Chapter 297 Little farmers also have dreams of making cars Chapter 296 Offended the little peasant and did not end well Chapter 295 Fight to suit Chapter 294 Prince Edward returns Chapter 293 Xiao Su Chapter 292 Things in the private room

Chapter 291 Talk about marriage Chapter 290 Grape harvest Chapter 289 School grass and school flowers Chapter 288 The teacher is going to the roof Chapter 287 Was frightened Chapter 286 Dream goddess Chapter 285 Go to the rooftop Chapter 284 Beautiful women come to town Chapter 283 Need for school beauty Chapter 282 Demon Chapter 281 Spirit Fox Crossing Chapter 280 Invite a real person to go out

Chapter 279 The truth of myth Chapter 278 5 color make up stone Chapter 277 a waste of resource Chapter 276 Girls despise boys Chapter 275 Crazy second half Chapter 274 Left overnight Chapter 273 Fierce brother Chapter 272 The old iron was chased by the killer Chapter 271 The road to the eternal stars in the earth Chapter 270 No one believes the truth Chapter 269 Make you arrogant Chapter 268 Squeeze 1 squeeze

Chapter 267 I have another good show Chapter 266 Eternal seal Chapter 265 The Road to the Eternal Star Chapter 264 Before college graduation party Chapter 263 1 unanswered question Chapter 262 Shangxian blood falls into foreign gene bank Chapter 261 ?Long 1 and a half strength Chapter 260 Long last choice Chapter 259 Promotion Chapter 258 Wicked people have their own grinds Chapter 257 Overlord in the city Chapter 256 The rich are the men

Chapter 255 Premature death Chapter 254 1st Military Mission Chapter 253 Tomorrow's plan Chapter 252 Legendary Fairy Tiger Chapter 251 Meet again in the city Chapter 250 Protagonist's personal secretary Chapter 249 Meet cornfield Chapter 248 1 cut Chapter 247 I have an overbearing brother Chapter 246 Fool also knows the law Chapter 245 Lin's future 2 heads Chapter 244 Do small farmers pay taxes

Chapter 243 "The Ten Thousand Eternal Stars" Chapter 242 Swire Star Chapter 241 Star Power Chapter 240 There is a way Chapter 239 Pretty little nun Chapter 238 Began to beat down the water dog Chapter 237 Evil old iron Chapter 236 Ten Thousand Stars Chapter 235 The power of stars from the depths of the universe Chapter 234 59 The Power of Heavenly Tribulation Chapter 233 Xiaoxiannong's Heaven Tribulation is coming Chapter 232 Tianda's secret

Chapter 231 Falun Dafa Chapter 230 3 times 4 times Chapter 229 Chase down Chapter 228 Endless anger Chapter 227 The enemy is not in danger Chapter 226 The secret of 0 years Chapter 225 Will you come tonight? Chapter 224 Before the treasure box Chapter 223 Spiritual herring Chapter 222 Brothers have this life and no afterlife Chapter 221 Reminiscing when I was young Chapter 220 Kill with a kitchen knife

Chapter 219 World tire growth Chapter 218 High-priced crayfish Chapter 217 Wonderful crayfish Chapter 216 Vigorously develop the countryside Chapter 215 Alarming superior Chapter 214 Harvest Chapter 213 Incredible Chapter 212 Holy King's plan Chapter 211 Robber's Little Farmer Chapter 210 Wanfa Nature Chapter 209 Another old monster Chapter 208 Kill to death

Chapter 207 Stupid bird flies first Chapter 206 Cultivators descend on Mount Qingtan Chapter 205 Uchichi now Chapter 204 The plan is too late to change Chapter 203 49 days Chapter 202 Crossover Chapter 201 Innocent Chapter 200 Fairy blood Chapter 199 Alarmed an old immortal Chapter 198 Sword to come Chapter 197 Come out Chapter 196 Sensational Wulin

Chapter 195 Buy medicine Chapter 194 escape Chapter 193 Follow me Chapter 192 Jin Dan has fed the Spirit Fox Chapter 191 Shen Danzhang Chapter 190 Ten Thousand Stars Sword Array Chapter 189 Fairy? Devil? Chapter 188 Clash of the strong Chapter 187 The enemy is coming Chapter 186 Powerful from Penglai Xiandao Chapter 185 seek Chapter 184 Free mood

Chapter 183 Heart is under the kyte Chapter 182 Go for a break Chapter 181 The old one does not go, the new one does not come Chapter 180 Where Lan is wronged Chapter 179 The indisputable soldier Chapter 178 Men's aspirations Chapter 177 Talk about conditions Chapter 176 5 days later Chapter 175 Dog biting dog Chapter 174 Mountain Guardian Circle Chapter 173 This is an era of fighting father and mother Chapter 172 Mother and Child in the Night 2

Chapter 171 Advanced Elixir Chapter 170 Behind the tranquility Chapter 169 Midnight bell Chapter 168 Run away Chapter 167 Mother is bullish Chapter 166 Cangyue Wuhai Chapter 165 Cang Haiyue has tears Chapter 164 Holy King Fury Chapter 163 The leader appeared Chapter 162 Qiankun 2 Chapter 161 Holy King fights the world Chapter 160 To kill

Chapter 159 Destiny Chapter 158 Magic Box Chapter 157 The box above the altar Chapter 156 Stormy Chapter 155 Almost leaked treasure Chapter 154 Horrified scream Chapter 153 Cave House has a secret Chapter 152 New account Chapter 151 Disguise as men Chapter 150 Holy King's Request Chapter 149 Skill increase Chapter 148 Xiuxianzhendong

Chapter 147 1 palm will die Chapter 146 Is it a test Chapter 145 Childhood past Chapter 144 Shout out Chapter 143 Yuqingmen Chapter 142 Long decision Chapter 141 Confiscating Spirit Fox Chapter 140 I want to start with 9 aunts Chapter 139 Break the rules Chapter 138 The dignity of the strong Chapter 137 10,000 pets set 1 body Chapter 136 Town of All Gods

Chapter 135 Lost civilization Chapter 134 Ancient stele Chapter 133 Dragon's anger Chapter 132 The real life of the protagonist Chapter 131 Be a servant in this life Chapter 130 The beginning of the killing Chapter 129 The Great King's Hand Chapter 128 Fat Chapter 127 Miss Sister Chapter 126 Men who are obsessed with swords Chapter 125 anger Chapter 124 Broken hand

Chapter 123 Meet a rival Chapter 122 Love for children Chapter 121 Everyone understands people Chapter 120 Long night in the countryside Chapter 119 Backup girlfriend Chapter 118 1 pure girl Chapter 117 1 doll in 1 folder Chapter 116 There is a beautiful sister on the mountain Chapter 115 1 shot to determine Chapter 114 There is one point out of control Chapter 113 1 beauty found Chapter 112 Shameless things

Chapter 111 Sinister in society Chapter 110 Mysterious guest Chapter 109 Beauty's promise Chapter 108 Xiaoxiannong has talents Chapter 107 Yearning Chapter 106 Come up with a bad idea Chapter 105 9 sister is going back to the village Chapter 104 National fragrance Chapter 103 Longquan Villa Chapter 102 Major identity Chapter 101 The fierce little farmer Chapter 100 Fight kill

Chapter 99 All lying to me Chapter 98 The show begins Chapter 97 Mountain Fox Chapter 96 Clothes thief Chapter 95 Became an old driver Chapter 94 Continue to buy lottery tickets Chapter 93 Receive the award Chapter 92 Middle Super Prize Chapter 91 Very low-key little farmer Chapter 90 Mysterious identity Chapter 89 Hit the killer Chapter 88 1 Cultivation of Immortals

Chapter 87 Is it destiny or fate? Chapter 86 0 Miss Jin is in love with the little farmer Chapter 85 Lost Chapter 84 Mysterious strong Chapter 83 Small Farmer Winning Platform Chapter 82 Shameless host Chapter 81 Little farmers have positive energy Chapter 80 Shameless Chapter 79 Waste this garbage Chapter 78 The scene of tearing a face (Tiantian Tongqing) Chapter 77 Ruo Ruo Qing Chapter 76 Shy away

Chapter 75 Handsome Chapter 74 It turned out that the face is so cool Chapter 73 muah Chapter 72 My dad is the richest man Chapter 71 Take Qunfang to an appointment Chapter 70 Fan-like story Chapter 69 Tofu can not be eaten in vain Chapter 68 Early bird catches worms Chapter 67 Fairy chaser Chapter 66 Discover the secret of the protagonist Chapter 65 Condensed spirit stone Chapter 64 1 mysterious woman appears

Chapter 63 I am not drunk (I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival) Chapter 62 No. 1 No. 1 Red Chapter 61 Be a villain Chapter 60 Beautiful as a fairy in the world Chapter 59 Taohuatan water depth 0 feet Chapter 58 The story of Houshan Chapter 57 Toilet in the countryside Chapter 56 Beauty came to the village Chapter 55 Has a gun on his body Chapter 54 Gave birth to a good daughter Chapter 53 You are the most beautiful policewoman I have ever seen Chapter 52 There is no free lunch in this world

Chapter 51 ?o spicy woman Chapter 50 Lion big mouth Chapter 49 Zero price Chapter 48 Brutal little peasant Chapter 47 Qiu family came to the door Chapter 46 Soaked up my sister Chapter 45 Steal without eating Chapter 44 If you want to do it, you can do it by 1 Chapter 43 Dantian Chapter 42 2 good brothers are not good things Chapter 41 Who understands the grievances in my heart Chapter 40 The most stories in the country

Chapter 39 Hanging out Chapter 38 Leave a door in the middle of the night Chapter 37 Woman turning back Chapter 36 Green plum Chapter 35 Ethereal fetish Chapter 34 Fertile water does not flow outside the field Chapter 33 1 woman with a story Chapter 32 Don't touch me Chapter 31 Mysterious existence Chapter 30 By chance Chapter 29 Beauty is a disaster for the country Chapter 28 The protagonist's anger

Chapter 27 Something serious Chapter 26 I want to be a gynecologist Chapter 25 The first show of the edge is hanging 1 cut Chapter 24 Long Chaojiu means Chapter 23 Deep shade Chapter 22 Save Chapter 21 120,000 bonus Chapter 20 Martial arts wizard Chapter 19 First prize in 150 bets Chapter 18 Little farmer is also a master Chapter 17 Woman changes face faster than flipping a book Chapter 16 Squat in the toilet and cry

Chapter 15 Not in 3 circles and 6 lanes Chapter 14 1 hit 3 Chapter 13 Dining with beautiful women Chapter 12 Holy King's skill Chapter 11 Beauty lying Chapter 10 1 beauty motivation Chapter 9 mercy Chapter 8 Scared Chapter 7 Forced to no escape Chapter 6 Blessing Chapter 5 The legendary Prince Charming Chapter 4 1 million yuan compensation

Chapter 3 Tao Yun Spirit Rune Chapter 2 Highly toxic Chapter 1 First met beauty

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