No matter what is in this ice palace, Lin Chendong took it all, and none of it remained, including the unique spirit stone here, the cold spirit pith with the extremely cold air, and Lin Chendong all took it away.

Like this kind of thing, in Princess Xiaoyue's words, it can be used on some household appliances in the earth, compared to the ice in the refrigerator and the ice in the air conditioner.

Not only is it natural and harmless, but a little, it can be used for more than a few decades. The cold air that is blown out also has spiritual power, which is very beneficial to the human body.

Resources are very important. Now what the earth is fighting for is resources. For the resources, at all costs to wage war, do you believe it?

"Xiaobai, in this palace secret room, arrange a return teleportation array, and then we go back to the earth. Next time, we can go directly to the next Zhongtian or Shangzhongtian!" Lin Chendong confronted the little white wolf **** Say.

"Okay, Master!" Little White Wolf God had already prepared this for a long time. Knowing that Master Lin Chendong returned to the earth, he might return to the Dragon Palace in the future.

Then, the little white wolf **** said to Lin Chendong: "Master, after you go back to the earth, I want to go back to my Sirius family!"

"Um, um, you go back, you can't follow me all your life." Lin Chendong nodded slightly and said, "I hope I will see you a bunch of children when I come back next time!"

"I will work hard." Little White Wolf God nodded and said. I was thinking: "I don't know if the children are still here!"

In fact, the mortal emperor did not conquer it, it is the wolf god, the wolf king in the Sirius God; naturally there are many female wolves, let alone children!

You know, when a wolf comes down, there are a few small wolf cubs. There are not dozens of them, and there are more than a dozen.

Originally, Purple Dream God King wanted to talk to Lin Chendong about a higher state, but now he heard that he did not pursue and said that he would go back to the village, so Zi Meng didn't talk to him about cultivation practices above the **** level.

"When will you go back?" The king of the Tianlong Empire and dozens of fairy emperors guarding the palace appeared in front of Lin Chendong and others.

"Go back tomorrow." Lin Chendong intends to go back first with his teleportation array, and the little white wolf **** stays here to make the teleportation array, and there is no need to wait for the little white wolf **** to do well before going back.

"Do I need to do something?" Tianlong Empire King knew that this time Lin Chendong might come back and ask for a long time.

"No, the things to be moved are all moved back, and the ones that are not moved are also moved back!" Lin Chendong thought that some time ago, the little fat men had removed more than 90% of the warehouse supplies in the palace.

"I'll arrange for you a few hundred maidens, let them go back with you, take good care of you, or take care of your family, how?"

The King of the Dragon Empire said that he had resigned from the throne, but Princess Xiao Yue did not manage to manage the empire very much, and everything was left to the father.

The following princes and princesses, during this time, they were very peaceful, and they did not dare to play the idea of ​​the Dragon Empire, nor did they have the courage.

What's more, now that All Realms have been unified, most of the princes and princesses are assigned to the various star domains by their fathers, to manage the work, and be the king of one side.

"This is no longer necessary. I have more than a hundred thousand fairy captives in my hand." Lin Chendong shook his head.

Before Princess Xiao Yue prepared hundreds of concubines for Lin Chendong, those concubines are all the gold of various big families, and each one is the best among the best, not to lose to Princess Xiao Yue; in the words of the little white wolf **** , Are all good goods.

"Oh, if there is any need, even if it is taken, this empire is yours, I just work for you two." Tianlong Empire King said.

"I need to say it later!" Lin Chendong nodded slightly, anyway, when he was bored, he would also go to the palace, live like an emperor, and enjoy the services of various fairies and court ladies.

The next day.

Lin Chendong and others, said goodbye to the King of the Dragon Empire and the little white wolf god, and then started the teleportation array and sent back to the Kunlun Mountain Fairy House on Earth.

In the content disciples of the Kunlun Mountain Immortal Mansion, they saw Lin Chendong coming back and appeared before him in line, saluting to the master Lin Chendong.

"Xiang Gong, is this what you call your own sect? The disciple's cultivation is too weak, right?" Purple Dream God King looked at the following cultivation practitioners and said.

"They have just started to practice. It is already good to have such strength. Leave them alone, we will go back to the village." Lin Chendong said to them.

For the disciples here, Lin Chendong really didn't care much about them, just took the resources out of his hands and put them in the warehouse here, letting them distribute them themselves, or use them to develop technology in the country.

"Has anything happened recently?" Lin Chendong asked the disciples below.

"Basically there is nothing, even if there is, we can handle it well, please don't worry." They answered Lin Chendong.

"No problem, just fine. Also, don't stay here every day. Now that Wanjie is unified by me, you can go to Wanjie to practice or go outside to help people in need!" Lin Chendong The students said.

"Yes!" they said with clenched fists.

"Also, all the old trees here are cut down, planted fruit trees, melons and vegetables, etc., planted in large quantities, transported in large quantities to the outside, anyway, the space here is as big as two big cities." Lin Chendong found this fairy The house is one or two times larger than the original one.

He knew that Xianfu might have been enlarged by the nine aunts with their power. Such a large area should make good use of resources.

"Understood!" they said.

"Also, in the unmanned area below the mountainside, develop it well, don’t waste the land, anyway, now we don’t lack transportation, there are spaceships to fly delivery, there are a lot of fairy loading, and a lot of space magic. , Transportation is not a problem." Lin Chendong said.

Lin Chendong came back this time. He planned to develop agriculture in large quantities, turning some deserted areas of the country into fertile land and solving the food problems of the country’s 1.3 billion people. There is no need to import rice, soybeans, fruits, etc. to foreign countries.

At present, 20% of the domestic food, fruits, melons and vegetables come from this fairy house, 40% from domestic farmers, and 40% from foreign imports and exports.

After all, the country’s population of 1.3 billion is so large that the food produced by the country’s farmers alone cannot meet the country’s needs, so some of the food is imported; not to mention that many farmers now give up farming and work in cities.

Because farmers have no income from farming, once they get sick, they have no money to see a doctor, no money to build a house, no money to marry a daughter-in-law, so one out of ten farmers in the countryside now gives up farming and goes to work in the city.

"This is your village?" The Purple Dream Goddess saw this simple village and found that there were a few women who cultivated on the mountain.

"Well, this is my village. In the future we will live here and have children here." Lin Chendong said, embracing the purple dream goddess and Princess Xiao Yue.

"I want to give birth to you, too." Qianli Empress Wang said to Lin Chendong. I was thinking: "If he was given a baby, he shouldn't be treating me!"

Zimeng, Qianli Empress, Xiao Yue, and Xin'er are all the most beautiful women in the world. Their appearance naturally attracts countless eyes.

In particular, some young people used their mobile phones to take short videos, put them in the circle of friends, and put them in the vibrato, so that they all turned into internet celebrities.

Back to the village in Lin Chendong.

The leaders above quickly received the news, but they did not rush to visit Lin Chendong.

Because they are very busy now, because the fat man Qian Nan has handed over a large number of spaceships to the country, especially in his own city; there are many power stones and technologies that can replace oil. They are now working to build these high-tech products and strive for early investment. Market use.

"You are back? These two are..." Jiuyi Yuelong said to them in an instant in front of Lin Chendong and others.

"Come, let me introduce you, this is the goddess of purple dream, the most powerful goddess in all and this is the emperor Qianli, they have all become my women, now come back with me The village gave birth to a baby, how about it, your husband is amazing." Lin Chendong said to them with a smile.

"It's awesome, the goddess has soaked too, it's too good." Jiuyi Yuelong didn't expect Lin Chendong to come back this time and bring back two beautiful fairies.

"Go, let's go home to have babies and let you all be mothers." Lin Chendong took these fairies and beauties to Lingshan.

"Do you really want to have a baby?" Goddess Purple Dream asked him jokingly.

"What do you say, how? Don't you like children?" Lin Chendong asked the most beautiful **** queen.

"No, it just felt too sudden," she said.

"We will live here for a long time in the future, with children, it will be a little more lively, and you will not be bored, you say yes." Lin Chendong embraced these fairy goddesses and said.

"Well, I listen to you, no matter where you are, we will always be with you and love you...

(End of the whole book)