This time, Empress Qianli did not intend to Yin Lin Chendong. Perhaps Lin Chendong had placed a slave contract on her. If Lin Chendong died, she would also die.

She hasn't reached that point yet. She won't die together. Unless Lin Chendong really sells her to the love building, she may really die with Lin Chendong.

On this planet, if Princess Xiao Yue said, some places are really not cold in general, especially in places where there is no sunlight, and the chill in that place makes Lin Chendong feel cold and bitter.

"Purple Dream Goddess, otherwise, you help me restore my strength. In this way, you don't need you to protect me." Emperor Qianli watched the Purple Dream Goddess protect her with strength and prevent her from cold invasion.

Both Lin Chendong and Princess Xiao Yue are immortal emperors. They can use a fairy power to form a protective shield on their body, and then take a set of red fire dragon crystal armor from the space ring and wear it on the body to avoid strong warmth.

"Put this on, so as not to freeze the two immortal emperor peaks." Lin Chendong put on her a set of fire dragon crystal battle armor.

"You still have a little conscience." Empress Qianli took over the set of high-warming Fire Dragon Crystal Battle Armor in his hand.

"Don't think that my heart hurts you, I just don't want the two immortal emperor peaks to be frozen." Lin Chendong's eyes fell on her and said.

"Well, I know." Empress Qianli said with a wink at him. I was thinking: "I don't believe it, he won't be touched by my beauty!"

It’s strange not to be impressed by her beauty. She fought with her for three days and three nights. Until now, Lin Chendong has forgotten to return, eating and knowing the taste, unlike the green look of Zi Meng.

It can be said that among many fairies, this Qianli Empress made him the most memorable, or that her body is different from the rest, and naturally attracts men.

As long as the man has been intimate with her, the man will never forget it. Perhaps, the mortal emperor fell under her pomegranate skirt, that's why.

Fortunately, the treasure of the mortal emperor, in this super cold star, has a void channel dedicated to treasure, compared with the outside, not as cold as the outside.

"This place is really not a place where people come. I really don't know how he did it." Lin Chendong remembered that there was no such place.

He always felt that some of the memories in his brain seemed to be erased by people, and he didn't even have the memory of the purple dream goddess around him. Fortunately, she didn't follow up, otherwise, she really didn't know how to answer her.

"At that time, he entered here with the Eastern Emperor God Bell. This place is the coldest place in the whole heaven and heaven." Empress Qianli said to Lin Chendong.

"No wonder, this place is really not a place for people to come." Lin Chendong looked at the passage and went straight to the coldest valley.

Moreover, the mountain canyon is more than 10,000 meters deep. In this void channel, Lin Chendong felt cold at least minus six or more than Baidu; if he went outside, it was estimated to be minus a few thousand degrees, and even the Yuanshen could freeze up.

If so, Lin Chendong had to be careful, especially the Qianli Empress next to her, must beware of it.

But this is also superfluous. Qianli didn't play a role against Lin Chendong, let alone a **** emperor who was more powerful than the fairy emperor.

"Before, let's follow." Empress Qianli pointed to the blue light in front of her.

"How is it like an ice palace?" Lin Chendong said looking at the ice sculpture inside.

"This place was originally an ice palace. Originally it was an ice palace sect, but they offended him and wiped it out, and then regarded their place as a treasure." Empress Qianli said to Lin Chendong.

"Ice Palace sect? Isn't it all the fairy sect? How could he be so cruel and kill so many beauties?" Lin Chendong said.

"Ask yourself!" Emperor Qianli Bai said at a glance, thinking in his heart: "He clearly loves me and likes me, that is, he is so cruel to me and abuses me for three days and three nights, if not his body has become a fairy body. , You have been tortured to death."

When they entered this ice palace, Princess Xiao Yue was stunned by the scene inside, and found that there were many beautiful fairies in it, which were iced inside, and each icicle stood in the ice palace.

They are very beautiful, icy and clean. Tens of years later, the fairy in the icicle seems to be alive.

If you didn’t feel that their primitive spirit had disappeared, you really thought these fairies were practicing in the icicles.

"The Ice Palace had 50,000 children, and now they are all iced here, and even their patriarch is iced here, and the Yuanshen is wiped out by the mortal emperor." Qianli Empress Lin Lindong looked at these icicles with her eyes. Said the fairy.

"It's a pity, it's a waste." Lin Chendong looked at the 50,000 fairy corpses and was very sorry for them.

"Is it a pity if it falls on your hand?" Princess Xiao Yue said to him.

"You just know, haha, let's go, let's see what he left here?" Lin Chendong scratched his head and said with a laugh.

This ice palace is very large, and there are many unknown grasses in it, but their leaves are not cyan, but crystal-like.

Even the fruits that grow out are the same, even if they are ripe fruits, they are like crystals, but like ordinary spirits, they exude a slight fruity smell.

"I can't believe that plants with more than a few thousand degrees below zero can still grow plants. What's the use of these plants?" Lin Chendong couldn't help but wonder about the drug garden here.

"These elixirs are all the magic medicines for practicing ice power. It is estimated that there is only this place in all realms." Queen Purple Dream God replied to Lin Chendong you can't miss it. "Although Lin Chendong did not practice any ice skills, he thought of this place. It is a rare visit, and he will not come later."

Therefore, Lin Chendong took away all the ice elixir that he could pick, and he could not use it himself, but the children below might be able to use it.

As for the ice corpses here, Lin Chendong did not take them away, but their cultivation behaviors were Da Luo Jin Xian, the power of the fairy king, and now Lin Chen Dong used his strength to smelt them all into a lot of fairy elixir.

"Is this a so-called treasure?" Lin Chendong finally looked inside, a lot of fairy objects floating in the air, they floated in the air and swimed like fish in the water.

"These are not ordinary fairy artifacts, but some holy artifacts, the ultimate magic weapon." Princess Xiao Yue watched the sky as tens of thousands of excellent fairy magic weapons appeared, as well as many sacrificial objects.

"This is only a part, there is a hidden door behind, there are many inside." Empress Qianli nodded and said to him.

"Oh, okay, I'll take away these first. Although I can't use them, it's good for the children below." Lin Chendong said looking at these valuable and market-free fairy tools.

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