The next day!

Lin Chendong summoned Emperor Qianli from the magic weapon of the small world and led her to the place where the so-called mortal emperor buried the treasure.

Emperor Qianli, the pair of her above her body is high, the expression of Leng Ruosong is gone, and the replacement is a woman's peculiar delicate drip, her face ruddy and shy, as beautiful as the flowers of the early spring.

"It's cheaper you kid!" Queen Purple Dream God, seeing Qian Li's red face now, knew Lin Chendong had spent a lot of time on her.

I swear in my heart: "It's really a bad guy. I don't mind if it's like that, and it takes a little bit of care, so I don't have to wait so long."

Indeed, the mortal emperor was too obsessed with the emperor Qianli, and she was too specific. If you look like this, thousands of beautiful concubines, even her mysterious **** queen, have been accepted, too powerful.

"Good host!" Empress Qianli said to Lin Chen eastwards a courtesy.

"Well, yes, hehe." Lin Chendong hugged the Queen of Gods in one hand and hugged the Emperor Qianli in one hand, and said with a smile: "Hehe, what emperor, what queen, are all my women, waiting to dig out this treasure After that, let's go back to the village!"

"Can you restore my strength and go to that place? There are many monsters and beasts. It's very dangerous." Qianli Empress leaned tightly on Lin Chendong and realized the masculinity that had not been seen for tens of millions of years.

"How much strength do you want to recover?" Lin Chendong said to the sinister woman.

"My present gods are all stamped with slave deeds by you. Are you afraid that I will not succeed?" Empress Qianli said to Lin Chendong, who had no sense of Xiangluyu.

"Who knows if you will die with me? After killing me, you will die again." Lin Chendong was more or less alert to her. After all, the mortal emperor died in her hands before. Repeat once.

So it is said that I have seen a mandrill and I am afraid of black!

"Well, restore your strength to the next fairy!" The Purple Dream Goddess King said to her with a little sympathy.

She is a woman, knowing that she loves mortal emperor very much, just like herself, except that everyone’s position is different, she is forced to kill her beloved man, and now she becomes a slave to this bad guy. I don’t know if she sympathizes with her or what god. horse.

"Thank you God Queen!" Empress Qianli nodded.

What about Lin Chendong's weapon?

After Lin Chendong came out of the Wanjie Mountains and Rivers map, it has returned to Lin Chendong's body, so there is no need to worry about it being lost, only that it is warmly raised in Dantian.

As for the Eastern Emperor God Bell, it is in the hands of the Queen of Purple Dreams, and the two artifacts are on them, and they are also the three most powerful people in Wanjie. Are you afraid that someone will not succeed in them?

"Let's go, let's go to the treasure hunt, and then go back to the earth, it is estimated that Yuelong they are waiting anxiously." Lin Chendong said in a dragon car.

"Take us to Hanxing." Empress Qianli said to several dragons.

"Yes!" They have become Lin Chendong's means of transportation, and they have no intention of fighting back, unless they want to die and want to be destroyed by the Dragon Clan.

"Han Xing?" Princess Xiao Yue was surprised when she heard this sentence.

"Han Xing has a problem?" Lin Chendong couldn't help asking.

"Well, the temperature of the planet is lower than we thought, and even the fairy emperor can be frozen, which is terrible." Princess Xiao Yue said to Lin Chendong.

"No?" Lin Chendong heard this, and her eyes fell on this scheming woman again, thinking she wanted to pit them.

But Emperor Qianli explained to Lin Chendong that the mortal emperor left a passage in the cold star that year. If he entered this safe passage, he would not be frozen.

"Don't worry, I'm here!" Queen Purple Dream God said to Lin Chendong.

"Well, let's play in the dragon car. Let's play together with the three. When we're done, we'll look for it. We'll do two things in one fell swoop. You said OK." Lin Chendong was relieved when she heard the female goddess Zimeng.

"Three play together? Well, play as you like!" Empress Qianli was surprised and disgusted, but thinking of her identity, you can only obey him.

"This is almost the same, if you dare to have an opinion, see how I clean up you." Lin Chendong said to this super lady Qianli.

"Don't dare!" said Empress Qianli, looking down.

Next, everyone thought about the scene. The three best fairies were in the dragon car, fighting against Lin Chendong, and fighting with real swords and guns.

This kind of battle didn't stop until the inside and outside of Hanxing, just a few hours later.

If you take a spaceship, it will be a few days, but dragons, talents can fly from the void to bring long distances closer.

"I went, far away from the atmosphere, I felt minus eighty degrees, it is not really cold, if ordinary people, already cold." Lin Chendong said they appeared outside the atmosphere of a blue planet.

Then, looking at this blue planet from a distance, it is said to be a blue planet, but its surface is not an ocean, and it is thick in ice and snow.

When they landed on this cold star, what they saw was ice and snow, and a white frost.

"Isn't it said that even the Immortal Emperor can freeze the ice?" Lin Chendong asked that this was finishing Princess Xiao Yue.

"Yes, only some places are terrible. There is still a little sunshine here, just about minus two Baidu." Princess Xiao Yue replied to Lin Chendong.

"Master, please follow me. We will go to the place of the mortal emperor." Qianli Empress put on her clothes and sorted out to Lin Chendong.

I thought to myself: "It was obviously played by him for three days and three nights, and today the three are fighting together. Is his body made of steel? When I was with the mortal emperor before, I never saw him like a cow."

Lin Chendong's body is not iron, but he has a panacea in his hand, and this panacea is given to him by Wang Xiaoyue and his father, saying that it is a big supplement for men; after eating it, it can satisfy hundreds of The concubine is not a problem.

Such a cow's panacea, UU reading Lin Chendong certainly will not be polite with him, all taken away and collected.

"You'd better not play any tricks, otherwise, let you call for seven, seventy-nine days and no one will save you!" Lin Chendong said behind the graceful Qianli Empress.

"Relax, my life is in your hands, how could it hurt you?" The charming Qianli Empress turned back to Lin Chendong.

"Hold it!" said Queen Purple Dream God, handing an Eastern Emperor Bell to Lin Chendong's hand.

"What about you?" Lin Chendong asked.

"I am the Divine Emperor's strength. The creatures and coldness here can't hurt me, don't worry about me." Queen Purple Dream God said to Lin Chendong with a smile.

"Divine Emperor? It's too great, I didn't expect me, my wife, so powerful!"

"Okay, don't flatter me, let's go!"

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