Emperor Qianli, now she fell into the hands of Lin Chendong, the so-called devil, she was just a once, a legend of the past.

The power in her body was sealed and locked in the magic weapon of Lin Chendong's small world for seven days and nights.

She spends every day with ordinary cultivators in the small world. From them, she inquires about Lin Chendong's character problems.

Let her deeply understand that Lin Chendong seems to live in a woman's heap every day, and usually enters this small world in three or two days, playing with his concubines.

Did not enter these few days, naturally know that he was with that **** queen Zi Meng.

Until today, Lin Chendong appeared in front of her. If the power in her body was not sealed, maybe Lin Chendong would not be her opponent.

Now that she had her power sealed, seeing this so-called mortal emperor, she began to get scared and kept retreating, staring at Lin Chendong with both eyes, watching him approaching step by step.

"What do you want? You'd better not mess up, otherwise, I will die with you." Empress Qianli kept backing up, pointing to Lin Chendong, who was full of evil smiles on her face.

"Oh, die with me? Your strength is sealed, what do you take with me? Do you think I am afraid of you?" Lin Chendong was not afraid of her at all, but stared at her beautiful face and tightly. The figure said.

Seriously, this Emperor Qianli was really beautiful, much prettier than Xiner, and Lin Chendong stared at her perfect body closely.

"Don't come over, don't come over, come over to me again, I will shout." Empress Qianli was really afraid of him.

"You didn't mean, let me be your slave, we can live like usual, now it's just the other way round, you become my slave, but we can still play like that, you said yes." Lin Chendong wiped it out. Said the corner of the mouth.

After talking, Lin Chendong took out a panacea from the space ring and put it in his mouth to eat and said: "In the past few days, I have overdrawn on Zimeng, eat a tonic body, after a while, I will slowly die you , See how you cow!"

Emperor Qianli was afraid when she heard Lin Chendong's words, because in her memory, the mortal emperor would not be like this, unless she wanted to, otherwise, the mortal emperor would not bully her.

But this guy in front of him was more terrible than a wolf and would kill her at any time.

"Let me, I can give you the wealth left by the mortal emperor during his lifetime, which contains the most precious things in the whole world." Emperor Tianli asked him for mercy.

"Wealth? Haha, I don't lack these things now, I don't lack anything, I just want to taste the seemingly emperor, haha." Lin Chendong approached her step by step.

After talking, Lin Chendong rushed at her, as a lamb, dragged her into the forest next door!

Next, needless to say, everyone knows what Lin Chendong did.

It is said that Lin Chendong is going to kill the Qianli Empress, but without any action, Lin Chendong will play with this so-called first fairy of Zhongtian; whether she wants it or not, anyway, it has fallen into her own hands, it won’t Let her have a good life.

Ten thousand years later, this Emperor Qianli once again tasted the world, let her fall into this love again slowly, with all kinds of tenderness, hoping to captivate Lin Chendong, hope Lin Chendong pity her, not kill her.

Time is again in the past few days.

In the past few days, Lin Chendong has been in the small world, bullying the Qianli Empress fiercely, just like bullying Zimeng.

"What emperor, do you see what you are like now, if your admiration sees you like this, I don't know what will happen to them? Ha ha!" Lin Chendong said to the Qianli Emperor with a little pale hair.

"I am willing to be your woman, be your slave, please don't give me to other men." Empress Qianli now only hopes that he will not sell himself.

Then he said to Lin Chendong, "I can tell you and tell you the treasure of the mortal emperor."

"Well, looking at the performance of these three days and three nights, I can think about it, you put on your clothes, take a good rest, and go to move the treasure with you tomorrow, if you let me know, you are lying to me, I'll sell you to the love building." Lin Chendong said to the above-mentioned Qianli frost queen Qianli.

"..." Empress Qianli shivered when she heard Lin Chendong's relentless words, but her eyes still looked at him as a powerful, terrible little farmer.

You know, she is the most beautiful fairy in Shangzhongtian. If sold by Lin Chendong into the love building, I believe that all the men in Shangzhongtian are waiting in line to deal with her. I don’t know how they died.

And that kind of scene was not what she thought of, so she was willing to be Lin Chendong's slave, and she didn't think about going to that kind of place.

Three days and three nights, if Emperor Qianli does not have a body of Immortal Emperor, I am afraid she has fallen in front of Lin Chendong.

When Lin Chendong appeared again, it was in the palace of the Dragon Empire.

The current Tianlong Empire is no longer called the Tianlong Empire, but is called the Liudaolinmen Empire. It seems that all the sect gates in the sky, the sky, and the sky are changed to Liudaolinmen.

There is no way, Princess Xiaoyue's dad said, if anyone does not change to Liudao Linmen, then take troops to destroy their sect.

If they were changed to Liudaolinmen, they still belonged to their own sect, but they only met people with the crystal order of Liudaolinmen, and they had to be polite to them, otherwise the end would be worse than Emperor Sect of Heaven.

"Are you willing to give up?" Princess Xiao Yue and Queen Purple Dream God saw Lin Chendong look proud, and said with a fierce glance.

"Oh, let you wait for a long time, tomorrow we will move the treasures of the mortal emperor~www.mtlnovel.com~ and then go back." Lin Chendong smiled at them both of them, thinking in his heart: "No wonder, mortal emperor is infatuated Emperor Qianli, it turned out to be the case that men were reluctant to leave her, too comfortable, too hi!"

"Treasure of the mortal emperor?" Princess Xiao Yue asked in surprise.

"Yes, the treasure of the mortal emperor!" Lin Chendong said to both of them with a smile: "This is what the Empress Qianli I conquered told me."

"Really? Great, I heard that the mortal emperor beheaded many geniuses and powerful men. All the things on them were collected by the mortal emperor, and only the emperor Qianli knew it." Xiao Yue The princess said to Lin Chendong with a smile.

As for the Queen of Gods, she doesn’t care if Lin Chendong remembers her. She only knows that he was bullied by him for seven days and nights and conquered by him.

In her words, she is now Lin Chendong's woman, and this time she returned to the Protoss, only to explain things and pass the throne on her body.

Then he decided in his heart that he would follow this man and wander the sky, no matter where he went, he would follow him, be a woman beside him, and be with him every day.