Fairies of the Heavenly Emperor Sect, will they surrender?

No, like their teachers and brothers, they would not surrender to Ning's death. They are willing to fight side by side with their elders and advance together.

Their choices made these fairy emperors really a little difficult to handle. Once the battles were started, these fair-cultivated fairies might die tragically.

"I will give you a chance. If you male celestial beings commit suicide, we will not kill these women and keep them alive!" One of Lin Chendong's men said to the emperor of the heavenly emperor below.

"You know, there are more than 70,000 women in your sect, do you want them to be buried with you?" They all received orders from Lin Chendong to capture the fairy of the Emperor Sect.

This sentence made the males of the Emperor of the Heaven below meditate and looked at the beautiful sisters and sisters beside them, and some of them were their mates and their lovers.

If they die in exchange for their chances of life, they don’t mind sacrificing themselves.

Especially their patriarchs and elders, they really regret going to Jalan Chendong. Originally there was a big enshrinement. Now the big enlightenment is missing. In the face of so many fairy emperors, it seems that the entire world is 90% Xianshi is here, they really are not opponents.

If there is the Eastern Emperor God Bell in their hands, maybe they still have the power of a battle, they can have no artifacts now.

"We can die, but can you, let them go, let our children go?" Sovereign Emperor of the Sky Emperor said to the fairy emperors floating on it.

"No, our young master just said, Captive of you fairies, not to let go of men." They refused to say.

"Of course, you can resist, but these 70,000 fairies will end like you. If you really want to protect them, it’s better to die, we won’t fight them, save them a life, but also give you the sky Emperor Emperor Zong stays a little bit." They said to the men of Emperor Emperor Sect below.

"Can you give us some time to consider?" their suzerain said.

"Give you one minute, after one minute, don't blame us for the vicious means!"

These fairy emperors who follow Lin Chendong, they feel very happy now, that following Lin Chendong is a very correct choice.

Especially some fairy emperors from Zhongtianyu.

They did not expect that Lin Chendong really did, conquered Zhongtianyu, and now also conquered Shangzhongtian, even the first sect gate of Wanjie, saying that it would be destroyed, and there was no chance for them.

What about Lin Chendong?

He is now taking the Queen of Purple Dream God back to the Heavenly Dragon Empire, and Princess Xiaoyue, and let Princess Xiaoyue send a maiden, through the teleportation array, to send back to the Kunlun Mountain Fairy House on Earth, tell Jiuyi them, let They don't worry about Lin Chendong.

In this way, Yuelong they will not sit on the sidelines and wait for Lin Chendong's news. What should they do?

Because the maid told them that the power of Qianli Emperor was sealed up and had fallen into Lin Chendong's hands.

The reason why he didn't come back was that he met another terrible woman. Now what Lin Chendong has to do is to coax her and then find a chance to come back to earth.

In order to conquer this queen of purple dream god.

After Lin Chendong returned to the palace, the first thing was to hug her into the room and chat with her about life events in the room.

Now that Emperor Qianli's affairs are basically settled, Lin Chendong's next step is to have children; don't mind having a child with this purple dream goddess Wang, as long as she becomes a mother, Lin Chendong becomes a child's father.

In this way, Lin Chendong doesn't have to worry about her getting started on herself, you say yes.

Therefore, Lin Chendong used all the usual methods to deal with Jiuyi and them on this Queen of Purple Dream God, turning her into a real woman and letting her experience Lin Chendong's love for her.

One day, two days, three days, four days...

Time passed quickly, and seven days passed in the blink of an eye.

Seven days later, Lin Chendong and the Queen of Purple Dream came out of the room, letting her see her hands tightly holding Lin Chendong's arm and burying her head in Lin Chendong's arms, with a sweet smile on her face and a happy smile.

There is no doubt about what she is like now. What she is like now, it is regarded as one of the best for Lin Chendong, and it is also the result of Lin Chendong's seven days and seven nights.

"See young master, young lady." The fairy emperors who have been back for a few days have been waiting outside Xiao Biejun.

"Well, have you completed all the tasks given to you?" Lin Chendong looked at the men who had returned and asked them slightly.

"It has been completed. All the Emperor Sects under it have expressed their allegiance to the Master of the Dragon Dragon Empire." The fairy emperor reported below.

"Emperor Sect of the Heavens has also disappeared." They said again.

"What about the captives?" Lin Chendong asked them this time instead of asking them with a voice.

Now Lin Chendong is not afraid that the Queen of Purple Dreams heard him capture the fairy, because she is now conquered by Lin Chendong. Her record of seven days and nights is not bragging.

If this purple dream is disobedient, the next time is not as simple as abusing seven days and seven nights, maybe seven, seven, forty-nine days, let her scream out.

Therefore, the queen of the Purple Dream God is now in line with Lin Chendong, lest Lin Chendong abuse her next time.

Don't think she is very strong, she is only superficially strong, but on the other hand, that is not Lin Chendong's opponent.

"The captives are all in the hands of Princess Xiaoyue. There are more than 60,000 of them, of which several thousand died in battle, rather die unyielding." They explained to Lin Chendong.

"More than 60,000 is more than 60,000. You have worked hard. Now you can do whatever you want. I will not restrict your freedom." Lin Chendong said to them.

"Master, I'll wait to die young master effect!" They heard Lin Chendong's words and immediately knelt down and said.

"I know you are loyal, but now I really don’t need you very much. Now the situation is settled, so that all the sect gates are renamed: Liudaolinmen go, here is a token that explains, you all do it. "" Lin Chendong said to them.

"Yes!" they nodded.

Token, this level is different, they understand, especially from Zhongtianyu, they are the first to change their sect gate to Liudaolin gate, but the token level in their hands is not very high.

If there are nine levels of this status~www.mtlnovel.com~ they are only seven levels, and there are also eight and nine levels.

"You are all founding heroes, and you are named as an eighth-class identity." Lin Chendong said to them.

"Master Xie!" they said to Lin Chendong.

"You are all busy, I'm going to meet for a while, this Qianli Empress, I haven't seen her for a few days, I don't know how she is, Zi Meng, do you want to join me? I want to brutally kill her, you want to see Really?" Lin Chendong said to the purple dream **** queen in her arms.

"I won’t go, go for yourself. I’m going back to the tribe now, and I will explain the things behind. I will go to Tianya with you in the future. No matter where you go or what you do, I will follow you all my life. You are here forever, with you!" This purple dream said to Lin Chendong watery.

"Go, go, I will wait for you here. When you come back, you will go home with you." Lin Chendong said to the mysterious, powerful **** queen.

"Well, I'll go back first!" Zimeng nodded slightly, thinking: "I'm really sorry for this Qianli, I hope this little villain, don't kill her."

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