"Guests, let's stay in this ancient town for two hours, pick up the pebbles and rain stones, and go to the creek. If you buy souvenirs, please follow me, free activities, everyone pay attention to safety!" The female guide said.

   "Grass, a tour group of 499 yuan, really unreliable, clearly stated above to go to Zhangjiajie, to the ancient town of Phoenix, and came to the ancient town of Yao nationality." A young boy was very unhappy.

This young man, named Lin Chendong, is 23 years old and more than one meter and seven tall. He looks very handsome, and he has just graduated from college. Before he did not receive a graduation certificate and assigned work, he played with the tour group for two or three days, and then Go back home.

   "Mr. Lin, because our group has not many people in Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang Ancient Town, tomorrow we will arrange other tour teams to take you. Please rest assured that we will not hang you." The married female tour guide explained to Lin Chendong.

   "It's best, but otherwise, I sent a WeChat circle of friends and asked my friends to forward it, and hey you tour group!" Lin Chendong said with a mobile phone.


   This ancient Yao town is an ancient town with many ethnic Yao women wearing special clothes, but Lin Chendong already has a prospective girlfriend and is not very interested in these ethnic minority women.

   was just on the side of the street, spent a few hundred dollars, bought a few handicrafts, and then went to a stream outside the ancient town to pick up rain stones.

   There is a small mountain stream one mile away.

   The stream is half a meter deep, surrounded by mountains and forests in a nature reserve. The river bed is full of large and small stones, and there is no silt, so the water is very clear and visible, and many small fish swim in the water.

   There are many rain stones and pebbles, but the tourists who come here do not pick up any stones, they just pick some favorite, beautiful, and no crack stones.

   "So many people stayed in one place to pick up what good stones they could pick up, and they fainted." Lin Chendong saw a few aunts holding a bag in their hands and said to pick up beautiful little stones.

  Lin Chendong looked at the upstream, then the downstream, and then walked along the stream to no one downstream, intending to pick up some beautiful Yuhua stone and bring it back.

  You should know that good-looking Yuhua stones are sold in boutiques from five yuan to ten yuan. If they are processed into craft works, they will cost tens of yuan.

   At this time, 500 meters downstream, by the stream!


   Something fell in front of Lin Chendong, who was picking up small stones, and fell in front of him within three meters of the stream. He splashed a splash of water, and the water splashed on his clothes and hair, making him like a chicken.

   "Who, who is so lacking in virtue, is throwing stones." Lin Chendong, who was picking up stones by the stream, jumped up and scolded.


   is quiet all around, not to mention the figure, not even a ghost, except he is here to pick up the rain stone.

   "No one?" Lin Chendong looked around. Even the woods on both sides of the stream had been looked at, and there was no figure.

   Then, his eyes fell to the place where the stream was splashing, and he saw a blue light in the water, like a glowing stone in the water.

   "What the hell?"

   Lin Chendong didn't think it was a dangerous thing, but instead picked up this shiny stone in the water, a blue stone like a fist, crystal clear, very beautiful, beautiful.

  Lin Chendong picked it up and put it in his hand to watch it, and found that it was like a mass of energy, and there was energy flowing in it: "God, what is this?"

  At this moment, in Lin Chendong's hands, an incredible phenomenon occurred, which was also a thing that changed his life.

This energy-like thing, like life, liquefied on his palm and flowed onto his wrist joint, turned into a light blue bracelet and worn on his wrist, scared Lin Chendong with the other hand, trying to put It took off and wanted to take it off.

   "Do you mean, what the hell..."

  No matter how hard Lin Chendong took it off, he couldn't take it off. It wasn't that it grew on the wrist, but that the mouth of the bracelet became smaller. Unless it was broken with something, it would not be taken off.

   An unknown thing suddenly grew on his wrist. Lin Chendong wasn’t afraid to be strange. He couldn’t take it off. He could only pick up a large pebble by the river, looked around his eyes, and finally went up to a big rock by the woods.

   Then, needless to say, everyone can guess, he put his left palm on the big stone, and his right hand gently lifted the big brick pebble and gently hit the light blue bracelet.

   He didn't dare to force it down, lest the bracelet wouldn't break, that is, the bones would be broken, you say yes.

   "Ah, pain, pain..." Lin Chendong smashed it and found that it dodge like a liquid, not only can't hit it, but also hurt his hand.

   Fortunately, Lin Chendong was not very strong, otherwise, his hand bone was really broken.

   "What the **** is going on?" Lin Chendong found that it was back to normal, like a crystal clear bracelet.

   "Hey, this is..."

  Lin Chendong found that his injured arm, the red and swollen pain above it, slowly disappeared, and saw that it released a faint blue light, like he was treating his hand injury.

   "Isn't it the artifact mentioned in the novel?" Lin Chendong was scared just now. Now that he sees healing himself, the fear in his heart slowly calms down and he starts to look at it carefully.

   feels the same as ordinary jade bracelets, UU reading www.uukanshu. com but it looks like there is life, just smashed with a stone just now, it turns into a liquid, avoiding Lin Chendong's attack.

   "Great, how is it like a chip route system."

  Lin Chendong found this pale blue bracelet, a series of data flashed from time to time, it seemed to be restarting something.


   It was at this time that a scream came from the woods next to him, frightened Lin Chendong, who was enthralled, and his heart was almost scared out.

   turned around and saw a woman running out of the woods. To be precise, she was a super beauty, and she ran towards him and rushed over...

   This young woman has a near-perfect, art-like superb face, heavenly fragrance, Shen Yuluoyan, and Yueyuehua to describe her.

But instead of looking at her angelic face, Lin Chendong stared at the pair of angry peaks on her chest, running, like two rabbits, like to jump out of her clothes , So that his eyes almost fell to the ground.

"so big……"

   "Help, help..." This beautiful woman in a mini-skirt ran to Lin Chendong in a panic, and also made a call for help.

   "Help?" Lin Chendong did not dare to move casually, lest he would die here without knowing.

   So, Lin Chendong looked around, and no one had chased down this beauty. It can be said that except for him, this is a beauty wearing an ultra-short skirt. No suspicious characters were found on the scene.

When Lin Chendong's eyes fell on this beautiful woman again, she found a foreign body on her body. Instead of running over this beautiful woman, on the contrary, Lin Chendong rushed at her, and a big hand grabbed the rich and round hips under her short skirt... …

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