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The Young General’s Wife Is Mr. Lucky

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Yu Jinli was a koi fish who had practiced for a thousand years. (Translator’s note: The two Chinese characters “Jin Li” in the name sounds similar to the two Chinese characters for koi fish. ‘Jinli’ is now a symbol of luck in internet slang.)

He had taken the shape of a human being recently with the ability to predict fortune and change luck.

He was supposed to be a popular Mr. Lucky but who could have thought that…

“Sir, your forehead is covered by gloomy air. I’m afraid there is a looming threat of fatal disaster waiting for you…” Yu Jinli said with all seriousness.

All of a sudden, a big flower pot descended from above and hit that man directly on the head.

“Buddy, the top of your head is green. I’m afraid that…”

Before Yu Jinli finished, the young man opposite him received a call and headed to a hotel nearby to catch his girlfriend in the act of adultery.

“Brother, you…”

Everyone cried: Lord General, please take good care of your wife and don’t let him throw curses around… TAT

Yu Jinli felt frustrated: Obviously, I’m warning them with a good intention.

The nationally acknowledged most perfect man, the young general: Dear, don’t get upset because of those shortsighted men. Come home with me and I’ll make you chestnuts roasted with brown sugar. (Translator’s note: The Chinese character for chestnut is the same as the Chinese character “Li” in “Yu Jinli”)

Those “shortsighted” men: …

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Short Title:YGWML
Alternate Title:少将夫人是福神
Author:Demon Fox With Fiery Tail
Weekly Rank:#787
Monthly Rank:#971
All Time Rank:#299
Tags:Card Games, Cooking, Cultivation, Cute Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Doting Love Interests, Familial Love, Futuristic Setting, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Humanoid Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Lucky Protagonist, Marriage of Convenience, Military, Naive Protagonist, Shy Characters, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, Unique Cultivation Technique,
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25 Comments on “The Young General’s Wife Is Mr. Lucky
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  1. Can you please help me find the novel I read before but I forgot the title already, it's bl with interstellar theme 🥺 If I'm not mistaken the MC was a mermaid but hiding his identity along with his shou father (his shou father was the mermaid while his gong father was human) who run away while pregnant because of misunderstanding with his gong father, he work as an actor to provide for his sickly shou father. He also have a rich older brother, grandfather and gong father who dotes on him and the ML was a marshal Please help me 🥺 I want to re read it

  2. 30 chapters in and I'm trying to hold on. Not that the MC is just too stupid, it's just that the storyline and the characters are too fantastical and clearly, the author didn't put much thought into the world. For example, a first-clsss family like the ML's. Think about how rich they could be, and how they don't have a heir to their family. Even I could think of a scheme to inherit their wealth, like, marry my granddaughter to their son and inherit their wealth. Like, bruh. And then the ML',$ family is like, "oh! A wife! I totally don't suspect you to kill my son after giving birth to a grandson who could inherit all of my families wealth and such." And "Oh, the wife got close to our son and checked his pulse and he is so close to my son that I don't suspect him to do anything to my son at all." Like clearly, the author didn't put much thought into the world plot. And also, chefs??? Maids??? Assistant??? Bich, the world is high -tech. You could go hire robots instead of people especially when you know that the dad and the son is poisoned like, bruh. The family doesn't even have the slightest bit of suspicion and caution and it seems too far fetched for them to be a first class family. Also, bruh, ML, the MC just touched you. Why are you already slightly developing feelings and expectations. Even if this is possible, because of the poor writing, I can't understand the characters at all. This needs more details. Like, author, like, go say something like ML haven't felt this way because he was lonely when he gree up and people had expectations for him so except from his parents, no one helped him, like, bich, look at how emotional that is Even the words per chapter is lacking.... What else.... Well .. I can't find any faults any more, but my expectations are crushed, so I'll try to lower them and continue reading. I just hope I won't read too much nonesense, illogical,, unreasonable, and idiotic things.

  3. I'm sorry but I'll have to drop this one. The story lacks too much details and it gets more harder to piece out the story. I feel like I'm constantly being disappointed and it gets irritating the more I read. Clearly, this storyline is not my type. Feel free to read this though, if you like it. After all, not everyone has the same likes. Byeeeee

  4. pensei em voltar a ler, deparei me com o meu comentário, fiquei envergonhada por não ter reparado que o corretor automático fez cagadas.

  5. Me gusta y es esponjosa pero llevo mas de 200 capitulos con poco progreso entre los protagonistas... bueno hay un progreso directo desde el inicio y basicamente no mucho mas, hacen muchas cosas aleatorias pero la historia no parece progresar, hay villanos pero aparecen poco y no tienen un motivo mas que celos y envidia (ㅇ ㅇ) y casi ni aparecen o en momentos algo irrelevantes... no se... la pausare y voy a continuar cuando quiera leer algo para relajarme y no pensar mucho

  6. Not me singing the pokemon opening while reading. Also when the last battle i was like listening to the PvZ theme TikTok on repeat. 🤣

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