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The Years When I Disguised As a Man at the Noble Academy

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Novel Summary

Xia Wan entered an ancient Mary Sue campus novel and became a cannon fodder female supporting role who had a marriage contract with the male protagonist F1.
F1 thinks she gets in the way because he likes the heroine.
Because F2 has a crush on the heroine, he thinks she is superfluous.
F3 finds her troublesome because she needs a female lead.
F4…I’m still working as an exchange student abroad, so I won’t be able to play for a while.
In order to avoid becoming a suspect in the future.
On the first day of transferring to this school, Xia Wan stood on the podium and introduced herself, “Hello everyone, I’m Xia Wan’s younger brother!”
The system told Xia Wan that there are two ways to live, to gain love or friendship from F4.
Xia Wan chose the latter without hesitation.
On the first day of disguising as a man, Xia Wan gave water to the grumpy F1, and a rainbow fart output touted his skills as a dog.
On the tenth day of disguising as a man, Xia Wan helped the gentle school god F2 avoid his crazy suitors.
Fifteen days when she disguised herself as a man, Xia Wan gave the dandy F3 sincere care and help.

When F4 returned to China, he found that the position that should have belonged to him had been replaced by someone.
And his three close brothers fought over who was Xia Wan’s best friend.
F4: ? ? ?
#Our F4 seems to be over#
Xia Wan:OAO
#What do you see me doing? I don’t know anything! #
Thanks for the cover @salt lemon.

【Reading Guide】
No CP in the text, single arrow for all staff, friendship to a happy ending
Fanwai 1v1 has a male protagonist.
For details, see the words in Chapter 1, which can be accepted and read again.

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Alternate Title:我在贵族学院女扮男装的那些年
Author:Bamboo Outsider
Weekly Rank:#7598
Monthly Rank:#6675
All Time Rank:#8991
Tags:Crossdressing, Female Protagonist,
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