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The Year of Rebirth

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Su Liunian was buried in the fire, but woke up to find himself in a completely strange place. Whether it is rebirth or time travel, Su Liunian began to fight for tuition.

But being knocked unconscious and forcibly taken home, threatened to stay or imprisoned… Is this way of waking really scientific?

There is a awkward second brother and a brother controlling the eldest. Su Luinian said… The pressure is a little…

Second Brother, don’t look noble and cold…

And Big Brother! I really don’t want the stars in the sky. Don’t touch them!

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Short Title:TYOR
Alternate Title:重生之执笔流年
Author:Xiao Xuan
Weekly Rank:#7087
Monthly Rank:#2083
All Time Rank:#6063
Tags:Brother Complex, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Love at First Sight, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Rebirth, Showbiz, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. The male lead is the second brother Su Xuanqing.The eldest Su Xuanyuan already have a partner it's Xue Ling from who touch my tail

  2. In case people are wondering since the summary was so vague, the MC is a famous actor who could call the wind and rain, but he died embarrassingly in a fire because he got stuck in his lounge? The actors makeup and chill room?? Anyways he transfers into an alternate time line way into the future, in this world the Qin dynasty didn’t fall but went on to lead China to greater heights, though becoming the leading super power it lost lots of cultural heritage by way of it not happening in this AU, anyways technology got so advanced that humans ruined the earth causing an apocalypse after which we promptly got our act together and set of restoring the planet not taking it for granted before setting of into space, this new interstellar United Nations put a focus on restoring cultural heritage and the arts/entertainment in a time where robots do most everything, we have nutrient solution and hover/flying cars, anyways the author sets about becoming an author using his knowledge from being one of the top actors and earths heritage to bring a piece of his old life with him to prove its existence, then he gets brought home after his brothers grow concerned over him(MC) not leaving home for three weeks to go on his usual strolls and sunbathes so they send the butler to bring him back by any means necessary as his legal guardians since he’s one year from adulthood, surprised by the warm and cozy atmosphere full of love he quickly accepts his new home and even welcomes into his heart his brother ! (Unfortunately as I was afraid it seems like they might be the love interests after all since they’re the only ones interacting so far.... and quite intimately at that ! And it’s confirmed... 🤦‍♂️ They’re not blood brothers?! How’s that work ?? Not even half ?? How that works I’ve yet to determine but.. at least it’s not incest.... technically)

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