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The World of Gods Rises From the Zerg

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In the world of the gods, everyone is a god, develop believers, gather faith, and lift the kingdom of God into the starry sky.

The young Xu Luo came to this world and started the Zerg dominance system.

Ding! Extract the sawgrass gene, and the springtail + sawgrass becomes a mantis insect!

Ding! Extract the snail gene, and the beetle + snail becomes a beetle.

Face Huggers + Angels + Dragons + Power of the Ancient Gods become Leviathans!

Extract the genes of all creatures, and the Zerg army sweeps the world!

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It can be updated on the shelves, don’t worry about eunuchs

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Short Title:TWGRFZ
Alternate Title:众神世界从虫族开始崛起
Author:Divine Phoenix Race
Weekly Rank:#901
Monthly Rank:#649
All Time Rank:#1231
Tags:Artificial Intelligence, Battle Academy, Cosmic Wars, Demon, Evolution, Future Civilization, Futuristic Setting, Game Elements, God, Godly Powers, Harem, Lord, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Necromancer, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Starwars, System, Transmigration, Virtual Reality, Wars Weak to Strong, Zerg,
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64 Comments on “The World of Gods Rises From the Zerg
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  1. MC feels threatened. To cool off he goes underground wherr there is no monitoring and begins beating up gang members. Guess who supports the big gangs? Asians are always stupid.

  2. MC has a potentially endless source of source energy. What does he do? Naturally he tries to kill everyone so nothing can be gained later. Asian logic.

  3. Brain dead MC does not take the time to recover from his physical exhaustion after summoning by summoning sooner. Also, he could have helped with lots of gold at the start since he was gonna have to summon anyways.

  4. MC has a father at a high level, but chooses to ask weak teacher instead about cultivation. MC has endless origin energy, yet cultivates basically at the speed of others that have very limited energy. Asian authors suck.

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