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This is the same novel as: World of Gods


Novel Summary

At the center of the world, on Mount Olympus, the King of Gods, Zeus, smiled and looked down on the realms with his Spear of Lightning tightly in his hand. Before him were a pantheon of deities.

At the Silver Hall in the north, Odin overlooked the world on his Almighty Throne, with Gungnir in hand. In his eyes were an endless field of wind and snow.

- Description from Qidian


Short Title:TWOD
Alternate Title:众神世界
Author:Fire Of Eternity
Weekly Rank:#6149
Monthly Rank:#5577
All Time Rank:#2955
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  1. This novel is quite damn good you see ut makes me feel like am not wasting my time when i read like those various techniques i never knew there were so many almost about to finish volume one and this got me hooked 5 stars for me

  2. What i don't get is like he was opposing the nobles saying it's my legendary path so i thought to be a legend you need to have done some thing huge so you can become legendary magician but he literally just becomes one like for nothing dropped to 4 for not clarifying this point since he became the enemy of the whole novels you should give us a valid reason or something that makes sense not like all gods hate magicians and nobles are slaves of magician so i will kill them all and go back to Athens every time like he could've gone some where else a plane or other places become strong as hell the change the noble thing if you Don't like it

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