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The World Civilization Million Lords

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The prospective college student Luo Ji, who is enjoying the last summer of the third year of high school, has undergone earth-shaking changes at this moment after accepting the invitation of the game friend and becoming the player of the game of “Civilization Rise”.
This is a war game between the world and the world, and it is a fierce collision between civilization and civilization!
To annex the five continents, sweeping across the three oceans, and see how Luo Ji led his people, in this powerful enemy look around, the battlefield of the heroes to fight for a battle to the most powerful imperial civilization!

- Description from uukanshu translation


Short Title:TWCML
Original Title:文明之万界领主
Author:Flying de lazy cat
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#176
Monthly Rank:#171
All Time Rank:#204
Tags:Kingdom Building,

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4 thoughts on “The World Civilization Million Lords
  1. I don’t like the mc at all.. In 170 chapters he cured the girl but those trash cannon fodders wants to kill him. But mc did nothing. Why not just wipe them out instead? You have a power to do that.
    He even fvking want to give alien technology to other people. Not really worth to read.

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