Sister Zou went to report the good news to Boss Peng instead of telling her, just from the owner of this thatched house.

Speaking of 13 the male owner of this house, I have to talk about it a long time ago. According to an old insider, it was in the early 1930s. At that time, a baby boy was abandoned by his family shortly after his birth and was adopted by a childless old couple named Ji.

If the old couple get a treasure, they named the baby boy Fuxing, which means that the child is the lucky star of their old couple! Boys are born with one long leg and one short leg. The right foot has no toes. Like a duck, it has only the sole of the foot. The toe is shorter than the left foot. The walk is more exaggerated than the fat duck swinging, and the body is involuntarily violent. The wobbly.

When Fuxing was eighteen years old, he sent away his adoptive parents. In the two mud straw huts left by his adoptive parents, he was alone and helpless, hungry and full. He has never thought of marrying a wife, let alone any other requirements, as long as he doesn't starve to death or freeze to death, he will be content.

In fact, God wasn't really stingy with him, he came to the door when he was 30 years old. The matchmaker is the second aunt of the village surnamed Qu, and she is famous for her good words and good ways.

She stepped into the thatched house cautiously, and to be honest, if it weren't for protecting the media to be a good deed, she wouldn't walk into this hell-like room. It took her a long time to adjust to the dim light in the room.

There are almost no furnishings in the house. The kang tail is scattered with bedding, and the color is no longer visible. On the north side of the house are two large wooden boxes, one for rice noodles and other food, and the other for clothes and other things.

Aunt Qu sighed. If it weren’t for the woman’s sister-in-law to ask her to tell the matchmaker, she really didn’t want to be nosy. Who would marry here without suffering? Isn't it just a sin for yourself? The second aunt barely gave a smirk: "Fu Xing, you are the second aunt who watched you grow up. Apart from poor legs and feet, your family’s conditions are poor. You need to look good. Looks and looks, let alone benevolent and honest, my second aunt knows that you are a good person! It's not like that when you live alone. Today my second aunt came here to tell you a wife."

"Tell me my wife?" Fuxing didn't know if he was surprised or scared. He couldn't believe it anyway, anyway, there would be a woman who would marry him as his wife. He had a bitter face and wanted to please the second aunt, so he wanted to laugh but couldn't laugh: "Second aunt, don't tease me, which girl will be blind and marry me?"

The second aunt almost jumped up, and she said loudly: "I really made you right! It is the girl from Qujiayao Village. That girl has only one problem-blind, she is 24 years old this year, and her name is Qu Xiuyan, Chang It's not too ugly, because I can't see it, I have not been out of the cabinet! This is not because her parents died last year. She lives with her brother and sister-in-law. After all, it's not her parents, brother-in-law can't support her forever? Life is really inconvenient. Her brother-in-law wanted to find a suitable family for her to marry! I thought of you all of a sudden. At the age of 30, I was still bachelor, so we married a daughter-in-law and gave birth to a child. Next root, you can be considered worthy of your dead parents! We are all folks from the village, I don’t want this good thing to be worthwhile to others!"

It's not that Fuxing doesn't want to marry a wife. He can't support himself now, so what can he do to support his wife and children? Isn't that a pitted girl? But he was still grateful to the second aunt: "Second aunt, you treat me better than your mother, and I will never forget how good your second aunt is to me! But you have seen the second aunt, and I am poor now. I am also disabled. If I marry a daughter-in-law, wouldn’t I harm other girls?"

The second aunt smiled relievedly: "Then you don't have to worry. Although the girl can't see her eyes, she can also do some housework, can take care of herself, and someone who loves you is better than you alone, right? Her brother My sister-in-law said, if you agree to this marriage, they will give a lot of dowry, four bedding and four covers, 200 catties of grain, two piglets, plus one hundred yuan in cash, and a wedding banquet. I’ve prepared it for you, don’t worry about it! Such a great event is like a pie in the sky! According to my second aunt, your good day is coming soon!"

Fuxing is not a greedy person. He really wants to marry a daughter-in-law. Although he has a leg deformity, he is physiologically normal after all, so he also has requirements in that regard. Suddenly he felt that good luck had come, and he was a man who wanted a woman!

His eyebrows and eyes were smiling. He was originally very straight, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, a straight nose and a wide mouth. If it weren't for his legs, he was really a handsome guy. He was happy and didn't know what to say? He kept nodding to the second aunt and bowed his waist: "Second aunt, you are my mother, I thank you! From now on I will be a cow and a horse for you! Or, I will give you a kowtow!"

Saying that he would kneel down when he was excited, the second aunt hurriedly pulled it off: "Okay, your legs are not good, so don't talk to the second aunt about this. Then it's settled. I will go back to the woman and make a decision. I'll tell you again in the days!" He said that he got up and went out in a hurry, and I don't know if he was in a hurry to deliver a letter to the woman or he wanted to leave that dark thatched house quickly?

After the second aunt left, Fu Xing was excited, nervous, happy, and apprehensive, and the originally peaceful life was suddenly stirred up! He fantasizes about the happy days after having a woman, and when he is happy, he thinks of his difficult situation and can't help worrying. Suddenly he is afraid that the woman will dislike him. If that happens, he will be happy for a while, and he will start to feel uneasy again!