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The Witch of the Cyberpunk Era

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In the cyberpunk era, corporate alliances dominated the world, and both the humans and witches were ens*aved by advanced technology, becoming nothing more than fuel for society. Unwilling to become a company dog, Xu Yang decided to run away, while saving the cute and powerful witches from the giant enterprises, together they embarked on a road of innovation!

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Short Title:WOCE
Alternate Title:赛博时代的魔女
Weekly Rank:#4766
Monthly Rank:#4163
All Time Rank:#8118
Tags:Dystopia, Futuristic Setting, Male Protagonist,
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  1. Hi there 👋👋👋 I want to ask if anyone know the title or where I can find a book -- I read it half way and lost it The MC is female, from earth before apocalypse, thrown to the future post apocalyptic interstellar era. The people are genetically damaged, they breed by in vitro breeding. The ML is an infertile Prince, a war god in military service who wants to divorce FL because he doesn't want to waste her future by marrying an infertile man, so the FL ran into military academy to avoid him, making him unable to divorce her 😅 during her time in academy she makes online selling of fruits🍍🍎🍓🍇 grown from her spiritual power that can heal genetical damage, and make online broadcasting of cooking methods to show public her sincerity to her husband 😁 I haven't finished reading it but I lost it, is there anyone who can give me link or the title of this, please🙏 thank you

  2. to all those who think this is a harem novel, i would like to clarify theres none so u can read with a peace of mind nd for those wat came to read harem novel, there r many girls involved(not with mc much tho, with the fmc, many Don't even know mc's true face or identity) nd there r 2 girls, so u can read

  3. Ada yang tahu judulnya novel ini:Dimana dia dilahirkan kembali dan membeli sebungkus kripik kentang yang berisi cincin untuk bisa memasuki dunia game dari seorang anak

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