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The Wife’s Betrayal

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When I was on a business trip, I suddenly received a mysterious video, and my heart felt like a knife.

In the video, my wife was in a luxury car with a middle-aged fat man who had lost his head…

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TWB
Alternate Title:妻子的背叛
Weekly Rank:#4473
Monthly Rank:#5111
All Time Rank:#5326
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Cute Children, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Masochistic Characters, Mind Control, Naive Protagonist, Netorare,
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  2. Ok brothers and sisters i found the fucjing answer and it took me months, mc wife didnt cheat on him, it was a test from her master who has control issues with her and her master want ro kill mc so she want him to join them. " i Dont know how to explain. BUT I DIDNT CHEAT ON YOU" what i called cheating was on truth a test --CHAPTER 390. So basically her leader has super control issues so.... She loved mc, her leader helped her to make an identity so she could marry him, then later her leader doubt her and forced that fake situation (that she cheated on him), and she had to make him believe she did that, and kicked him away, later as she proved her loyalty her leader got mad at mc cheating on her and ordered people to take care of his "mistress" as a reward for her loyalty and want to kill him because he is unfaithfull, then his wife want him to enter her group "longxiu" so her leader could control her more, she also swore she would try to kill her leader because of it and made an poisinous "oath" this time. MC confirmed that she said the truth, but ofc he changed from back then so, he dont believe her 100% and he knows she is hiding tons of stuff so basically 99,9% that there isnt ntr and his wife even want to fight that organization for his sake and their hapiness. If someone can take thar "NEROTARE" TAG IS LIE.

  3. I didnt read thia but caught some spoilers. Protagonist says one thing but do other, so u cant take anyrhing at fzce value he meets her again, she kinda ask him to accept some guy promise (it means he needs to stop, being with su chang) he says it has nothing to do with her.. She get mad, she ask if he has anything to say to her or ask her , on his mind mind he admit he still lover her but he gotta to man up and he says he dont she gets mad again and he just left, he talks with su chang and think he want to have harem, but he doenst want his wife anymore. He meets her again and think she should have been lying to him or cheating on him for years and gets mad at her again.(didnt finish searching for this) later at chapter 400ish she is together wirh him and they are on nice terms(one of the early series girls knock her out and has sex with him and she gets mad saying they sjould have done a threesome if she didnt knock her out.. So yeah he forgives her... And they each goes their ways and can only meet in secret.

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