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The Whole Family Went Crazy Listening To My Thoughts, I Was Responsible For Feeding

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[Family reading skills + cannon fodder + group pet + boss wears books + pretends to be a pig and eats the tiger + cool article]

Lu Chaochao went through the book. He was transformed into a cannon fodder who was drowned at birth and whose identity was taken over by the heroine.

The heroine killed her relatives out of righteousness and reported that her adoptive mother and grandfather were collaborating with the enemy and treason, causing the whole family to be wiped out.

The heroine takes back her mother, escapes from her scumbag father, Jin Chan, and lives a beautiful life together. Only Lu Chaochao and his whole family are stepping stones.

Lu Chaochao looked at his mother who had been brainwashed for many years: “Mom, your beloved husband is waiting for the birth of a child outside the house.”

The love brain mother is awake! Lu Chaochao looked at his disabled elder brother and sighed: “Brother, you are being abused, you are so beautiful, strong and miserable! Fortunately, I can heal your leg!”

Turning around, the eldest brother hit three yuan in a row, trampling all the talents in the capital under his feet. “Second brother, what you believe is inhumane. Your best friend is Daddy Scumbag’s concubine! ”

“Third brother, you were deliberately raised to be useless. You are uneducated and have a gambling habit. In the end, you became a human pig.”

Lu Chaochao complained, realizing that the whole family had changed their fate against fate.

The scumbag was divorced, and the three brothers became the best among men! Even holding a milk bottle in her mouth, she is admired by the whole world!

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Short Title:TWFWC
Alternate Title:全家偷听我心声杀疯了,我负责吃奶
Author:Xia Shengsheng
Weekly Rank:#47
Monthly Rank:#34
All Time Rank:#1163
Tags:Ancient Times, Child Protagonist, Childcare, Comedic Undertone, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Ghosts, God Protagonist, Multiple Transported Individuals, Overpowered Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist,
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  1. Help me find the novella. The main character is kidnapped as a child and becomes a killer in some organization, which she later disbands. She is first in the list of killers. I remember wearing something like a watch on my hand, but there was a fishing line with which it kills. Constantly drank milkshakes after murders. It seems that the novella begins with the main character finding her and returning her to her family.

  2. Does anyone know the title of the novel where the female main character is Gu Qinglan, she is reborn using the 001 system, with a female antagonist named Yun Lanlan who transmigrates or is reborn. Gu Qinglan had 9 male seniors. The theme of cultivation, rebirth with the system.

  3. This novel is dope. The author is not afraid of leading the story in different, sometimes heartbreaking directions. And the retribution fits the sin: the father's dreams are destroyed, his son is sodomized, and his mother, paralyzed. Even the emperor is kind of pathetic. Everybody is a clown in front of their gods and really, they're kind of pathetic. But there is heart in it. You just have to find where.

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