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The Whole Empire Raises Me

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Novel Summary

Wen Xingze wears the book and becomes the beautiful and poor cannon fodder in “Large Koi Super Rich”.

According to the plot of the original book, he will serve as a control group for the protagonist of the wealthy family. He will become a car repairer when he is impoverished.

Wen Xingze:? ? ?

Wen Xingze decided to avoid the plot and be a happy poor man.

He was addicted to games and spent three years clearing an infrastructure strategy mobile game. In the game, as the ‘king’ of the universe age, he built his own empire from scratch, and by the way dominated the universe.

One day, the game launched a new feature…


In the age of the universe, the Muse Empire is synonymous with power. The citizens are strong, rich, and all of them are worthy of force.

Moreover, it is extremely protective.

They have their proud king, and the king is their evil scale.

They are willing to dedicate everything they have to the king, pile up endless rare treasures under the throne, and cover the road ahead of him with the most expensive and soft fabrics.

But since dominating the universe, Wang hasn’t appeared for a long time.

Until one day, they finally saw Wang again through the screen…

what? Wang lives in a narrow and leaky rental house? ? Eating two bucks of instant noodles, still reluctant to put in the seasoning packet? ? It’s hot in summer and don’t even have money to buy a fan? ? !


All the people were furious.


High cold abstinence male god movie emperor attack vs prosperous beauty sand sculpture idol

Also known as “Forced to Explode”, “Please Stop Krypton”, “What is the experience of being raised by the entire universe” “How to reject the spaceship given by the people”

[Reading Guide]

1. 1v1, silly white sweet group favorite Su Shuang is a fanatic, the villain has a very low IQ and a tool person. Only each other can attack and suffer. The people of the empire are affectionate to the protagonist, and all members of the krypton gold raise the king.

2. Daily change, he, no prototype

Content tag: entertainment circle system sweet text cool text

Search keywords: Protagonist: Wen Xingze┃Supporting role: Chi Yan┃Others:

One-sentence introduction: What is the experience of being raised by the paper men of the entire universe

Idea: Persevere in the original aspiration and overcome obstacles

- Description from MTL


Short Title:WERM
Alternate Title:全帝国氪金养我
Author:As Reckless as Meow
Weekly Rank:#1873
Monthly Rank:#1972
All Time Rank:#3110
Tags:Acting, Celebrities, Charming Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Dragons, Handsome Male Lead, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Transmigration, Vampires,
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  1. No need to read it if you don't like BL, that's my only advice for you boy/girl. There's many good straight novel out there y'know? And i appreciate the way you make a comment without clearly insulting us, who like yaoi.

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