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The Whole Country Develops a Different World

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When he woke up, Xia Xuan found himself transmigrating into a different world, the emperor of a constitutional monarchy.

Xia Xuan originally thought that he could be a mascot honestly and enjoy the glory and wealth, but there was another system in his head? !

Ding dong!

A new world has been explored, please confirm the world information as soon as possible.

“New world?” Xia Xuanyi waved and a black door of space appeared in front of him.

“Do you enter in the form of a door? This will give you a lot of room for maneuvering.”

“Come on, give me a call to the Prime Minister of the Cabinet immediately.”

Ps: Enter “Goblin Slayer” first, and “Scarlet Eyes” and “Life in a Different World from Zero” will be added later

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TWCDDW
Alternate Title:举国开发异世界
Author:Pork Heart Shrimp
Weekly Rank:#9610
Monthly Rank:#8981
All Time Rank:#4595
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49 Comments on “The Whole Country Develops a Different World
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  1. I waited 200+chapters for the stargate war because all those preparation mc made but author decided to end the novel and skipped the whole process in only one chapter at the end.

  2. Hmm...aku mencari diberbagai situs tentang "scarlet eyes" tapi yang keluar hanyalah Kurapika dari Hunter X Hunter. Aku penasaran setelah pindah dari dunia Goblin Slayer pergi kemana? Tapi setelah ku membacanya di chapter 60 sudah dijelaskan bahwa dunia selanjutnya adalah Akame Ga Kill. Kenapa aku bisa tau? Ya karena disitu bukankah Jenderal Esdeth keluar? Maaf jika salah.

  3. Pretty good novel but author why are you like to kill so much? In avatar world you done too much. Just when their home tree was burning you saved it with water but they don’t know it. They think their soul tree saved the tree then after their panic and fear they are angry then two human smaller than them in came and say submit or die? Every body will refuse it because they don’t think two small human without any weapon can defeat them. You written it like you give that tribe chance but no you just killed them. You can show them some power like magic make them fearful then say If you Surrender to daxia I save you’re planet and give you prosperous happy life or refuse and die. If you written it like this it would’ve been better also why did you kill heroine? You could’ve persuaded her show her how powerful you are and you’re not with those mining company.

  4. Wow, the author started off with a "China-neutral" approach, but apparently he got blasted by readers and then he went full fucking Chinanumbawan. Ugh, it started off decently.

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