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The Wasteland Survival System and Dogs

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[Warning: A group of zombies and dogs are being tracked behind the host, which is being tracked based on breath, with a fatality rate of 65%]

[Warning: The search found that the black demon is approaching fast, an adult male, abnormally dangerous, with a fatality rate of 99%]

Jing’an shuddered.

[Re: The host moves six steps to the left, and can hide in the cave after opening the camouflage turf, the survival rate is 100%]

Whoops, this is fine.

[Hint: the tears of a mermaid, the venomous sac of a sea snake, the black blood of an evil spirit. A medicine mixed with three materials can evolve the host’s mutation pathway]

Seeing the bubble of purple soup in front of him, Jing’an looked embarrassed.

Is there no other way?

[Hint: The host can add a spoonful of white sugar to increase the taste]


(Do you drink it or not? Give it to me if you don’t! I have to evolve too!)

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:WSSD
Alternate Title:废土求生之系统与狗
Author:ID 957
Weekly Rank:#3548
Monthly Rank:#3800
All Time Rank:#3592
Tags:Apocalypse, Cheats, Death of Loved Ones, Evolution, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Godly Powers, Male Protagonist, Pets, Strong MC, Survival, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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  1. The system is omniscient, it can even predict what action need to be done in time of crisis to achieve desirable result. But what make me wonder is at first chapter the system suggest 2 action to MC, one is to hiding in gas station with 99% mortality rate and taunt another mutant so the mutant that chase after MC will caught in battle with another mutant with 100% survival rate. What weird is, the system know what the best to MC and yet why it give another option with undesirable effect to MC? Is it just to compare? If it's not what MC want, why the system not just offer that 100% survival rate option to MC and discard the other?

  2. Here i know a survival apocalpyse novel name :末日我有超級求生係統 The mc has a system but only useful for informition and characteriestic of things.

  3. Oh you can only see it on chinese website Here the name: Doomsday I have a super survival system If you wanna read it just copy the chinese name up there in google as for how you tranlate the word there google translator in the upper corner of you phone .

  4. Here i know a supernatural novel : 這個怪物很凶猛信息頁 The mc is a superhuman/Monster and everyone want him to die whether is it monster/human or mysterios power. The start is mc escaping from prison.

  5. If you have read the novel do you if he is a humanoid dragon or a human with inhuman strength? Because I have read the first chapter and it seems he is human but at the end of the chapter he say that he will be the strongest dragon. It is little confusing.

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