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The Virtuous Omega Disguised as the Vicious Colonel

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Colonel K is a legend of the Omar Empire. He single-handedly destroyed the Star Pirates Warship, with mercilessness and cruelty, and everybody trembled at the mention of him. Lan Yu, dignified and elegant, the model of thousands of Omegas, mistakenly became the black-hearted Colonel K.

In order to keep the persona from falling apart, from then on he punches the intergalactic beasts and kicks the bandits’ out of their nests, tore a mecha to pieces with his bare hands, and the corners of his lips picked up in a cold smile. As an Omega who is thinking about getting a husband and having a child, Lan Yu feels like he’s suffocating.

But the good thing is that he was once a movie star, with his amazing acting skills, no one noticed any difference between him and Colonel K, whose name was used to stop children from crying.

Except for his nasty rival, Lu RanKong.

Lu RanKong could always find the “Interstellar Butcher” Colonel K’s unnoticeable changes.

With the corpses of Star Pirates under his feet, the ion gun leaning on his shoulder, his hand on his hand-knitted woolen holster. With the wind still in his face, a corner of his uniform’s shirt lifted, showing an embroidered yellow flower. With skin scuffed fingers, a grim, bloodthirsty smile, his eyes filled with tears.

At night, he would only fall asleep if he was holding a teddy bear? He drank the nutritional supplements with no expression, but the bottle was labeled with ‘orange’ and ‘mango’ flavors.

Lu RanKong slightly narrowed his eyes. Why did this black-hearted K become more and more like a ♥ K?

Yet he found the other man f*cking attractive!

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:VODAVC
Alternate Title:贤惠O穿成凶狠上校后
Author:Little Baldy
Weekly Rank:#4695
Monthly Rank:#5018
All Time Rank:#4710
Tags:Acting, Alternate World, Body Swap, Calm Protagonist, Childhood Love, Cute Protagonist, Death of Loved Ones, Doting Love Interests, Enemies Become Lovers, Fated Lovers, First Love, First-time Interc**rse, Heartwarming, Hiding True Identity, Insects, Investigations, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Protagonist, Manly Gay Couple, Military, Mind Control, Mpreg, Mysterious Family Background, Mystery Solving, Omegaverse, Past Plays a Big Role, Popular Love Interests, Power Couple, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Royalty, Secrets, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, Tsundere,
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