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Chapter 54

The air was humid, and soon afterwards, heavy rain poured down.

Mu Zhenyu was lying on the bed with his left hand flat, making a pillow for the little fox. The fox's nest was in his arm's nest, forming a ball, and slept soundly.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning shattered the night sky. Mu Zhenyu opened his eyes and reached out to cover the little fox's ear. But he moved a little slower, thunder throbbing, his voice was deafening, and it seemed to be cracking on the window.

Mu Zhenyu was so nervous that he looked down at the fox. Fortunately, it did not wake up.

Mu Zhenyu raised an eyebrow—it was afraid of thunder.

On a thunderstorm day, the wind roared outside the window, blowing the waists of several big trees. The streetlights shone, and the shadows of the trees sprinkled indoors kept shaking, like ghosts. Mu Zhenyu glanced out the window and got up to pull the curtains. Who knew that he had just pulled his hand from under the fox's small head, and the fox awoke.

The little fox sat upright, his eyes were black and black, and he looked at him slickly, the same as when he first saw it, without any difference. It stared straight at him, as if waiting for him, as if urging him, but refused to lie back.

Mu Zhenyu didn't know if he had thought more about it, but he felt that the little fox looked like "you won't sleep when I don't come back", so he walked quickly to the window, pulled the curtains, walked back, and covered himself with a quilt , Hand it to it.

The fox sniffed on his arm, found a comfortable angle, and pushed his little head up. It didn't take long before he started snoring again.

Mu Zhenyu froze behind his ears, and for a long time, slightly raised the corners of his lips.

"Thunder, you won't wake up, but I don't want to sleep when I get up? Already accustomed to sleeping with me, cured the fear of thunder?" Mu Zhenyu didn't know if it could hear or hear I do n’t understand. It ’s like talking to her, but it ’s more like talking to himself: “Do n’t you ... lose your mana, and you wo n’t be able to become a human again?”

The little fox breathed evenly and remained motionless.

Mu Zhenyu also closed his eyes, "Actually, I guessed a long time ago that you have inextricable relationships with foxes. I also made the assumption that you are a fox. I felt ridiculous at the time, but it was like It's true, and I'm also contradictory. Later, I simply thought that this fox was also you, and gradually I got used to it and didn't bother. "

The little fox fell asleep and ignored him. He simply took it as Xu Wanzhi: "Later, after confirming that you are a fox and a fox is you, I want to understand a lot of things. Including that first night, I clearly saw You and Mu Xi went into the hotel room, but when I went in, you disappeared. How did you escape from under my eyes, I finally want to understand. You are not the original Xu Wanzhi, you have never done it What's sorry for me. But although I want to understand, I don't want to pierce this window sheet. Wanwan, I trust you, and I hope you trust me. So I'm willing to wait slowly until you take the initiative to tell the truth I. By then, no matter how absurd the truth, I will accept it. "

Speaking of this, he suddenly got a little jealous: "However, I never thought that you would tell me the truth in such a fierce way. Wanwan, I never thought that you would change my life for my life. Now think about the day In the scene, I still feel that the hairs are upright. Wan Wan, although you can't speak now, but I am willing to support you forever, whether you are a fox or Xu Wanzhi. "

Xu Xu replied that sleepiness swept up. He turned around, hugged the little fox in his arms, and slept like this.

I don't know how long it took, the showers stopped, the air was quiet, and the moon came out of the dark clouds.

Crystal drops of water remained along the window, and the light was halod in circles.

Mu Zhenyu was lying on the bed, and it was all her in the dream.

I don't know how long I slept, and suddenly there was a cold touch on my cheek. Gently stroked his eyebrows, nose tip, and finally came to the corners of his lips, which seemed to be a pair of lips.

Mu Zhenyu was still hazy in the dream, and reached out and flicked. The touch of fingertips came from the fingertips, like the most delicate skin of a girl.

He opened his eyes sharply.

The girl was smiling at him with the corners of her lips.

"Wanwan ..." He pressed the person under her, confirming her lips over and over again: "Finally changed back, huh? Change back to Little Fox and try not to talk to me?"

Xu Wanzhi nodded and shook her head again: "I can't go back."

Mu Zhenyu stopped and looked at her deeply. "How could this be?"

"My fox tail is gone." She slammed her mouth, and a pair of big watery eyes were grieved: "There is no cultivation, and it will probably take another 500 years to cultivate back to the original look."

"Then you now?"

"Now you become a human with the last practice, and you can't be a little fox in the future!" She cried with a wow: "I blame you! I kissed you hard just now, no improvement at all! Kiss you once, it will go up! "

Mu Zhenyu felt angry and funny.

It turned out that she kissed him for cultivation?

But watching her tears wet his sleeve, he felt so distressed again-it was for him that she never lost the chance to become a little fox again.

Mu Zhenyu held her tightly in her arms: "Don't be afraid, Wanwan will be with you in the future. If we can't become a fox, we will be together."

She cried for a while, tired, and her eyes and tiny nose turned red. She braced his chest with a small hand, pushed him away, and looked at him with a jerk: "Does your injury still hurt?"

Mu Zhenyu's heart was completely soft.

He grabbed her little hand and kept kissing her fingertips: "No injuries, no pain."

She cried again, "You lie!"

Xu Wanzhi cried all night, and Mu Zhenyu hugged her overnight.

Never let her escape again.

After spending a few days at home, drinking a box of coconuts, Xu Wanzhi finally stepped out of the shadow of breaking off the fox's tail. She first called Madoka to report her safety.

After Madoka saw her call, she clasped her hands together and prayed to heaven—never the bad news, never the bad news.

She was really afraid that it was Mu Zhenyu who called and told her that something had happened to Xu Wanzhi.

However, after the call was connected, it was indeed Xu Wanzhi who spoke there. Her voice is sweet and even more lively than before: "Xiaoyuan, I'm fine! Hurry up and contact Jiang Chenxi, I will act as the heroine of" Huahua "!"

She can't be a little fox, and the endless life of the demon tribe has also been burned. She still has 80 years to play, and she is always waiting.

Madoka heard tears from her, and she burst into tears: "Okay, you want Oscars, I'll do something!"

After contacting Jiang Chenxi, Xu Wanzhi knew that the delay in starting "Wuhua" did not mean that the venue could not be implemented. However, Mu Zhenyu had been putting pressure on Jiang Chenxi in terms of investment, so he had to wait for Xu Wanzhi to come back before filming.

On the opening opportunity of "Huahua", I heard that Xu Wanzhi has recovered and joined the crew. The reporters all rushed in. The huge conference hall was full of people. There were two streets outside the venue to visit her.

None of the reporters who grabbed the questioning microphone cared about the movie "Huahua". Instead, they were asking about the details of Xu Wanzhi's day of death and her physical condition.

How can Xu Wanzhi become a fox in detail? Faced with media's aggressive questions, she even had some doubts for a moment. How did Mu Zhenyu explain the past to the police alone?

But thinking about it, he is Mu Zhenyu.

At first she only treated him as a big villain who didn't blink, but now he can take care of everything for her.

Xu Wanzhi then had a clever idea and held the microphone pitifully: "The scene was terrible, my brain was blank, and now I can't remember what happened. I just remember that my fiance was holding me in my arms. Here. With him, I'm not afraid of anything. "

The reporter was sad and the viewer cried, and the reporters left tears of excitement-what kind of fairy love is this!

Immediately afterwards, someone asked her: "So are the two things good?"

Xu Wanzhi nodded: "It's coming."

After a while, the topic was brought to her little milk fox. Everyone is very concerned. How is the little fox? It has been a long time since Weibo has seen the activity of the smiling little fox.

More and more people asked, and Xu Wanzhi even felt that these people were hired by Jiang Yuexian, a stink fox fan. She wept again: "My little fox is dead ..."

Suddenly, the audience was quiet.

The host took the microphone: "Let's mourn for the little fox."

Jiang Yuexian heard the news and cried for more than half a year. Since then, he can no longer stop crying.

After the opening ceremony of "Huahua" ended, Xu Wanzhi was relieved and left the hidden side door of the hotel auditorium. Who knew that as soon as he went out, he was pulled into the stairwell by a big hand.

Mu Zhenyu smiled with her lips raised, her eyes were tender: "Wanwan, I heard you can't wait to marry me?"

Xu Wanzhi was dumbfounded: "Aren't you still in the company, when did you fly in?"

He squeezed her chin and blocked her lips: "Maybe you started thinking about marrying me."

These things are intertwined, and actually floated on the hot search for a month. The entire entertainment industry was discussing Xu Wanzhi's comeback, Xu Wanzhi's marriage with Mu Zhenyu, and Xu Wanzhi's fox's death.

In the month of Xu Wanzhi's crew, Mu Zhenyu handed the company over to the management of his staff, and he reluctantly left the hotel outside the studio every day. The fans who came to visit the class were endless, seeing the two of them holding hands and eating out, the marmot screamed and exploded. In addition, almost every day someone sent a little fox to her.

Xu Wanzhi unhappyly unpacked, jealous of the little foxes, and explained Madoka: "Send them all these little fairies to me the same way!"

Mu Zhenyu smiled and narrowed her eyes, "Neither looks better than mine."

Xu Wanzhi blushed and stopped complaining.

Mu Zhenyu changed the low-key style in the "Wu Hua" ceremony, and as a specially invited guest, he also announced his marriage with Xu Wanzhi.

The last questioning media asked him: "Do you have anything else to say to your CP fans?"

Mu Zhenyu's eyes fell gently on Xu Wanzhi: "Don't send us a little fox anymore." He reached out and took Xu Wanzhi's hand: "I have her little fox."

On the day of the wedding, few people were present.

Xu Wanzhi doesn't like to be lively, and there are not many friends and relatives.

Because she knew that having him was enough.

She was wearing a snow-white wedding dress, and she knew that Mu Zhenyu was waiting for her at the other end of the road covered with petals.

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Su Qingyuan penetrated into the president's article and became fiancee Lu Liao's fiancee.

Su Qingyuan: Get married! Better to marry a pig than to him!

Soon after, the words reached Lu Liao's ears.

Master Lu's grandfather had never been foolish, so he snatched an old newspaper and pretended to send it, breaking the door of Su Qingyuan's home.

Inside the door, the little girl had a thin waist and a scent of breathing, biting her pen and saying "Thank you little brother".

Since then, Lu Liao determined to cover his vest, paint his car green, and be a qualified postman.

Recently, the school rumored that the boyfriend Su Qingyuan of the school actually sent a newspaper.

The people who eat the melon bare their **** and scramble to fight for her.

Su Qingyuan smiled silently, just remembering the heavy rain that day, the upright man's shirt was soaked, tightly wrapped in eight pack abs, the umbrella in his hand was leaning over her head, biting her earlobe and asking: "Do you want I?"

Later, people familiar with the matter broke the news: the school flower boyfriend's green motorcycle is limited to 11 worldwide, and one can buy a Ferrari.

The provocative person was slammed into the face, and the eater stunned his chin.

Su Qingyuan watched Master Lu, who lost his vest, drummed his mouth: See you at the crematorium!