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Chapter 1. Changing back?

In the afternoon, in front of the Universal Building, Mu Zhenyu, the president who had not appeared for a few days, calmly walked down the car, holding a little fox in his arms.

The employees in the past have watched one after another--the news that they have been engaged by Mu Mu and Miss Xu Wanzhi for a long time has not been set. Later, Mu's situation changed. For a time, he went to jail, to jail, to hospital. Although Mu Zhenyu became the final winner, the brutality of this internal fighting killed Xu Wanzhi.

Before the incident, Xu Wanzhi's act as the heroine of "Huahua" was almost nailed down, but after the accident, other people involved were reported by the police and gossip, and even the kidnapper Mu Xiyuan was hospitalized in serious illness. Only Xu Wanzhi, who had been abducted, seemed to have evaporated, and there was no news at all. Jiang Chenxi, the director of Wuhua, also seems to have been waiting for her. The filming was delayed indefinitely on the grounds that the filming could not be coordinated.

Many fans have speculated that Xu Wanzhi may have been killed by the kidnappers. After all, Mu Xiyuan and several of the kidnappers were so badly injured. Obviously, the two sides were in conflict and fighting. Xu Wanzhi's body is thin. Looking at it, she is a weak woman who can't pick her shoulders and her hands. It is possible to seriously hurt or even kill her.

However, with regard to Xu Wanzhi's personal safety issues, Yin Xing has not given a positive response, leaving fans in a hurry.

Now, Mu Zhenyu is holding the fox to work, and the expression on his face is light and faint, which is really unpredictable.

A few employees walked casually, and not far away, whispered.

"This is the little red fox, right? Xu Wanzhi's little fox?"

"My God, I didn't expect to see the deity today!"

"No wonder Jiang Yuexian has coveted for so long, it really ecstasy if you look closely!"

"The foxes came to the company to take care of us. It seems that Mu is always really a baby Miss Xu."

"Yeah, it ’s reasonable to say that pets do n’t stay at home for the nanny? I did n’t know it before, just do n’t know it. Now I know that Mr. Mu ’s bankruptcy and liquidation are all pretended, so that even the nanny at home does not ask Get up? "

"That's why I said baby Miss Xu, even her foxes are taken care of by herself."

"But you said, isn't Xu Wanzhi really in trouble? Otherwise, why doesn't she take care of the fox herself?"

"Looking at President Mu, it doesn't seem to be a funeral. Maybe Xu is just injured and hospitalized and doesn't want to be disturbed."

Gossiping, Mu Zhenyu's special help came out of the elevator door and strode over meteorically: "Everyone thinks that there is too little work, is it okay to do it? Mr. Mu and Miss Xu's family affairs, also put it on the lips? Let me hear a word, the rolls and rolls are all for me. "

The employees closed their mouths immediately, what should they do?

The young special assistant went to the underground garage, took what he wanted from the trunk of Mu Zhenyu's car, and took him to the top floor by elevator.

He watched Mu Zhenyu personally open the box, which contained a set of pet supplies. Fox nests, food, toys, and even bath and hair treatments.

Mu Zhenyu adjusted the food for the little fox, and delivered the food to his mouth with a jealous face, but he just tilted his head, licked the tip of his nose, and rushed into the new pink fox's nest. Closed eyes to sleep.

The discussions of the talented employees were stunned, and the special assistant wanted to say, but felt that it was inappropriate, and hesitated for a long time.

As a result, Mu Zhenyu took the lead in saying: "A lot of people are talking about this fox?"

The helper hesitated and lowered his head, "Yes, I have told them to shut up."

"It doesn't matter." Mu Zhenyu just put the fox supplies in the same place: "If anyone has experience in raising foxes, ask him to come up and see me."

Special assistant stunned, nodded and went out.

The room was quiet for an instant, leaving only one person and one fox.

Mu Zhenyu sat at his desk and looked at it quietly. Seeing that he breathed evenly, but did not snore as he used to when he fell asleep, he knew it was fake.

He didn't come near to bother it, either, just asking softly, "Is there anything else I need?"

The little fox really only opened one of the outer eyes and narrowed him, then twisted his head back and continued to fake.

Mu Zhenyu smiled helplessly and lowered his head to handle the work.

The sun shines on the ground, such a leisurely time is really rare.

Unfortunately, it wasn't her who was snoring there.

One week later, Mu Zhenyu's work is getting hectic. There is less and less time to care for the foxes in the office.

The fried chicken is still very fragrant, and the coconut juice is still very sweet, but the fox's appetite is not as good as before.

It was very boring. He bounced around Mu Zhenyu's office. When he saw the documents on his desk, he wanted to use his small paws and small mouth to remove them. But it knows that the numbers on those files, while complex and incomprehensible, are important. The beast-shaped house-breaking habit is too scary, it has to control.

Later, she jumped to the sofa and watched TV remotely with his small claw. I tuned a few stations, and suddenly found a anchor who was reporting the kidnapping that day.

"According to an exclusive report, after actor Xu Wanzhi was abducted by Mu Xiyuan and two other gangsters, he escaped alone from the abandoned warehouse in the suburbs and rushed to Huanyu Group. We can guess that Xu Wanzhi must be from Mu Xiyuan's mouth. Knowing his plan for more revenge, he rushed back to inform his fiance. Coincidentally, the two met on the way, but at the same time, more knife-gangsters arrived at the scene. After a fierce battle, Mu Zhenyu Fortunately, the two swords in the body were minor injuries, but Xu Wanzhi was missing. According to police reports, most of the gangsters have been arrested and two are still at large. We can boldly guess that maybe Xu Gangzhi was taken hostage when the gangsters fled the scene. Take away. Now, the fact that Xu Wan's life and death is unclear has also made her fans more unbearable. Let's go to the rescue meeting to rescue Xu Wanzhi and interview her fans. "

The screen switches to a young girl. The girl with red eyes and weeping for a long time before the camera stabilized her voice slightly: "I really like her work very much, and I also like her daily interaction with the little fox. After learning this news, I talked with a few roommates They are all very sad. I hope Wanwan will be fine. "

The little fox stood on the sofa, a pair of dark eyes watching the picture on TV, and for a time, his chest was full of human emotions.

That day, she rushed forward without any hesitation to save Mu Zhenyu. But he was a pure Yang constitution, in front of him, she could not make a little magic. However, she was really eager to save people, so she used her whole body to break through this barrier.

Salvation was saved, and she was forced into a prototype and passed out.

She always thought that he had saved his life. She was eating the fried chicken and coconut milk he gave, stepping on his leather sofa, sleeping in the nest he bought for her, because she was his "savior".

But she didn't know that after she turned back into a little fox, he hugged her, hitting several of them, and each of them had a knife.

In the same way, how could Mu Xiyuan be stupid enough to send only one person to die? The white car that crashed into his car was just to make his transportation scrap and make him unable to escape.

She suddenly thought of that night, he smiled and called her "Stupid Girl". He said, "You forgot? I can live in the trash."

When he was a teenager, he escaped from a group of kidnappers with swords.

After all, that day he brought her this small towing oil bottle, he must have been chopped to protect her from injury.

On television, her fans are still shouting some words to the camera for help.

Suddenly she felt a little soreness on the tip of her little nose.

These fans are still like this, let alone Mu Zhenyu?

He must have many questions to ask her. But he never grabbed her and asked. He just made her eat and drink and lived happily.

He must miss her.

She missed him so much.

Outside the large office, the door rang suddenly. The little fox reached out his claws and quickly turned off the TV, jumping back to his brand new nest.

Mu Zhenyu walked into the office, put the blazer on a hanger, and came over to hug it.

He had a little wine in it, but it was not bad at all. It smelled like a scent of him.

It was no longer naughty and obediently hid in his arms.

It was afraid of touching his wound.

He still put it in the co-pilot's seat and drove it home in person. The road was blocked, and when the red light was on, he reached out his long hand and gently managed the fluff behind his ears.

"Looks a bit older." He mumbled to himself as he touched it.

When it came to the underground garage in the villa area, it was already dark outside. He extinguished the car, only a faint dim light reflected on his face.

He was motionless, sitting in the driver's seat, and whispering to her: "Wanwan."

The little fox looked up at him.

"Are you ... unable to go back?"

The fox's head was crooked, and after that, there was no more movement.

He looked at it for a while before taking it from the co-pilot seat, holding it in his arms, and went upstairs for dinner.

Its meals have never been more abundant than hiss. Feed him whatever he eats, and add a lot of chicken, nutritious milk and coconut milk.

For the first few days, it all looked like a "don't let it go", sweeping away what he put in the snack plate.

But today, it jumped to the dinner table and pushed his delicious little milk in front of him.

Mu Zhenyu was a little puzzled: "Don't love it? Change it tomorrow?"

The little fox ignored him and scooped out a piece of fried chicken from his small plate. He ran to his bowl, his head stretched out, and threw him in.

Only then did Mu Zhenyu understand what it meant: "Want to eat it for me?"

The little fox ran back to his small bowl and lowered his head to lick the milk.

Mu Zhenyu smiled, didn't dislike it, and put it in his mouth.

Outside the window, no stars and moon can be seen. The dark clouds squished down, and the entire sky was dark red. There was a moist smell in the air coming out of the window.

Mu Zhenyu put down his chopsticks, took the little fox and some of its rice bowls in front of himself, and said lowly, "Tonight, probably another thunderstorm night."

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