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Chapter 1 Really ~

Mu Xiyuan's puppets blocked the gate and saw Mu Xiyuan's capture. His eyes widened in disbelief for a moment.

——After all, a few minutes ago, this thin and fragile actress Xu Wanzhi was still tied to her chair with her hands and feet, and the whole person could not move. In just a few minutes, what happened so that she could restrain Mu Xi who was much taller than her?

Look at the knife again, pierced through Mu Xiyuan's palm again, and nailed it into the pillar. Even the men present could have such a big hand, fearing it would be numbered.

One of the crickets tentatively took two steps cautiously forward: "Boss, is this girl or this girl helpful?"

Mu Xiyuan's eyes were red. "There is a fart helper! You still won't take her down?"

"Ah-yes!" The men looked at each other, and at last they gathered their courage and walked towards Xu Wanzhi.

"Mu Xiyuan is still in my hands, I see who dares to act lightly?" Xu Wanzhi snorted coldly: "Seeing that your boss is about to happen, the acquaintance will quickly retreat, I will not hold it. Otherwise , Twisted you all and sent him to prison to accompany my dad to play mahjong. "

The courageous head, daring, heard that instead of stopping, he speeded up: "Why listen to you stinky girl?"

Xu Wanzhi meditated silently. As soon as he urged the spell, the man's black mask instantly split into two halves and fell off his face.

He froze and quickly covered his mouth: "What do you girl do?"

"I'll give you some lessons." Xu Wanzhi looked to the men behind him: "One step forward, it hurts your face."

In other words, she tightened Mu Xiyuan's hair: "Hurry up and ask the person you sent to stop! Mu Zhenyu will have a length of three or two, and I will make you die uglier than Wang Lizhen!"

"Ha ha ha ha, close up? Today this thing was done, I didn't plan to close up." Mu Xiyuan's hand was bleeding, his teeth grinned, but he still stiffened. He pointed to the mobile phone that had been broken by him on the ground: "Xu Wanzhi, you really are not mortal. When you broke my body overnight, I knew you did it! Unfortunately, no matter how great you are, I am afraid I ca n’t get back to heaven. Now, I ca n’t even contact them. Mu Zhenyu is dead today. I am ugly and I ’ll let him bury her. ”

Xu Wanzhi was so angry that he struck his head and banged on the wooden pillar, and Mu Xiyuan fainted immediately.

She stood up and looked at the masked men: "If you don't want me to see my face, give me my cell phone."

"Don't be impulsive!" The man standing at the end was timid and covered his mask tightly: "It's not that we don't want to give it to you, it's ... Our mobile phones let Mr. Mu take it away."

"Yeah, we don't have a cell phone!" The others followed him, covering the mask with one hand, and pulling out all the pockets on her body to show her: "I really don't have a cell phone!"

Xu Wanzhi gritted her teeth, pulled out the knife that pinned Mu Xiyuan, went up two steps, and put it on the neck of the man with the cracked mask: "You, drive, go to the world!"

The man did not dare to act lightly and nodded.

Xu Wanzhi quickly returned to the back seat of her nanny car, stretched out her foot, and nudged the driver's chair: "Hurry up for me."

"Knowing Miss Xu, don't be impulsive." The five-three-three-thick man with a dragon and thorns on his neck persuaded like a tortoise, quickly started the car, and turned around to the road: "I have an eighty old mother on it There is a daughter-in-law who is pregnant with a second child, you can do it, let me go? I'm all forcing Mu Xi to force him away. It's not my intention to commit a crime! "

Xu Wanzhi was too lazy to ignore him: "Drive your car!"

Dahan's throttle immediately hit the bottom: "This is not too far away from Huanyu, there is only one way to go, and we can definitely meet Mr. Mu halfway, Miss Xu, don't be impulsive!"

Xu Wanzhi anxiously looked at the scenery in the suburbs-she was brought blindfolded, and she couldn't see how far away she was just looking outside. The car drove rapidly for more than ten minutes. The big man suddenly stepped on the brake and Xu Wanzhi didn't grab it and almost hit the driver's seat.

"What are you doing?" She grabbed the driver by the shoulder. "Why did you stop?"

"There is an accident ahead." Dahan pointed out the window.

Xu Wanzhi looked in the direction of his fingers and saw two cars crossing the middle of the road, blocking all three lanes. The two cars crashed badly, and the entire front of one of them was recessed.

"How could this be ..." Xu Wanzhi lowered the window to take a closer look, but saw Mu Zhenyu step down from the black car.

At this time, the owner of the white car also stepped out of the car and scolded Mu Zhenyu, "Would you **** drive? A road is so wide, why can't you live with me? Do you have eyes? "

Xu Wanzhi was so happy that she thought it was too time for the accident. At this moment, the owner of the white car came to Mu Zhenyu by cursing and suddenly pulled out a knife from his cuff.

The accident was not accidental, but was arranged by Mu Xiyuan.

Suddenly, Xu Wanzhi didn't care much, opened the door and rushed over: "Mu Zhenyu dodged, he has a knife!"

Her car was too far away from Mu Zhenyu's car, she couldn't run at all. But Mu Zhenyu was here, and she couldn't make a little bit of magic. Xu Wanzhi was so anxious in her heart that she had no time to respond in such a short period of time, and exhausted all her energies to stimulate the vitality in her body, hoping to have a little effect.

Between the electric light and the flint, she finally rushed over and struck Mu Zhenyu away from the knife holder at the same time. At the same time, she seemed to be drained of all her strength and suddenly turned into a fox prototype.

Mu Zhenyu steadily caught her with one hand, the other quickly grabbed the man's wrist, blocked his knife, and followed his foot in his heart.

The kick was too hard, and the man thumped to the ground, curling up against his chest.

Xu Wanzhi was physically weak, squinting and scratching Mu Zhenyu's suit. Just before passing out, he heard the big man who drove her over and shouted excitedly: "Ms. Xu, is a fox spirit?"

Two days later, the Mu family villa.

"The brother of Mu Zhenyu, president of Universal Group, Mu Xi was arrested for suspected abduction. It is reported that due to family disputes, he kidnapped actress Xu Wanzhi and attempted to blackmail his brother Mu Zhenyu. Road. According to a reporter from this station, Mu Xiyuan was discovered by police in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city. He was seriously injured and unconscious. The case needs further investigation.

In late autumn, the leaves in the yard have begun to fall off. The sun shone in through the large floor-to-ceiling windows without any obstruction, and poured on Mu Zhenyu's handsome face.

He took a sip of coffee, closed the webpage, closed his laptop, and tilted his head to look at the little fox sleeping on the sofa.

It's been two days. From that day she rushed out of the car and bumped into him. She had been sleeping in this form for two days. He didn't know when she would wake up, or maybe he didn't know if she would wake up again.

The doorbell rang, and the aunt in charge of hygiene and living at home walked over to open the door, and soon came to his study: "Mr. Mu, the coconut you ordered came by air. Should it be in the warehouse or ..."

"Take out four, two in the refrigerator and two at room temperature. The rest are put in the warehouse." Mu Zhenyu remembered that the little fox was drinking coconut with no expression on his face. "Thank you for making some more fried chicken. Cut the pieces a little."

Auntie glanced at the pet fox that had been lethargic since she was brought home by Mu Zhenyu, and raised her eyebrows and nodded.

Not far away, Xu Wanzhi's mobile phone rang two times. It was Fang Lin's WeChat. The first one asked her how she was, the second one asked when she could come forward to respond to Mu Xiyuan's affairs, and director Jiang Chen Xi and the heads of several brands are looking for her everywhere.

Mu Zhenyu ignored her, turned off her phone, and tossed it aside.

"I also hope she can wake up soon." He said to himself, and got up to open her a coconut.

The moment he turned around, he suddenly saw the corner of the sofa move.

He immediately set foot to see the fox. I saw its little paw move, squinted and yawned, and then slowly opened its eyes.

It was those little black eyes, dripping, full of aura.

"Wanwan?" He squatted and called it.

The little fox didn't seem to understand, and licked his nose with a small tongue. After scratching his ears with his hind legs, the two short calves kicked and kicked as if to push the blanket over him.

Mu Zhenyu looked at it for a long while, and reached out to tear the blanket from it.

"That strength was too great that day, can't you come back?" He took a nap on his head and whispered, "This is the thinnest blanket at home. Is it still too heavy for you?"

The little fox was comfortable with him, his eyes narrowed again, and he was desperately digging into his palm.

It's too small, and a small head is half the size of his palm. He put his head in his hands, and while holding his ears behind him, he held it up in his arms.

The little fox smelled the smell of him and lay down comfortably in his arms, and showed him the white furry belly directly.

Mu Zhenyu shook the corner of his mouth and touched his stomach.

At this moment, the little fox straightened up, his nose moved, and his calf tried to escape from his arms. Mu Zhenyu responded quickly and grabbed her back: "Where do you want to go?"

The little fox ignored it, and struggled to run in his arms.

Mu Zhenyu had no choice but to hold it in the direction it wanted to go, and walked straight to the kitchen-the aunt was cutting chicken pieces.

The little fox didn't eat for two days, and rushed over with chicken pieces.

"Why are you still pouting like this?" Mu Zhenyu hugged it tightly to keep it from moving: "Be good, eat it when it's cooked, otherwise it will easily break your stomach."

His hand was too strong for it, it couldn't break a few times, and fell back weakly into his palm.

"Well, this fox is awake?" Aunt turned back and glanced at Mu Zhenyu: "This meat will be cut right away, and it will be cooked in the pan for a while, then wait."

"Um." Mu Zhenyu just whispered, without even raising his head.

The aunt saw him with a pampering look, not at all like the unscrupulous Master Mu family, so he shrugged his shoulders: "Looking at this little fox's fur color is pretty, is it a thoroughbred? It must be very expensive . Seriously, it never wakes up, I thought you were deceived. "

Mu Zhenyu still looked at it, but raised her lips: "At first, I thought it was."

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