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Chapter 1

In the large nanny car, there were two seats behind Xu Wanzhi's seat. There were two mules from Mu Xiyuan, both wearing black clothes and covering their faces.

Subjected to Mu Xiyuan's knife, Xu Wanzhi did not take any action. The two tied her hands and feet, and blindfolded her eyes.

The car drove for about half an hour. By the second half of the road, the road had become bumpy and bumpy, and it must have been to a remote part of the suburb.

Drive to the destination, the car stopped slowly, someone carried Xu Wanzhi out of the car, walked all the way to a smelly room, tied her to a chair.

The black cloth blindfolded was ripped off, and Xu Wanzhi looked around. She was probably in a warehouse where seafood had been stored. There were no furnishings around, and there were only a few large insulated tin boxes.

Mu Xiyuan stood not far away and kept texting, presumably to confirm with his staff what to do next. Xu Wanzhi was not too sure about his true plan, and was afraid that he would not speak for a long time, which would be detrimental to Mu Zhenyu. Then she licked some dry lips and took the initiative to say: "You tied me here because you mistrusted Qin Sheng and went bankrupt. I wanted to emulate Ms. Wang Lizhen, so I asked Mu Zhenyu to make a big deal. Is it good to help you get up again for the money? I'm curious how much you want. "

Xu Wanzhi knew that Mu Xiyuan did not intend to look back on her at first. That's why she deliberately asked this question-Mu Xiyuan was a conceited person, who had always thought that he was more flexible and more calculating than his brother Mu Zhenyu. She forcibly gave him intelligence, and Mu Xiyuan was hooked, but he couldn't help but turn around.

"My goodness, you look down on me too. In this world, not everyone is like you, full of brains and only money." Mu Xiyuan put his mobile phone back in his pocket, smiled scornfully, and walked to her Beside: "I heard that at first, my elder brother didn't want to marry that Liang Kunquan, so he paid you to hire this little actor to accompany him to play this scene. He shot 50 million, didn't he?"

Xu Wanzhi raised an eyebrow: "Your news is well informed."

"That's it." Mu Xiyuan straightened his back: "Although you've calculated for a long time and won the old lady, you can finally marry into the wealthy. But ... my pursuit is not the same as yours. I almost applied for the Wharton School that year. If I want to make a comeback, why should Mu Zhenyu's money? I don't get rare money for his bad money. "

After hearing the words, Xu Wanzhi froze: "Nearly applied, but it was still not applied. Who can go to Wharton? Anyone who is bad, it is estimated that he did not clear his eyes and see the poor boy of Qin Sheng It's not reliable. The gap between you and Wharton is probably the same as the gap between you and Mu Zhenyu. You think it's only a little bit worse. In fact, you're a whole game away. "

Mu Xiyuan was instantly irritated and stepped forward and grabbed Xu Wanzhi's collar: "Xu Wanzhi, what benefit did Mu Zhenyu give you, just for that 50 million, you followed him so desperately? I gave it to you at the beginning Why don't you stand by my side if you pay a high price? "

Looking at the angered Mu Xiyuan, Xu Wanzhi only felt like looking at a wild animal out of control. She smiled coldly, not afraid of him at all, but a kind of Taishan collapsed in front of her face: "You ask me why I have been standing on the side of Mu Zhenyu desperately, to be honest, I don't know. At the beginning, I just wanted to use people's money to eliminate disasters, and after he told me, I took 50 million miles to go flying. As a result, I put on an engagement ring. It's like crossing the robbery. It's always like that. It's yours, it's yours, you can't hide it. It's not yours. You and Wang Lizhen worked hard to grab it, but it was still futile. "

"Hahahaha, this is what you fell in love with, you put yourself in." Mu Xiyuan let go and resumed the expression with a clear mind: "Xu Wanzhi, I'm really sorry for you. If you only I like money, just to marry a wealthy family to live extravagant lives, then we will definitely be the best partners. The entire Mu family will be ours. I even thought that you look good, and you have the face to take out and marry Go home and be a Mrs. Mu and keep it. I do n’t interfere with you going out, you do n’t interfere with my playing woman. Mutual benefit, how good. Unfortunately, you have a crush on my big brother. ”

Xu Wanzhi also opened her mouth and smiled helplessly.

It's a pity not that she fell in love with Mu Zhenyu, but that she knew she was in love, but didn't get the chance to say it.

At this moment, Mu Xiyuan's cell phone rang. This is the end of the matter, he did not shy away, and answered the phone directly in front of Xu Wanzhi.

Xu Wanzhi heard well and clearly heard what the person on the other side of the phone said.

"The old man of the Mu family has started. I just got news. The brother inside said that Wang Lizhen had a few prisoners making trouble when she was released from the prison, and she was strangled to death. But I saw it from the wired person. The bruises should have suffered a lot before death. It is even possible that the stabbed blade was not a fatal injury, but was supplemented. "

Mu Xi whispered a few hums, and when listening to these words, he was so calm throughout the process, as if Wang Lizhen was not his mother at all, but an irrelevant woman.

After a while, he hung up and laughed out loud.

"Xu Wanzhi ... hahaha. Did you hear that? My mother killed Mu Xuelin." His face was distorted with a grim smile, and his eyes were darkened: "This is a woman. Too much The kindness of a woman. After staying with Mu Xuelin for so many years, she had ten thousand opportunities to take his life and take his money. However, how stupid was she to be with the man and felt like By his side, it seemed as if he had relied on it. No, in the end she took it in. I'm afraid my poor mother didn't even know how she died. She must have thought that it was Mu Zhenyu who was here What's the order from outside? "

He stepped in front of Xu Wan in two steps and lowered his head to stare at her: "So Xu Wanzhi, the man can't be trusted, Mu Zhenyu is the same. If you don't get out early, you will end up like this sooner or later."

Xu Wanzhi looked back without fear: "You can rest assured that it won't. Mu Zhenyu is different from Mu Xuelin. And I, not Wang Lizhen."

"Ha ha ha, right, right." Mu Xi bowed his head and dialed a video call with his mobile phone. Soon, it was connected there, and Xu Wanzhi clearly saw Mu Zhenyu's face appearing on Mu Xiyuan's mobile phone screen.

"Brother, don't come here." Mu Xiyuan walked to Xu Wanzhi's side, holding her mobile phone in her right hand and letting her enter the mirror with herself. She took out the sharp knife from the left hand and gently touched Xu Wanzhi's neck. "Look, who do I invite?"

Xu Wanzhi was agitated by the cold blade, and her neck narrowed.

Seeing Xu Wanzhi tied to a chair on the screen, Mu Zhenyu's eyes were instantly filled with anger: "Mu Xiyuan, what are you doing?"

"It's not as good as dumplings, it's not as fun ..." Mu Xiyuan tilted his head and kissed Xu Wanzhi's side gently. "What's more fun than that? Brother, do you know?"

Mu Zhenyu stood up stupidly: "Mu Xiyuan, if you dare move her, I chopped you up."

Mu Xiyuan squinted his eyes, but instinctively straightened up, so that Xu Wanzhi disappeared in the opposite screen: "Brother, don't worry, I won't let the good show start if you are not there. I ’ll post it in a while Here you are. Come here in half an hour, or I will let everyone here taste the taste of my sister-in-law. "

After all, he covered his camera and wanted to hang up the phone. Before hanging up, however, he changed his mind and raised his mobile phone: "Yes, I must come alone. This is my eyeliner along the way. If you want to spend your time, think about it first. You can't afford to lose. . "

The phone hung up, Mu Xi narrowed his eyes comfortably, walked back to Xu Wanzhi, and sat down in an abandoned gasoline tank: "Xu Wanzhi, don't you like Mu Zhenyu's tight? Just take a look, do you have See the wrong person. "

In his negotiations with Mu Zhenyu, he did not raise ransom throughout the process. It seems that his goal was not money at all. This makes Xu Wanzhi even more vigilant-if he doesn't want money, what does he want?

"I'm afraid you have to say a few words less." Xu Wanzhi had to speak to test him: "Tough hard work tied me here, you seem to have forgotten the ransom."

"Small girl, I said that it wasn't for money!" Mu Xiyuan dropped the knife gently and stuck it on the wood. "You're right, you're different from Wang Lizhen. Wang Lizhen died. In Mu Xuelin's hands, you will not. You will only ... become a widow. "

There seemed to be lightning strikes in his mind, and Xu Wanzhi instantly understood what he meant.

He didn't even want Mu Zhenyu to come here and find her. He just wanted to use her to attract Mu Zhenyu to break down the bodyguards around him-he wanted to kill Mu Zhenyu halfway.

Recalling the original text she has read, she did not explain how Qin Sheng and Liang Yiquan, the male and female masters, defeated the big villain Mu Zhenyu. The reason is simple, Mu Zhenyu's miserable end was not caused by them at all, but Mu Xiyuan.

Mu Xiyuan has been watching Xu Wanzhi's expression. He knew that just when he said the word "widow", she had learned all his plans. But it doesn't matter. There are at least a dozen of his men here, all of whom are extremely fierce. She, a woman bound by her hands and feet, cannot escape at all. He stood up, threw the phone to the ground, stepped down with his feet in expensive leather shoes, and the screen of the phone immediately cracked into a spider web.

He stepped on it again severely, and after confirming that the mobile phone could no longer be used, he looked to Xu Wanzhi: "Now, let's wait patiently."

What he didn't expect was that at the moment when his voice had just fallen, Xu Wanzhi suddenly broke away from the ropes of his body. Then, I did n’t know how to get the knife that he had just stuck on the wood, and hit him with a knife Stab it.

Mu Xiyuan has also practiced some boxing and kung fu since childhood, although she shot quickly, he flashed sideways.

Picking the corner of his mouth, he stretched out his hand to grab the knife and laughed, "Little sister, do you really think that your fist-embroidered legs can stop me?"

However, before she could say a word, she moved him one step ahead. The knife was pinned in the palm of his hand, pierced through the palm of his hand, and was immediately nailed to a wooden post beside him.

The back of the hand was nailed to the height of the knee, and Mu Xiyuan needed to kneel to ensure that his arm was not sprained. He shouted in pain and fell to the ground with a stun. A group of men broke into the warehouse, and one of Xu Wan's hair tucked Mu Xiyuan's hair up: "Come on, let your people stop."