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Chapter 1 Chess

Mu Zhenyu was silent, waiting for her reply.

His fingertips fluttered over her ring, and the temperature ran from the sensitive ring finger to the heart, turning into a slight itching. Xu Wanzhi shrank his neck, facing the sudden serious question that he suddenly thrown out, and suddenly didn't know how to answer.

Since the failure of the crossing, she has regarded this rebirth as a second chance given to her by heaven. If she can, she hopes to complete the agreement with Mu Zhenyu earlier, and then go back to her original days. Freedom and carefree.

However, even after such a long time, she may not even realize that her life is gradually **** with Mu Zhenyu, and it is unclear what the fetters are, and the entanglement is unclear.

It turned out that because she had read the relationship of the original book, she had always been very prejudiced against him, thinking that he was a cold and ruthless person. But along the way, she also got some understanding of his temper. It wouldn't be a bad thing for her to continue living with him like this in the future.

It's just ... Regarding her real fox, she always felt that she should be told.

Marriage is a big event, different from the proposal of engagement that Mu Xuelin and Xu Tian each gave birth to, and now the topic of marriage is Mu Zhenyu's own choice. Since it is his choice, then he also has all the right to know, and needs to know all of her before making a decision.

Xu Wanzhi drummed her mouth and whispered softly, "I ... I still have something to tell you, we will go home tonight ..."

Before he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door, and his voice was his secretary.

"Mr. Mu, Mr. Mu is here and is waiting for you in the meeting room."

Mu Zhenyu's expression instantly condensed: "I see."

He stood up and glanced down at Xu Wanzhi: "You are waiting for me, I'll send him off and come over. I haven't finished talking yet."

Xu Wanzhi nodded, took out her phone and looked at the time, but saw the news of Madoka, saying that she had invited Jiang Chenxi's assistant to talk about "Huahua". Look at Madoka's excited tone, probably it is really about to pick up the heroine. Xu Wanzhi also stood up and said, "Let's go out with you, I'll say hello, and then go to see Madoka, let's see each other home. If you don't go to the Three Treasures Hall, Mu Xuelin will also I won't come here to find you. Don't worry, just talk to him. "

Mu Zhenyu bowed his head: "Yeah."

The two entered the elevator one by one and came to the reception room on the eighth floor.

Wang Lizhen went to jail, and Mu Xuelin's entire body was stunned a lot, his face seemed old all night. He had a lot of white hair on his head, his eyes were blue, and the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes had deepened. His chin was covered with stubble, and his suit was crumpled, apparently he hadn't taken care of him for a long time.

It seems that Wang Lizhen's affairs still hit him a lot.

Mu Zhenyu strode to the sofa next to him and sat down: "Why are you here?"

Xu Wanzhi nodded politely to him and sat beside Mu Zhenyu.

Mu Xuelin's gaze stayed on Xu Wanzhi for a while, with a little anger. After a short while, he let out a sigh of relief, and his expression slowly eased.

From what he did to teach Xu Tian, ​​Xu Wanzhi could see that he must be opposed to their engagement. He wanted to use her to strike Mu Zhenyu well, but he never expected that she and Mu Zhenyu were in the same heart. In the end, instead of betraying him, leaving him, he even helped him a lot.

Now he can only do nothing about it: Blame it only because he was inadvertent at first, and he lost everything.

He put down the tea cup and calmed his face: "I won't walk around with you. I'm here for something far away."

Mu Zhenyu picked up the corner of his right lip and smiled scornfully: "Xi Yuan? He is smart and capable, what can he do?"

Mu Xuelin was instantly angered, but because of the situation, he could only tolerate the anger: "He ... he invested all his money in Qin Sheng. Now the Qin Group is bankrupt, he can't get any money back, and he is already crashing. Margin. I heard that you found someone to block all his retreats, and he is now out of nowhere. "

Mu Zhenyu drank his coffee lightly, as if these people and things in Mu Xuelin's mouth had nothing to do with him: "What is desperation? You hold half of your grandpa's property in your hand. The size of your assets is no more than mine. This world is small. You can call your dear little son to be a beautiful CFO with you. In the future, you will inherit your father's business, just as you count my grandpa's legacy. "

"You!" When referring to Grandpa Mu, Mu Xuelin was ashamed, but the anger on his face was stronger: "I just disagree with your grandpa. Your grandpa's death has nothing to do with me!"

Mu Zhenyu snorted coldly: "Yes, of course it doesn't matter. When he was breathing, the family was there, only your son didn't show up. How did his death have anything to do with you?"

Mu Xuelin clenched his fists, for a long while, still in vain. He sighed: "Forget it, old things, it ’s no use mentioning it again. Let's not drag the topic away. Zhenyu, begging my dad beg you, let go of your brother. You also know that your brother is the vain Of course, I hope he can be my left arm and right arm under my hands, not to mention the CFO, the CEO can also let him do it. But ... how can he be willing? What he wants is his own company, his own Career, your own achievements. "

"I have to give him what he wants?" Mu Zhenyu raised his eyebrows as if he heard the most ridiculous thing in the world: "Who is he? What is he?"

Mu Xuelin gritted his teeth: "He ... he is your brother!"

"Oh," Mu Zhenyu smiled slyly: "I'm waiting for you. Mu Xuelin, do you still think that he is your own son? After being green by Wang Lizhen for so many years, you haven't been at all Perceive it? "

With a bang, Mu Xuelin's tea cup fell to the ground and shattered: "You, what do you say?"

Not to mention Mu Xuelin, even Xu Wanzhi was surprised.

Mu Xi is far from Mu Xuelin's son? Not even the one who read the original book knew this.

At first, she was still skeptical, thinking that it was Mu Zhenyu who said this in order to stimulate Mu Xuelin. But after seeing Mu Zhenyu's determined expression on her chest, she realized that what he said was true.

Mu Zhenyu stood up and greeted his assistant to fetch his tablet computer and bring up a video to be shown to Mu Xuelin on the spot. In the video, Wang Lizhen and a man, Qingqing, hugged me together, even with a little spicy eyes. At that time, Wang Lizhen was holding Mu Xiyuan in his arms.

"Where did this come from? I don't believe it!" Mu Xuelin's finger holding the computer trembled slightly. "Where did you get it from?"

"Did you forget what Huanyu did? For so many years, I have been looking for evidence of Wang Lizhen buying fiercely. I did not expect to find such a delicate thing in addition to the evidence. Why do you think that Wang Lizhen has died for so many years? Didn't calculate with you anymore? Because the man in the video is dead. Mu Xiyuan has no father. If she starts under your eyelids, you will probably find it. She will have no escape at that time. It ’s better An An stays by your side and lets you wear this green hat. "Mu Zhenyu took out a cigarette case from his pocket and handed it to Mu Xuelin, motioning him to control his emotions:" The family has three happy people, Dad, you give it to people What's the matter of raising a son for so many years? "

Mu Xuelin's complexion gradually became stiff. Eventually, he took out his mobile phone and dialed out a series of numbers. After a while, the call was connected, and he only said one sentence: "Don't kill that woman."

Xu Wanzhi suddenly understood why Mu Zhenyu let Wang Lizhen go that day.

Recalling Mu Zhenyu's injuries were all thanks to Wang Lizhen. His mother died after crying and blinding because of this incident, and his grandfather died in that most difficult time. How could he easily let Wang Lizhen go and just let her go to jail comfortably?

Because he didn't want to dirty his hands at all. He knew about it early, and deliberately didn't say it. He also sold a pass to Mu Xuelin, saying that there was still a surprise waiting for him.

He had planned for a long time. After Mu Xuelin knew this, he would definitely kill Wang Lizhen. All he needs to do is sit back and enjoy.

Xu Wanzhi had to start admiring him.

When it comes to family matters, Xu Wanzhi doesn't want to listen anymore, and has no intention of embarrassing the people of Mu family. She stood up and said, "Zhen Yu, Mr. Mu, I still have something to do, so I'll leave first. Let's talk."

After all, she picked up her handbag and went out, leaving the universe.

Outside the main entrance of Huanyu, her nanny car was not seen. Xu Wanzhi felt strange, so she called Madoka's phone, and Madoka did not answer for a long time. After she hung up, a WeChat came over and said that the car was parked in the underground parking lot.

Xu Wanzhi had no choice but to return to Huanyu again, descend to the second basement level, search for it according to Madoka ’s WeChat, and finally saw her big car.

She sat up skillfully in the back seat and threw her bag: "How about, Madoka, is there any good news?"

Who knows, her car has anti-sneaking stickers, and you can't see the inside from the outside. Only now did she realize that the person sitting in the co-pilot was not Madoka, but Mu Xiyuan.

He took a sharp knife from his arms and pointed straight at Xu Wanzhi: "There is no good news, but there is a stun for bad news."

This distance, Xu Wanzhi's use of magic to control him can be said to be easy. But she didn't want to rush into spells. She wanted to know what he was going to do. She sneered: "You and Ms. Wang Lizhen are indeed mothers and sons, and you both like to play this kind of kidnapping game. Say, have you discussed with Mu Xuelin and cooperated with a tiger?"

"Tuning the tiger from the mountain is almost the same, but I didn't discuss it with the stupid old man." Mu Xiyuan tilted his head and instructed the driver to drive quickly: "Sister-in-law, there are some things that Mu Zhenyu sees without breaking, there is still work. If you tear your face Then don't blame me for being cruel. Now the old man has ordered him to use his eyeliner in prison, my mother is afraid that he will not survive. You said, how should I get back from you? "

Listening to the meaning in Mu Xiyuan's remarks, it seems that he already knew that he was not Mu Xuelin's biological son. This was a piece of money to calculate the Mu family with Wang Lizhen. Now that the plan is exposed, I don't know what else he has. Xu Wanzhian sat quietly in the back seat, noisy and noisy, waiting to see his next move.

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