When Wanwan woke up, she was being pressed on the bed by a young man. What you see are luxurious hotel décor, large soft beds, and extinguished crystal lights.

The sling of the long skirt hung loosely on the arm, exposing a section of incense shoulders, smooth and white, making the man's eyes darker.

"You are a smart woman. Seeing that Mu Zhenyu is about to go, you come to me baba ..." The man was very white, but also slightly weak. After dropping a kiss on her shoulder, she fixed her hand on her head "A smart and beautiful woman is always overwhelming."

After all, the man's kiss was mixed with strong alcohol and fell again.

A lightning flashed across the night sky, followed by a thunderous thunder.

Heavy rain poured down.

Wanwan is a fox demon. Before crossing, she was just hacked in thunder. When she heard the thunder, she inevitably shrank her neck. The man attributed her reaction to "feeling," and conquered him quickly.

At this moment, a loud noise came, as if someone was knocking **** the door.

The man lying on her body paused and looked back at the direction of the door.

Then, there was a bang.

"Interesting. Guess, is my older brother coming for you or for me?" The man sat up and nodded at the tip of her nose: "Waiting for me here."

Wan Wan raised her shoulder straps and sat up close to the enemy.

She wore a book and became the cannon fodder for President Wenli, who went directly to the scene of the arrest.

Jin Zhen Mu Zhenyu has just gone bankrupt and banged angrily outside the door, but she and Jin Xi's brother Mu Xiyuan worked together to squeeze out his last money.

Now, she's also on Mu Xiyuan's bed-because she didn't dress as a female lead, did she only wake up in the cannon fodder bed? !!

According to the original text, Mu Zhenyu rushed into the door, stunned Mu Xiyuan to the ground with a punch, dragged her into the heavy rain by the hair of the original owner, and locked her into the trunk.

Immediately afterwards, there were all kinds of unspeakable suffering.

Too exciting.

The next moment, with a slam, the door was opened, and a tall, upright man walked in. He has a rough face, wide shoulders and a narrow waist, and his body ratio is almost perfect.

But such a imaginative body exudes Ebara's anger. His white shirt was all wet, translucent and generally affixed to the terrible developed muscle lines, cold-blooded and violent.

It's Mu Zhenyu.

"Brother." Mu Xiyuan looked up at Mu Zhenyu with a playful expression on his upper body, and said, "It seems that the company goes bankrupt in a lot of procedures. How can you come to me when you are busy?"

The two brothers are half-same, with similar faces. But standing in front of Mu Zhenyu, Mu Xi was inevitably thin. Coupled with Mu Zhenyu's furious eyes full of suffocation, Mu Xiyuan was a little daunted, and clenched his fist unconsciously.

"Where is Xu Wanzhi?" Mu Zhenyu's voice was very low, with ruthlessness.

"In the bedroom." Mu Xiyuan turned around and led him towards the house, and said provocatively as he walked: "The woman is very tender and tastes really good. Brother has such high-end goods, why not share it with his brother earlier? Share, if you do n’t want the girls to wait, they will come to you— "

The sound of bragging stopped abruptly.

Because the house was empty.

"Xu Wanzhi?" Mu Xiyuan lifted the quilt, not even a trace of the woman's sleep on the bed.

He walked quickly to the bathroom, kitchen, living room, study, until he turned every corner of the room. Finally, he came to the window to check.

This is the 26th floor, she couldn't escape the window.

There was only one exit in the room. He and Mu Zhenyu stood there all the time, but did not see her go out.

Mu Xi looked around incredibly for a week ... what about people?

Did he drink too much and have hallucinations?

He calmed down and taunted Mu Zhenyu: "It seems that the little girl doesn't want to deal with the bankrupt, and deliberately avoids you. Women, all are rich and poor, don't be too- — "

Without saying a word, a heavy punch fell on the brow bone.

The punch was too severe, Mu Xiyuan only felt that his eyes were black, and his body fell uncontrollably.

The blood flow on the brow is like a note. He tried several times, but he couldn't get up from the ground with his legs.

Mu Zhenyu's long legs crossed him relentlessly, and his footsteps paused: "Success is easy, but dynamism is difficult. Do you think I don't want it, can you handle it?"

After all, he walked to the door. Just going out, but stopped.

On the carpet outside the door, a fluffy little fox was looking up at him.

After a while, the little fox stood up and came to his feet, stinging like a poke on his calf.

He had been soaked by heavy rain and his temperature became very low due to the evaporation of water vapor, but the little fox was warm and seemed to warm people's hearts.

The suffocation in the corner of his eyebrows spread a little, and the archer hugged the fox.

Brown-red fur, white tail tip, black limbs, like a red fox, but the size is only as long as his forearm, much smaller than the ordinary red fox.

The little fox was not afraid of people, and his fluffy little head pierced his arms again.

His eyebrows were sharp, his jaw curve was clear, and he was handsome with some fierce looks. At this time, there was never a trace of tenderness in the sharp and ruthless eyes.

After a long while, he reached out his hand and froze over it.

His fingertips were rough and his movements were slightly tentative and somewhat rigid. Somehow, Wanwan just felt that her ears were crisp.

This man really has a set of hairs.

Wanwan was enjoying it, but listening to him lowly as if talking to herself, said fiercely, "Xu Wanzhi, don't ask me to catch you."

……so close.

Outside the hotel, the downpour continued unabated.

In the rain, he kept it firmly in his arms and walked all the way into the car without letting it get wet for half a minute. It was just that the fur on the back was stained with some of the water vapor on his body, and the warmth of the body was still there, leaving only the sultry dampness.

He put it in the front passenger seat, started the car, and walked away.

Wanwan looked up at the man who was cold and focused on driving—just fortunately she had changed her shape in time. Otherwise, she wouldn't be sitting comfortably in the co-pilot, but in the trunk.

The man in front of her was the big villain of the novel "Overlord Ex-Girlfriend" she had just watched the night before her exile.

In the original text, Mu Zhenyu was dark and indifferent, ruthless, and set the standard villain label in one. He was dissatisfied with his father's arrangement with his heroine, so he hired Xu Wanzhi, a third-line actor, as a contract lover to fool his family.

Whoever thought that before the six months agreed on by the contract, Mu Zhenyu's company was actually bankrupted by the actor. Xu Wanzhi watched the 50 million that was about to be missed, and stunned the enthusiasm of a three-gold film emperor. He fired up cp in an extreme way, so that the green hat on Mu Zhenyu's head wore a porcelain.

The black material is flying all over the sky.

At the same time, she hooked up with Mu Zhenyu's half-brother Mu Xiyuan. If she can marry a wealthy man, it is good. If not, she can make the last fortune by revealing Mu Zhenyu's trade secrets to him.

Unfortunately, she underestimated Mu Zhenyu's revenge. No one expected that Mu Zhenyu came to the door like this, and took her back with her own hands, letting her taste the taste of being unable to survive or die, and forcing her to watch him rise again in the mountains, the wind turned over, and finally Only to solve her personally.

She didn't even wait for the male and female masters to smash the big villain into the quagmire, and she was gameover.

Thinking of this, Wanwan had to take a breath of air-condition—it just failed to cross the thunderbolt, and finally found her life, but she could not be killed in Mu Zhenyu's hands.

After a while, the car slowly drove into a luxury villa area.

Back home, Mu Zhenyu went straight into the study, set her aside, turned on the computer, and found a video from the mailbox.

It was the corridor monitoring of the hotel where Mu Xiyuan was staying.

Xu Wanzhi was wearing a long suspender dress and leaned against Mu Xiyuan with all manners of affection.

But after entering, there was no picture of her coming out.

Wan Wan stared at the screen tightly, only to be relieved after confirming that her petite fox shape was not captured by the camera and ran out of the house.

On the side, Mu Zhenyu got on the computer, raised his hand and gently held his head, and said to himself, "Xu Wanzhi, what did you go to him for, and how did you disappear?"

Wanwan: ... good question.

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