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The Villain Slaps The Protagonist’s Halo

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Novel Summary

Nie Jia lived his life with kindness and respect, yet all his actions were paid back with the cold grey walls of prison. Inside the bars, he vowed that if he ever had another life, he would be a complete villain! Beast! Scoundrel!

One day, he actually transmigrated.

System: As a villain, you have to be courageous enough to burden the task of initiating trouble, destroying the world and creating chaos. It’s an incredible responsibility, do you understand?

Ne Jia: I understand. I’ll definitely use everything I have to complete the mission tasks so everyone will die!

System: No, no….you’re the only one who will die.

Since then, Ne Jia rode away upon the road of a great villain, but every time he went close to destroying the world and completing his goal, he was always defeated by this thing called “The Protagonist’s Halo”.

Ne Jia (#‵′) : The Protagonist is a cheater, I refuse to accept this!

Until his system was actually hacked by someone….

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:VSPH
Alternate Title:反叛打脸主角光环 【快穿】
Weekly Rank:#1320
Monthly Rank:#2020
All Time Rank:#1665
Tags:Apocalypse, Black Belly, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Different Social Status, Doting Love Interests, Episodic, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Power Couple, Showbiz, Singers, System Administrator, Transmigration, Unconditional Love, World Hopping,
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20 Comments on “The Villain Slaps The Protagonist’s Halo
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  1. Sorry but the summary makes this appear boring and cliched. Yaoi is fine but I can't stand a story with a system that clearly only punishes the victim then makes it look like the victim had a good life through tragedy? Wtf?

  2. Then what will you read? A boring harem? Or an always and never ending face slapping type? Then just slap your dick face please...

  3. I've been scrolling up and down searching for someone who asks for your opinion. I'm extremely sorry, that no one gives a fuck to your totally unrelated and irrelevant opinion of this story. Maybe someday someone will, but not today.

  4. Yaio tag ruin the novel i don't understand why you guys want this kind of non-manly novel wel maybe your having yaio experience in real life .

  5. Its because a novel that is not a yaoi was sooooo freaking trash and boring. Just like you... can you quietly shove yourself on the trash can? Thankyou:)

  6. Jiejiejiejie...I know the reason why you speak badly of me isn't it because your a gay too That why right. And yeah please improve your grammar before you think of commenting at all!!..

  7. 'And yeah please improve your grammar before you think of commenting at all!!..' Lol, that's rich coming from a person who can't even differentiate between your and you're 😂 'your a gay' it's "you're gay" 6 year olds can roast better than you dumbass XD

  8. I really don't understand people like you. You see the yaoi tag and yet you still click on it. Are you stupid? are you blind? Why can't you just go and mind your own bussiness? What do you like the attention? Do you like being seen as a homophobic bastard that won't even let other people read what they enjoy? Are you that much of a masochist that you would endure people mocking you just for a little amount of attention that they gave you? Get a life dude, because clearly you need it.

  9. Bruh, after some years, when you start paying your own bills and living expenses, you're gonna look back on these and realize how much of a cringey chuni you were.

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