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The Villain In the Novel Reborn As His Own Daughter

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“Chronological text + space + through the book + 1v1, super sweet”

A straight girl from the science and engineering department, Guaguaipai, VS a reborn old cadre who can do decathlon.

Reborn in the late 1950s when supplies were scarce, food and clothing were scarce, followed by a famine. Shuyue thought she was going to start a hard-working farming and grain-hoarding model, but she didn’t expect…

“What, my dad turned out to be the villain who fought fiercely in the early stage and turned everything upside down in the later stage?

As a top student in the new era with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, artistic and physical skills, God has given her such a father…

​ #Every day I worry that I will cause trouble and become a black man#

​ #I have to clean up my mess again#

​ #It’s so heart-breaking#

Fortunately, the little brother I found is omnipotent and good-looking, the monster is powerful and powerful, the caring and loyal dog has a crushing IQ, and he is the one who controls the whole scene.


- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:重生成年代文反派他亲闺女
Author:The ink flow is sparse
Weekly Rank:#60
Monthly Rank:#18
All Time Rank:#4311
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Transmigration,
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  1. Does anyone know of a bloody palace fight novel in which FL transmigrates/reborn to ancient time as a daughter of marquis family but forced to enter Emperor's harem as stepping stone for her cousin to used but the plan's backfire coz FL doted by Emperor a lot. Behind the scene she's intelligent, cunning and calculating though her persona in harem is arrogant and overbearing even dare to oppose Emperor but she always respectful to Empress (Empress is a neighboring country princess/she's kind and wise). She gives birth to 5th(?) prince later becomes crown prince. She dies young (around 30+ y.o) cos of poisoning by other jealous concubine, Emperor become depressed after that and also dies few years later. Her title is Jing Guifei, her family name's Shen(?). In the extra chapter/modern time, she reincarnates as an actress without her past life memory meanwhile Emperor reincarnates with his memory and pursues her.

  2. Help me find the novella. The main character is kidnapped as a child and becomes a killer in some organization, which she later disbands. She is first in the list of killers. I remember wearing something like a watch on my hand, but there was a fishing line with which it kills. Constantly drank milkshakes after murders. It seems that the novella begins with the main character finding her and returning her to her family.

  3. You know the novel where I think the female protagonist in her previous life came to compose songs and uploaded her songs online and was popular but no one knew who she was, in the end she loses her voice or something like that and her younger sister replaces her, then she She is forced to compose for her sister, but in the end she doesn't get the credit for anything and dies. When she opens her eyes again she realizes that she was reborn in the body of a girl, I don't remember if she was 3,4 or 5 years old. She is then rescued by her mother (the one with the girl's body) and her agent who found her after being trafficked, her mother is an actress and her father is a director. In the end she ends up participating in a movie with her mother and she goes to a variety show, she meets friends with whom she later forms a band.

  4. Does anyone know a novel where the fl is a bit of an airhead, but she realizes that her world is a novel and her parents are divorced? She then moved to France with her mother. She then came back to China when she was 16 or 17, and she has a fiancé that really cares for her. I think she got involved in showbiz, like a variety show. I’ve been trying to find it for years, but I forgot the title.

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