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The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother

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Right after getting the first-class chef’s certificate and before that certificate had been in her hands long enough to warm up, she woke up. Not only did she age ten years, she also gained two children…

At this time, her new daughter, who had lost two of her front baby teeth and spoke with a lisp, pointed at the TV screen and called out, “Dad!”

On the screen, the Film Emperor Meng Yan was extremely handsome and charming. Towards the camera, his gaze was overflowing with gentle and tender feelings. He raised up the hand that was holding hands with captivatingly beautiful bride. She was wearing a diamond-beaded wedding dress. At the bottom of the TV screen, the headline news was displayed in large font – Meng Yan and the rising starlet’s wedding of the century.

T/N: The second part of the summary is misleading. This isn’t a novel where the transmigrated main character clings onto the film emperor’s thigh.

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:穿成炮灰他妈
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Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Businessmen, Celebrities, Chefs, Childcare, Cooking, Cute Children, Divorce, Doting Parents, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Showbiz, Single Parent, Transmigration, Villain,
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  1. Does anybody know the story where the MC is reborn in an Chinese world and She is a Taoist. She gets reborn as a daughter who was not liked at all and made trouble. Daughter of a businessman who cheated on her mom and then imprisoned her mom,telling MC she died but she did not. The father then married his mistress who had pair of twins,both his kids. One kid is a guy and other a girl, the girl is an model and Koi fish as she brings a lot of luck wherever goes and the guy is an famous hacker that hack's into anything. The MC is reborn in an hospital where her father and the stepmother are their, The stepmother is an actress and the OG MC wanted to be an actress too so the Stepmother gives her scripts knowing she wouldn't be able to like them. The stepmother has a harem of men that like her and protect while she doesn't hold feelings for them but still keeps them around. The stepmother and her daughter are both white lotuses. Then scandals come, The MC takes away the stepsister's Koi luck, Gets the stepmother imprisoned and her father makes 6 girls pregnant. The ML is an Demon and always wants to sleep, Is very sub while the MC is female, Has very glutinous characters that us ready to cheat money out, She's more of an dominant person. If anybody knows this story please let me know????

  2. Does anyone remember the title of this transmigration novel? One story is where the female protagonist is bullied all her life due to her height (at school) and isolated at home as she is the child of her parents who married, but have children from their previous marriage who bully her. However, only when the parents give birth to twins, do the two children grow up and get along with the family, treating the twins as siblings but leaving her out. She hears a rock metal band song in college and instantly loves it. It leads to her meeting her then-boyfriend, who plays a rock metal band with his friends, and she joins. She’s a great musician and eventually surpasses the rest in skills, elevating the band’s reputation, but they leave her out when they are approached to be commercialized. In addition, she finds that her boyfriend cheated on her, so losing both the band and her lover, she commits suicide. The transmigrator or MC comes in and breaks up with her boyfriend and makes him pay the costs for all her created songs (most of which made them famous). One irony is he thinks she still loves him, but MC doesn’t, and she uses that money to buy her own residence and move from her home (leaving that family household). Also, a reason for their breakup was he felt insecure as she was talented, taller than him, and not dependent on him. She continues translating as she’s working as a translator as a side job in college and is looking for a new band to join. She then has an opportunity of a test from a top-level rock metal band, and she succeeds, but she thinks it’s a scam until they call her to confirm. On the other hand, the ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend, with their bandmates, go on a variety show, but only the ex-boyfriend makes it, and the girlfriend harasses him, fearing he’d abandon her (ironic!). She then tries to slander the MC by saying she’s joining the top band, but she already did at the time, and she is found out for slandering. It soon evolves into a criminal case as she murders her boyfriend, and the ex-bandmates return to their ordinary life. The MC, however, works quickly to graduate and practice music to fit the band for their first performance. She does a great job and takes the stage and world by storm, leading the band to the top (the previous singer and guitarist left the band for another —> not as good as before as two musicians in the top band are uncontrolled and wild, but MC can control them). The happy ending of the story in the transmigration series. Thank you so much!

  3. does anyone know the name of the book a girl transmigrates and becomes the wife of a CEO and stepmother of his teenage son, she doesn't have the original owner's memory and later starts a department store in the neighborhood? the son also works in his dad's construction site

  4. Lightweight, transmigration-type novel. More like “into a book” plot but no big problems once the plot starts to change. Man, food is described in detail - you’ll be hungry!

  5. Re-read this on vacation and it’s still quite nice. One thing I really noticed was that for an entertainment setting, this was much more about family interactions. I especially liked how the MC’s stepfather - barely mentioned as remembered in the OO storyline - has a vibrant interaction with his wife and family in this storyline. I could easily see this made as a film like My Lucky Star 2013 or Sophie’s Revenge.

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