Lin Yuelan is arranging everything at home these days.

    In fact, it is mainly to turn the ground and plant it with the millet.

    As for the planting of fruit trees, it has not yet reached the planting period. Lin Yuelan plans to put them aside for a while, and then plant them after returning from the capital, which will be around March.

    As for the planting of millet, Lin Yuelan intends to keep the little three, six and twelve to help.

    In the beginning, Lin Yuelan handed them over, so there shouldn't be any problems.

      time report.

    The matter in Lin Yuelan's hands has been basically arranged.



    On the quiet road, there was a sound of horse riding.

    Looking at it, it turned out to be three men and one woman, and not far away there was a carriage that looked more simple than luxurious.

    These four are Lin Yuelan, Jiang Zhennan, Liu Yichen and Guo Bing, as for the other guard girls, they are behind.

    Guo Bing looked at Lin Yuelan, who was gallantly on horseback, and asked with a smile, "Miss Lin, I didn't expect your riding skills to be so good!"

    Lin Yuelan smiled and said, "Hehe, there are so many things you don't know!"

    Guo Bing said without any rebuttal, "Yes!"

    Liu Yichen smiled and said with a pale face, don't you see that Sister Duo is an ordinary woman?"

    Guo Bing rolled his eyes instantly and muttered, "I really think of Miss Lin as my sister. But no matter how you look at it, you want to dig your head out of the corner."

    Liu Yichen's ears narrowed, his sharp eyes shot at Guo Bing, and he said with a half-smile, "Well, Master Guo, what are you muttering about, don't think I am Can't hear you! How about you say it again and we fight?"

    The latter sentence is obviously threatening.

    Guo Bing's martial arts are not as good as Liu Yichen's.

    Heroes don’t suffer immediate losses.

    Guo Bing immediately said, "Master Liu, did I say anything? Oh, I mean, I said, Young Master Liu, you have a good demeanor, handsome, handsome and lovable by everyone. See the flowers fade, the birds see the birds..." There seemed to be a lot of flattering words.

    Liu Yichen's face darkened as he listened, this Guo Bing said something nonsense.

    However, Liu Yichen decided not to pay attention to this Guo Bing.

    In the eyes of this Guo Bing, he was not pleasing to the eye, and good words came into his mouth, but turned into a mouthful of stinky farts.

    Liu Yichen looked at the other two people who were whispering very close, and instantly felt very dazzling.

    He squinted his eyes, then asked Lin Yuelan with a smile, "I said, sister, you are so good, why do you want to go to the capital?"

    With Lin Yuelan's alluring appearance and her dazzling talents, it must be very eye-catching.

    He didn't want Lin Yuelan to be targeted by those people.

    Thinking of this, he stared fiercely at Jiang Zhennan, and said in a somewhat ambiguous tone, "Master Nan, do you think a place like the capital is suitable for a girl like my sister to stay? ?"

    Jiang Zhennan's eyes were sharp, but he said coldly, "Don't worry about Liu's son, Yue'er's safety, Nan will definitely protect it!"

    Liu Yichen snorted coldly, "Hmph, you'd better do what you say. Otherwise, my sister is missing a hair, so I'll ask!"

    Soon, the group came to a farm on the outskirts of the capital.

    Liu Yichen looked at a plaque at the farm. The plaque read: Nanyuan Farm.

    Liu Yichen looked at Jiang Zhennan suspiciously, and asked, "What are we doing here? Didn't we go to the capital?" Then he looked at Lin Yuelan again.

    Lin Yuelan nodded and replied, "That's right. We don't go to the capital, we just come here."

    "But what place is this?" Liu Yichen asked suspiciously.

    "This is my farm!" Lin Yuelan said lightly.

    Liu Yichen said in surprise, "Your farm?"

    Lin Yuelan nodded and said, "To be exact, this farmhouse was originally owned by Big Brother Nan. However, Big Brother Nan gave this farmhouse to me!"

    Lin Yuelan told the truth.

    Liu Yichen said in surprise, "How is this possible? Oh no, Nan Zhenjiang, who are you? How come there is such a large field in the capital?"

    Jiang Zhennan sneered, "Young Master Liu, you don't need to pretend anymore. If you keep pretending, it will no longer make any sense, but it will make people sick."

    Liu Yichen's face changed slightly, he squinted his eyes and asked angrily and coldly, "What do you mean?"

    Jiang Zhennan said in a cold voice, "Hmph, with your shrewdness, Young Master Liu, and your skillful means, wouldn't you know what Jiang meant?" , Jiang Zhennan, hum, how can you hide from you, the richest man in the country, with just a few small tricks!"


    And everyone here knows that this is the real Liu Yichen: shrewd, strategized, cold, and the majestic aura of leading the superior.

    He sneered and said, "Hehe, Liu Mou never thought that a dignified general of the town would turn into a nameless soldier and often follow a woman. If you talk about this, I'm afraid he will Let everyone in the world laugh out loud!"

    Jiang Zhennan snorted coldly, "Hmph, what does the world think about me, Jiang? I just need to protect the people I should protect!"

    Liu Yichen added, "It is rumored that Jiang Zhennan, the general of the God of War, wore a silver mask just to cover up his ugly appearance, children cry, women scream, and retreat three feet. A lot of people in the capital have learned that the so-called disfigurement actually has a handsome and resolute face, do you think they will feel deceived, but instead they favor you, and they will not marry?"

    This Liu Yichen wants Jiang Zhennan to see the facts.

    However, when he said this, he ignored another person.

    Lin Yuelan frowned when she heard Liu Yichen's words, and then said coldly and domineeringly, "This girl doesn't care about those precious women, she favors Jiang Zhennan, or if you are not Marry or something. Jiang Zhennan is the man that I, Lin Yuelan, have a crush on me. Whoever does not want to open his eyes to the man who wants to sleep with me, come with one, I will fight one, come with two, and I will destroy one pair. I want to see who else will die. Woman, jump up again!"

    Jiang Zhennan is happy.

    Liu Yichen was choked by Lin Yuelan's words.

    However, he narrowed his eyes and asked very seriously, "What if it was the emperor's favorite princess? What if the emperor forced him to marry that princess?"

    Jiang Zhennan listened and said angrily, "Except for Yue'er, even if Tianwang Laozi forces me to be useless."

    Lin Yuelan laughed and said, "I still say that, who will destroy who!"