Jiang Zhennan once again disappeared in front of people, and this time, it was said to be open and aboveboard, but no one knew his whereabouts. But people know.

    However, the disappearance of Jiang Zhennan this time has made all parties feel emotional.

    Every party secretly sent people to monitor the General Zhenguo Mansion and the Duke Guo Mansion, and seemed to want to find out the whereabouts of Jiang Zhennan or Guo Bing from these two places.

    Zhenguo Gongfu, there was a lot of noise.

    Just before, the imperial palace just came over with an imperial decree.

    The family of the Duke of Zhenguo is really like a bolt from the blue.

    I thought that as long as Qin Tianjian had not set a date, there would still be room for manoeuvre.

    Although the emperor was very angry at their plot to break off the marriage, Zeng Yanli, a husband girl, pointed to Jiang Zhenye. What if she really killed Jiang Zhenye? So, the sage can't watch the king of the country and leave no one behind?

    Therefore, as long as the day is uncertain, when the emperor calms down, he may withdraw the imperial edict of giving marriage.

    Jiang Yunfeng, Wen Yujing and others, holding such a hope, is actually a subconscious exclusion, Jiang Zhennan is not the heir to the government of the town.

    Jiang Zhenye blamed Wen Yujing very angrily, "Didn't you say you can retire? Now, the days are set, and there are only ten days left for divorce and marriage, but why? retreat?"

    Jiang Zhenye was really annoyed.


    The one who should marry the ugly girl is that wild breed Jiang Zhennan.

    The person he wants to marry is Zhou Jingru, the most beautiful woman in Beijing.

    Wen Yujing was angry at being pointed at by her son, her face stern, and she yelled loudly, "Jiang Zhenye, pay attention to your attitude!"

    Jiang Zhenye couldn't care about anything at this time, he yelled at his mother angrily, "I'm going to be forced to marry an ugly woman, I don't know when I will be raped by that woman. Dead? I'm going to die, and the Duke of Zhenguo's mansion will be ruined, who will you rely on for the rest of your life!"

    Jiang Zhenye is going crazy.


    He is very selfish.

    He hates the ugly girl who married him!

    But he is even more afraid of death!

    He didn't understand, it was obvious that the once beautiful and ugly woman was still a woman, so why was the sage so biased and gave him that woman to marry.

    So, he panicked, scared!

    In addition to himself, anyone may become the object of his venting.

     Wen Yujing listened to Jiang Zhenye's accusation, her face was ashen, and she was trembling with anger.

    She suddenly raised her hand, gave Jiang Zhenye a heavy slap, and sternly said, "Mother has worked so hard to raise you for 24 years, do you treat your mother like this?"

    Jiang Zhenye was slapped by Wen Yujing, not calm and reflective, but still roared, "What if you have raised me for more than 20 years? If you don't, I will be given to you. Ke is dead. I am dead, how many years you have raised for nothing!"

    Last time, Wen Yujing was trembling with anger, pointing at Jiang Zhenye, speechless, "You..."

    Jiang Zhenye glared at Wen Yujing angrily, and shouted loudly, "I don't care, you let me marry that woman, why don't you let me die!"

    Speaking, he ran out of the town hall, and then ran to the Qinghua Building to find him and complain.

    Leave Wen Yujing sitting on the chair like a decadent.

    She looked like a poisonous snake in her eyes, stared fiercely in one direction, and then she could hear the fierce hatred inside, and she said, "Jiang Zhennan, what you put on us? Insult and pain, I Wen Yujing will definitely repay you a hundredfold in the future!"

    In her perception, if Jiang Zhennan hadn't made some slander in front of the Sage, the Sage would never have suddenly granted her a marriage.

    So, she remembered this hatred!

    Now, no matter what, she must find a way to find Jiang Zhennan.

    Because of this marriage, he is the only one in the world who has the ability to stop it.


    In the night, Jiang Zhennan received a letter from flying pigeons, knowing that Jiang Zhenye and Zeng Yanli's wedding date had been set, a sneering smile appeared on his cold face, and then he put the note down Burned in the fire.

    On the second day, Guo Bing secretly found Jiang Zhennan and said solemnly, "Boss, my father said that all the people in the capital are looking for your whereabouts, and Duke Zhen Guo and Wen Yujing seems to have not given up on Jiang Zhenye's marriage, and they are actively looking for your whereabouts. Boss, I am worried that they will find Taoyuan Village sooner or later. What can I do?"

    Jiang Zhennan frowned slightly and said, "The boat will naturally straighten when it reaches the bridge! Let's talk about it when they find it!"

    Guo Bing said with some concern, "However, is Miss Lin willing to expose Taoyuan Village? Do you want to ask what Miss Lin means?"

    Jiang Zhennan nodded and said, "Of course. However, I have agreed with Yue'er that we will go back to the capital Grange after a while!"

    Guo Bing looked at Jiang Zhennan in surprise, "Ah? Back to the capital farm? Why?"

    Jiang Zhennan said without curiosity, "If you don't go back, will you leave those more than 1,000 acres of land idle?"

    "No," Guo Bing still said without reacting, "Aren't all the farms in the capital paid to you..."

    Immediately he came to his senses again, touched the back of his head very embarrassedly, and said, "Boss, I was stunned and didn't react. Since you are going back to the capital, we Let's go back with you, shall we?"

    Jiang Zhennan nodded and replied, "Yeah!"


    Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan were checking the grape branches of the cuttings. Liu Yichen wanted to follow, but as a result, Guo Bing took him to another hill to work—dig a pit to plant fruit trees!

    Lin Yuelan checked the growth of the grape branches very seriously. After all, she had only seen her grandmother do cuttings before.

      grown into a vine.

    Jiang Zhennan also carefully checked whether the buds on these branches continued to live and grow. Then, holding a scoop and a bucket in his hand, he carefully gave each grape Water the seedlings.

    The two were busy for a while, Jiang Zhennan looked at the bucket in Lin Yuelan's hand, and immediately said, "Yue'er, take a break, I will pour the water!"

    Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, "It's fine. This thing is not heavy for me at all!" When she spoke, the work in her hand never stopped.

    Jiang Zhennan was still reluctant to tire Lin Yuelan, "No. Yue'er, you've been busy all afternoon. Leave the rest to me. You sit over there. A moment!" Jiang Zhennan pointed to a small chair in front of him.

    This small chair was brought by Jiang Zhennan from home, so that Lin Yuelan would occasionally sit down and rest for a while.

    Lin Yuelan couldn't beat Jiang Zhennan, so she nodded and said, "Well then!"

    Lin Yuelan went to the small chair and sat down, Jiang Zhennan continued to water the grape seedlings, and she moved very quickly.

    After a while, the grape seedlings in the two fields were all watered.

    Lin Yuelan walked to Jiang Zhennan, then took out a handkerchief, stood on tiptoe, wiped Jiang Zhennan's sweat, and said, "Brother Nan, it's really hard for you!"

    Jiang Zhennan immediately smirked and said, "Yue'er, what are you talking about? What's so hard about this?"

    Lin Yuelan just smiled and looked at the grape seedlings with small yellow buds.

    Then said, "Brother Nan, in a few days, let's go back to the Grange in the capital!"

    Only said to go to the Jingcheng Grange, and did not say to go back to the capital!

    Jiang Zhennan replied without hesitation, "Okay!"

    Jiang Zhennan did not ask Lin Yuelan why.

    Because that's what they said.

    Although Lin Yuelan intends to use this area as a test site for the emperor, it does not mean that she wants to waste the more than 1,000 acres of land in Jiang Zhennan Grange in the capital.

    Since she wants to develop in the capital this year, the more than 1,000 mu of land has become the key.

    In addition to growing food, she also plans to grow special tribute vegetables.

    This vegetable is not the greenhouse vegetable like last year's winter, just pour some spring water.

    The vegetables she intends to water with the spring water will only be sold to royal dignitaries.

    Lin Yuelan said, "There must be a lot of people watching and watching those farms in your hands. However, no matter what, I have to make good use of the more than 1,000 acres of land. !"

    Jiang Zhennan held Lin Yuelan's hand and said nonchalantly, "Since those lands have already belonged to you, Yue'er can use and toss as you please, I have no opinion."

    Lin Yuelan nodded, "Okay!"

    This matter is settled.


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