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The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

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At the end of the world in the 22nd century, Lin Xinlan, who has the dual powers of space and wood, was betrayed by her boyfriend and girlfriend.

Under the double torture of body and mind, choose to self-violence, and die together with the researchers of the experiment!

Once woke up, she has become another Lin Yuelan of an unknown dynasty

Lin Yuelan was twelve years old, and when she was nine years old, a Taoist priest begging for a drink of water asserted: Kefu!

Rumors began to spread, from Kefu to Ke’s parents, to Ke all relatives and friends, and finally it was rumored that he would conquer the world in the future.

Grandparents, uncles, uncles and many other top relatives, afraid of being killed, resolutely cut off kinship with nine-year-old Lin Yuelan, crossed her off the genealogy, and let her live alone, obedient and filial father obeyed, cowardly Mother was crying, and Baozi’s younger siblings were helpless.

The family was separated at the age of nine, a small thatched hut that trembled slightly and could collapse at any time due to the wind and rain leaked. One part went to the paddy field and two parts to the dry field, and Lin Yuelan was sent away. From then on, the Lin family returned to Lin Yuelan, and Lin Yuelan became a rootless girl.

Wei Shiwei lived to be twelve years old, and accidentally offended the little bully in the village with one move, and was beaten and kicked to death by his friends in the same village.

Welcome, Lin Xinlan who crossed over at the end of the 22nd century

I have space powers, the world is left to me,

See how flamboyant I am, Ruby Lin, and become a generation of local female tyrants!

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Short Title:FGWJHH
Alternate Title:克夫农女倾富天下
Author:Lilac in May
Weekly Rank:#103
Monthly Rank:#98
All Time Rank:#1968
Tags:Ancient China, Apocalypse, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Special Abilitie, Transmigration,
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16 Comments on “The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich
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  1. I'm gonna drop this novel Kinda boring sometimes unreasonable or the issue way too much age gap With this much age gap this book isn't about romances it is about how to raise your child The ml is 12 year old And when fl looks like 8 year old(original age 12 looks 8 due to malnutrition) he was 24 This is way to creepy like he's a pedophile ew🤮 I'm not against to age gap but this way too much

  2. This novel was also the same, an idiot author, mind u, u can live alone, i dont believe that u cant live alone. Look at those american, they can live alone, theb why u cant live alone if the other can live alone and lastly the mc here already suffered a lot. Its best to leave this village and live alone. Beside if the mc here dont have a cheat and only a wadte women, i can understand it however its not, but the mc here was from apocalype era and have a cheat, so why she cant survive? No matter if u are just a kid, its impossible that she cant survive, mind u she has a space, fpod and water are not the problem, so iodt author can u explain it? Why she cant survive alone? Even if its dangerous outside, she can still survive or even live a happy life than in this village. Why u guys continue lingering in one place and continue to tprture ur mc just to create a mindless and idiot plot?, U should also think her characteridtics, she was betrayed and she supposed to love alone because she was in a unfamilliar world. Its a shit story.

  3. The worst is she even show her powerful strength, dont forget, even in ancient era, there was people who like to study human being, she now showing her ability, that will lead her to a lot of crisis, there are tpp many choices she can choose, the better chppse was to remain silent and leave or just explain to them, after all how can they believe a child words? Not to mention that why are they in her place or what are they doing? Dont forget their are a lot of children to beat her. This was already a best explaination, and she should remain silent about her ability and just leave the village to love a happy life and comeback when she become ppwerful to take revenge to those who hurt her. Mind u she didnt even know if she was her own world or another world and she didnt even know what kind of wprld is this, what happen if this world are more terrifying than her own world? Showing ur ability will only lead to more trouble and it might lead to alot of people want to covet her and use her. Its really shit novel.

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