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The Vicious Widow Widow Dressed As the Male Lead of Farming Fields

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Liang Yi transmigrated into the book, and became the vicious widow in the farming novel, the kind of 18th-line cannon fodder.

The original owner was good-looking, but vulgar and pungent. He bullied his younger uncle and beat and scolded his two stepson all day long.

What’s worse is that her brother-in-law is Zhou Zhongming, the hero of this book, and he is also a ruthless character who holds vengeance.

Bear the humiliation now, wait for him to come to be an extremely human minister, remember how this sister-in-law abused him and his nephew

——Liang Yi felt chilly on her neck.

No sooner had the male protagonist returned home, his eyes turned red: You wicked woman, I will definitely divorce you for my brother!

But what’s even more tragic is that just as she was about to play the tender route to gain the male lead’s favor, she was reminded by the angina pectoris

——For the sake of her life, she can’t even destroy the human design!

Liang Yi had no choice but to follow the plot, playing the role of the vicious stepmother and the mean and vulgar widow.

By the way, she also made preparations to get off the assembly line on time, and quietly revitalized her vest.

But who knew, the letter of divorce did not arrive for a long time, and the hero became a general but gave her a dowry.

Liang Yi: The male protagonist, please show some respect, I am a vicious female supporting role!

Zhou Zhongming: I know you are a goblin, marrying you is the only way to eliminate harm for the people!

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Alternate Title:穿成种田文男主的恶毒寡嫂
Author:An Yeb
Weekly Rank:#2959
Monthly Rank:#4400
All Time Rank:#4913
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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14 Comments on “The Vicious Widow Widow Dressed As the Male Lead of Farming Fields
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  1. Ohh my god ml is stupid really 🤣😂 if you are in war even children can kill you and his here softening his heart just because of a women crying tho it's obviously a spy mygod

  2. Most frustrating story I've ever read. Like the other reviewers stated, ML is very biased and stupid. Granted, he's under mind control sometimes, but c'mon, he keeps regressing to his previous opinions whenever something negative/ bad happens to the FL. He keeps flip-flopping. Evenhis secret guard is ridiculous. He knows that the "original heroine" is a spy and is purposely getting closer to them, but he disregard those bad things that she does and still try to support her. The heroine aura/ halo is so strong that people loses their intelligence when they encounter her. The kids and the FL can't even save this story

  3. I agree with people saying ml is stupid. A great general, but he is dumb, believes any rumor he hears and so many things happen without him finding out. Plus the whole village is retarded, they come accusing the fl with practically no real evidence again and again, yet never suffer any retribution afterwards. Fl and the children are adorable, I only read till 300 and something because of them.

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