Li Wan Judo said: "Is the doctor here? Always show the lady?"

Grandma said: "Taiyi has followed the emperor, and then, what is the occasion today, and if we have Xuantaiyi here, the emperor will know that he will be unhappy, save our master!" she cried. Got up. (((Kartino Novel Network

Everyone knows today that the emperor feasted on the masses and invited a lot of foreign guests. What happened to you suddenly happened. What a shameful thing! If this is what the emperor knows, if it is light, it will neglect you for a few months, and if it is heavy, it will break into the cold palace and ignore you for life. What Mammy meant was that Li Wanrou nodded, and now nodded, too, which is why Li Wanrou left without being too cruel, because no one would use his own future to make a joke.

A woman said at this time; "But who among us will? If the doctor was disturbed, would the emperor know?"

"Yeah, you can't call it, or send the lady back first, and I'll say it later."

Several people said that they came to help Lan Fei want to stand up, Lan Fei hummed, all eyes are full of tears, really hurt! But in order to cure the disease, I can only bear it!

Grandma knelt in front of Li Wanrou: "Please, our lady can't take one step now! You show mercy, we all heard that you will have some simple ways to see a doctor, can you help us lady?" "

Li Wanrou couldn't bear it anymore. When she saw that Lan Fei was sweating all the time, her tears kept falling. She nodded, and the tiger head ordered several girls: "You go get some hot water, and some wormwood. , Is there any alcohol?"

"Yes, yes!" A girl who waited for the lady of the Lan Fei ran away quickly.

"Which one is the nearest palace here, is it convenient for us to see?"

Grandma hurriedly said: "It's the Golden Moon Pavilion in front, it's Lin Shuyi's place. Just don't know if it will... taboo?"

Lin Shuyi was the woman in red just now. She hurriedly said, "Go ahead. Is there any taboo or taboo?" Lin Shuyi was not favored. After entering the palace for two or three years, the emperor summoned three times. I still gave it too.

Because Lin Shuyi and the Empress Dowager are somewhat distant relatives, it would be impossible for the emperor to remember who she was for the rest of her life.

She had long been discouraged. Fortunately, his position is very high, which is worse than that of the concubine. Finally, he will not be hungry or frozen, and he will be bullied by the people in the palace. Today I saw the opportunity to have the chance to marry the emperor's favorite concubine Lan. Of course, it is necessary to show it well. If the emperor knows his kindness, he can look for himself and drink a cup of tea. So she is very welcome. Don't expect grace, at least life can be better.

Li Wanrou asked a few girls, plus the grandmother and several palace concubines to work hard together, almost lifted back Lan Lan. Although Lan Fei didn't need to walk, the moment her ankle reached the ground, she still inhaled painfully.

She has always been esteemed and honoured. When she has eaten such bitterness and insisted on clenching her teeth, she deliberately twisted her feet. For her own chance of having a baby, she also escaped!

Everyone took her to the Jinyue Pavilion with whom they came in and out. A court lady had already greeted her, made the bed, and helped her lie on it. Several palace concubines were leaving, but Li Wanrou stopped.

She smiled and said: "It's a coincidence that things are happening today, I don't need to help, but it's really illegal, so I hope everyone will help me to be a witness." She won't stay so stupid, Wan Once cured, even if there is any conspiracy, wouldn’t you be trapped? Her words are very clear, so many eyes are staring at what means of privacy, the other party does not dare to use.

Grandma said hurriedly, "You can rest assured that we will never resent you. Our mothers also know your charity. But what you think makes sense, um, so, stay here."

The other palace concubines had to agree, and stayed together. After all, the highest one here is a lady, the rest are all Jieyu and the like, all are little concubines. If you can leave hard, let alone so many people watching, it shouldn't be a problem. In case the emperor wants to reward him

Everyone has their own thoughts, and Li Wanrou will not understand, but they pretend not to know.

When everything was brought in, Li Wanrou started to look at her leg, which was swollen. In fact, it was not serious. Li Wanrou soaked the hot water with a towel and pressed her ankle. Lan Fei shouted, but she quickly covered her mouth, and her grandmother also felt sore with tears: "Ma'am, bear with me!"

"Mr. Ma'am, I'm fine." She said with pain.

Li Wanrou first scalded for a while, and then used a needle to her. The stinging was inevitable, but it was much better than before.

After taking the pulse again, Li Wanrou suddenly felt in her heart when she touched her pulse, and her face was not very good. Grandma also saw it, and hurriedly asked, "What happened to our mother?"

"Well, there is ignition gas, but it’s nothing. It’s better to heal the wounds for three to five days. You should pay attention to these days. Use hot water to scald your feet without taking any medicine. I will write a diet list soon. It says what you can eat and what you can't eat, just eat it like this."

"Yes, thank you!" Grandma knelt down.

The other palace concubines knew that there was nothing wrong, and they all blessed a few words happily, and the sound of the slave-servant trot sounded outside.

"Dear ladies, the queen mother is looking for you."

Everyone listened and hurried to leave.

Grandma said: "Help us to tell the empress dowager Lan Fei. Don't let the emperor know."

"Yes, we know." Lin Shuyi smiled.

A few ladies, smiled at Li Wanrou together and went out. Tingting has always been protecting Li Wanrou from the back. When you hear this, you can rest assured. Since there is no need to take medicine or acupuncture, is this not a good thing? What happened is also saved. Now it is finally over.

Li Wanrou said with heart, they all left, and I had to leave, otherwise something happened, what should I do?

"Although I helped to see it, after all, it was not a serious doctor, but let me find some time to let the doctor see it quietly, otherwise, if there are any symptoms, it is not good."

"Yes, thank you, thank you. The slave-servant will find someone later when the banquet is over."

"Let's go back." Li Wanrou nodded to the grandmother, said a few words to Lan Fei, and left.

When the person left, Lan Fei immediately got up: "Grandma!"

Grandma went back and grabbed Lan Fei's wrist: "You weren't hurt so much this time, don't move. Otherwise what will happen if you become lame in the future?"

The two also discussed the deliberate sprained foot, but did not expect it to be so serious.

Lan Fei said: "Why didn't you keep her just now? Mine hasn't asked yet."

"The banquet has started all over again for a while. Where can I keep it? Or wait until the banquet is over, let me go. I just saw that when she gave you the pulse, her complexion became ugly, although it was one In an instant, it also explained the problem."

Lan Fei was anxious to sit up: "How can I do this! I want children..."

"Concubine's pregnancy is the most important, so I can't worry about this matter!" Grandma helped Lan Fei: "She can see that it's a good thing, but if she refuses to say it. Let the slave-in-law think To find ways to."

"Got it, Ma'am. I have silver, give her silver." Lan Fei said as she took the silver ticket from the cuff.

But I was stopped by my grandma: "Madam! I used to think so. I also prepared several shop deeds for her. They were bought in Dayinguo before, but when I looked at her body, I just didn't People who like money and don’t look at the money. Don’t be busy, the slave-maid still thinks of other ways."

Li Wanrou is the future prince, maybe there is a kind of prince who can't see the world, but now she understands it.

What is this prince like, noble and elegant, and has a deep mind, where would such a princess be short of money? Isn’t this a fantasy? Even if she was given money, it would be impossible for her to spend it. I can only give her what I want, so what does the princess want? Gold and silver jewelry, cloth and money will not work, only some news. But what do I know... Grandma sat on the side and began to meditate.

Lan Fei did not disturb this grandma's thoughts, stroking the bedding under her.

After a while, someone came in and reported that Bu Qian had been lifted up, and it was not decent to live in someone else's palace, so a few Grand Mothers carried her back to Bu Qian with her back.

The banquet continued there, the emperor did not know, and was still discussing political affairs there. Mainly to discuss with Da Yin Guo how to conduct trade transactions.

The third prince seldom spoke because he had a prince in front. The prince was haha ​​all the way, and he said ambiguous words, because the emperor was still there, he dared not promise anything to the emperor. It would be bad if it was suspected by the emperor.

The third prince said with a glass of wine, my prince is really amazing! What you say makes people happy, but it is not a sinner at all, awesome!

The emperor naturally knew what he meant, and also smiled in coordination: "So, if there is such a trade, it is good for both of us."

The prince smiled and said: "Yeah. I think so too. I will definitely tell my father and emperor when I go back. Our two countries should also be good from generation to generation."

"Exactly, come on, toast."

Everyone toasted and drank together.

The atmosphere here is good, and the women's families there are also very harmonious. Seeing Li Wanrou was late, the queen mother smiled; "Where is this?"

Li Wanrou said with a smile: "We went outside and walked."

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