The queen mother is actually quite strange. How could this girl make the emperor like it, but she likes a harem who is not yet in the harem. She is really a special woman, but she and the emperor are not really biological, and she often speculates. (((This book updates the fastest site The emperor is getting more and more cloudy now, why should I take it because a small county owner is unhappy, or accept it Right.

So I asked enthusiastically, some questions about thrush, thrush were answered one by one, old and small, where is his hometown, but he concealed his identity as a concubine who was a skinny horse and became a concubine of the three princes, of course, even if It does not matter if it is found out in the future, and no one will say it anyway.

The queen mother took his hand and patted the back of her hand, and said with a smile: "Good boy, come, this sad house for you." A green bracelet was put on her hand, and she looked at her with a smile , This bracelet is aquamarine, the color is very beautiful, the head is very full, it is the best top jadeite, it is too thick to carry, of course, it is a good thing, so I gave the thrush. It can be seen that the thrush is highly valued, and the emperor's smile is very satisfied when he knows it.

Throwing her brows, "Thank you the empress dowager." She knelt down for too thick, and kowtowed, and in a flash, she felt that she had risen from **** to hell, feeling happy. The smiles on his face were all gone. The prince was drinking slowly with a glass of wine. She wanted to let her make a response to the third prince, but now she had no choice. But it is also a good thing to let this girl back away.

What is wrong with Yuan Yefei's jealousy? Even the emperor had such an idea? The break was solved in an instant! The emperor didn't know her before, so how could she suddenly change her mind? She suddenly thought that before she and Li Wanrou wanted to get along alone, could Li Wanrou do anything? But what can she do? See you in a flash. Yuan Wan was puzzled at this time.

At this time, the Lord of the Weiyang Palace knelt down and said with a smile; "Congratulations to the Empress Dowager, with the Lord Meimei doing filial piety by your side, I can rest assured."

The Empress Dowager said: "Get up, even if Aijia has a thrush, she won't forget you." She smiled and let the thrush hold Weiyang up, Weiyang stood up respectfully, very docile and very empress Satisfied, she does not have any dissatisfaction, if I think I like other girls, it is that I love you for nothing.

At this time, the slaves came in and came with a tray in their hands, which contained a lot of exquisite fruit wine. It was the emperor’s last time. The emperor let everyone drink as much as possible. The rules of southern Xinjiang are not as strict as those of Da Yin Guo, so everyone They are toasting and drinking, the queen mother drinks a lot, and the concubines are also drinking.

Li Wanrou gently sipped and stopped drinking. The taste was not so good. It was a bit sour. It was probably because you were worried that you would be drunk, so I added some anti-hangover soup. Yuan Fangfei pretended to pour wine to Li Wanrou and asked in a low voice: "Is it just the sister's thing? Why did he suddenly become the county master?"

Li Wanrou smiled: "What's wrong, I ruined your three princes, are you upset?"

Yuan Wan sighed: "So far, I have gone through so many things. You should know what I think. I don't have the meaning to help the three princes. What I do is really curious, if you don't tell me. "

"Well, okay, I'll tell you, I just used a little lily fragrance mixed with invigorating spices."

"Ah?" she said in surprise: "That's it?"

"Yeah, I don't need to lie to you." Li Wanrou smiled.

It turned out that Li Wanrou had a lily fragrance in order to refresh her mind because she didn’t sleep well last night, and this palace banquet didn’t know when to progress. It would be bad if indecent behavior such as yawning occurred. Too. So she was very nervous and simply brought lily fragrance in advance.

But when handing it to the thrush box, Li Wanrou suddenly thought of one thing, that is, the taste of this lily scent is the same as that of the Weiyang County master! Wei Yang came to talk to herself last time for help, and the two of them have been together for a lot of time, so Li Wanrou also remembers this taste.

Wei Yang has always lived in the palace of the Empress Dowager. What does this mean? This means that the Empress Dowager likes that lily fragrance is not a very expensive spice. Half of the people’s homes can be bought with a little money, but Wei Yang is using it, and the Tang Yunqiao side concubine has not laughed at her spices. You have to know that the county governor came here to give a reward, and it made Tang Yunqiao unable to come to Taiwan. It can be seen that the two are at odds, but Tang Yunqiao has never laughed at the fact that the lily fragrance is cheap. There is only one reason why the queen mother likes it. Why does the queen mother like lily fragrance? There must be a reason for the Zhao family, otherwise such cheap spices will not be used.

After all, it was the queen mother who raised the world. Li Wanrou immediately crushed the lily fragrance and concentrated the smell on the box. When the emperor took over the box, he naturally smelled the strong lily fragrance. Subconsciously, he would think if the queen mother had seen the girl, the queen mother liked the girl, otherwise, they would not have used the same spice. After all, Weiyang had been there several times before.

Since Weiyang is about to marry, the queen mother must be lonely. If you send a new girl, you don’t know that the queen mother is rare or rare. If you don’t make it look good, you might as well not give it away. Just happen to have a girl and the queen mother. , Simply complete it, such thought made the emperor give her to the queen mother.

The queen mother thought that the emperor wanted this foreign girl to be useful. Of course, it was to be accepted. In this case, the two people had a beautiful misunderstanding. Of course, Li Wanrou was sure that the two people would never take their eyebrows down again. After asking clearly, these two people are not biological, after all, not to mention the royal family, they have to turn around and say a few words in order to make it clear, and they will not make trouble for such a small thing.

Li Wanrou slowly told Yuan Fangfei. Yuan Fangfei nodded: "It really is a smart decision!"

"In fact, even if it is clear in the future, it was originally because of the misunderstanding of the spice. Since it was the emperor Jinkou Yuyan who said that she would be the master of the thrush, she would not take it back. She would not have any problems with the government, but it was just raising Just a mouthful, let the thrush be safe and don't interfere with the things in the palace, she will have no problem in her life.

Yuan Side Princess nodded hurriedly: "I get it! I will tell her, after all, it was the person the third prince was looking for. Even if something went wrong, the third prince would not look good."

"Well. It's better than sending her to the palace to serve the emperor."

"Yes." Yuan Side Princess smiled and picked up the glass: "You are really bold and witty. I used to think that your medical skills were good. Today I discovered that your mind is really good. I have to admire you. Now."

Li Wanjuo said: "It's nothing, just opportunistic. If it's a more harmonious mother-child relationship, I wouldn't dare to take risks." If the emperor and the empress are biological, they will definitely be exposed.

At this time, the emperor said a few auspicious words, everyone listened quietly, and then they sang and danced again. At this time, the emperor got up and took the man, wrapped Nangong Rongji and Nangong Chengde to the rear hall to talk about the business. Well, after all, many things between the two countries need to be discussed in advance.

All the women in the harem got up and gave them away.

The emperor said: "All women, no need for condoms, the queen mother, everything depends on you."

The queen mother smiled and said: "You go yours. I and these children eat and drink and have fun."

"Yes, my son knows." The emperor walked out smiling.

After everyone had eaten those banquets, they became active. Some people went behind to admire the newly opened Begonia, some people went to see Merlin over there, and some people changed clothes.

Li Wanrou also had to go to Fang for less than a hundred years to let Tingting greet a maiden to go out with herself.

Lan Fei looked at Mammy, and Mammy nodded firmly to her. Lan Fei also seemed to have found courage, and suddenly stood up and walked slowly back. Li Wanrou went around the small garden at the back, found a convenient place, cleaned up, changed hands, and then walked out.

The flowers here are blooming well, and there are flowers everywhere, and Tingting is dumbfounded, it's really beautiful.

Li Wanrou had been a queen in her entire life, so she was quite ordinary with these sceneries. I didn’t take it seriously. I was walking, and suddenly I saw the two people walking in front. When I saw the clothes, I knew that they should be women in the palace, and the jewelry had the style of phoenix peony, but there were only three wings, which should be two. Pin concubine. Otherwise, you can't take Phoenix.

Li Wanrou said with heart, if one thing is worse than one less, let's go around and prepare to take Tingting away from elsewhere. But who knew that the woman had walked a few steps and suddenly fell to the ground.

The grandma beside her shouted, "What's wrong with you, mother!"

"It hurts, my ankle hurts!" said the woman.

"Come here and help the lady!"

Seeing this scene, Li Wanrou didn't want to avoid it. She could only take someone past, but she didn't go to the doctor immediately, but waited slowly until the other palace concubines and some girls came. Who knows if there is a conspiracy, it is better to be cautious.

Tingting has also been observing the situation of these people, for fear that it will be detrimental to her master.

Li Wan Judo: "What's the matter?"

"My ankle girl's ankle seems to be wailing. Who can help us, my mother!" Grandma said anxiously.

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