The thrush was trembling, not tense, and the station was not stable, but no one ignored her tension, but all looked at her, waiting for her gift to the emperor, a girl behind her came up with a box , A fuchsia sandalwood box with some unicorns and clouds on it, very delicate, and smelling a clear fragrance from afar. (((The fastest site for updating this book This is a gift from the three princes to the emperor of southern Xinjiang, I don’t know anything, but this thing is estimated to be something strange. It is not the most important thing to give things, it should be to show people to the emperor.

The thrush looks good, is it... Li Wanrou feels disgusting, the three princes, it is too nasty, too much to treat women as people! Obviously his own concubine, unexpectedly wanted her to serve the emperor of the country! Is it okay to throw this woman in that place? The status is low, and he comes from abroad. The interest of the emperor has passed, and it is a death!

However, Li Wanrou didn't dare to do anything blatantly. Her brain was spinning fast. How could she help? At this time, she suddenly saw a pattern embedded in the corner of the box, and moved her heart, and then from her sleeve. Something came out of the bag, pretended to be a pat box, and handed the box to the thrush.

"Go. Be respectful."

"Yes, I know." Thrush said in a low voice, her appearance is really humiliating, and the tears of the thrush will fall off. But with patience and perseverance, Li Wanrou tightened her hands and whispered, "Don't worry, just pass by. I've done things and won't accept you."

Thrush looked at Li Wanrou in surprise, nodded to her when she saw Li Wanrou's gentle eyes. She nodded.

Li Wanrou said: "Go. Believe me." Yeah, you must believe Li Wanrou. There is no way to believe it, because now there is no way but to believe Li Wanrou. The thrush stood up and walked slowly past the outside. His face was pale, as if it were a piece of white paper, his body swayed gently, and it felt a bit weak.

Yuan side concubine smiled faintly, picked up the tea cup and drank a little, let go, she had a feeling of cold lips, so many women of the three princes, how many had a good end on the way? Is it the last one left?

Li Wanrou said: "You are pregnant, don't drink tea, it's bad for your health."

"Thank you, I have milk inside." She said with a smile.

Li Wanrou nodded and said no more. Yuan Feifei wouldn’t tell her how the three princes shameless, just looked at the stage lightly, and everyone looked at the woman called thrush.

She has a clear eyebrow, elegant and moving, a long red dress with a flowing skirt, a box in her hand, and the walk comes, and the emperor sits on it and watches a woman come over, her eyes narrowed, nodded, He said to himself: "It seems."

The **** behind him naturally knew that what he said seemed to be the singer who had served him before, but unfortunately he died shortly afterwards, so the emperor was very impressed. Similar woman, no, this woman has more appetite than the previous singer, it's not bad.

The thrush knelt down and said, "See the emperor's thrush, see the emperor, long live the long live the emperor!" Very nervous, his voice jittered, but still calm and calm. The emperor yelled, then smiled: "I don't know what gift you want to give me?"

The three princes laughed; "Long live the old man loves tourmaline the most, so I found some tourmalines within our borders for you to see." Da Yinguo's tourmaline is better in color, size, and gloss than southern Xinjiang Much better, probably because of the climate, and the people of southern Xinjiang like the packing of tourmaline very often. They often want to import good nose from Dayin Kingdom. The three princes found such a gift. Obviously they wanted to talk to the emperor about the conditions. Tourmaline The right of development is in the hands of the three princes. Is this how I let me do business with him?

The emperor said, the three princes are really powerful figures! He didn't say what he thought, but he nodded with a smile on the surface: "This gift is good, let me take a look." Someone came over and took the tourmaline on the thrush's hand. The thrush lowered his head and didn't look at it. His Majesty the Emperor. But the emperor kept looking at her, showing a satisfied look. The three princes were secretly happy, but the prince was very disgusted. This man is really shameless!

It’s not just him. The great prince of South Xinjiang, the crown prince, and King Jing are all uncomfortable. Of course, everyone’s mentality is different. The prince said, I inherit the throne, and you guys like Fly Camp Gou Gou. Nothing is the same! I am really a chaotic thief, but I still want to use our southern border to **** the throne is not a dream!

King Jing said, I tried several times to get some beautiful women into the palace, but they were unsuccessful, and their appearance and talents were much stronger than this woman. Now it seems that the taste of the emperor is different from what I thought. Still think about it Just do it.

The great prince felt sorry that if Lin Weiping was not dead, it should be able to achieve my purpose. If Lin Weixing appeared, it must be more popular than this woman. Unfortunately, this swordsman committed suicide in fear of sin. If I knew that she had such an idea, I should have punished her early!

These people have different ideas, but the joint venture has reached the emperor's eyes. The close **** first looked at it and made sure that there was nothing unusual. Then he opened the emperor and looked at it. They are all purple-red, green, and yellow tourmalines, which are very shining. Smooth, if it is made into jewelry is the most suitable. The emperor nodded, very nice.

"I like this tourmaline very much. I just accepted it."

The three princes hurriedly smiled and said: "You like the blessing of these tourmalines, but there are other ways to use this tourmaline, so let this little girl give you some pointers?" He refers to the thrush.

Thrush kneeled over there, looking at the jade steps in front, thinking, Li Wanrou said, the emperor will not ask me, please, don’t let me go in, I don’t want to go in, but thought again if I can’t go in, The three princes must die to me, how is it good? The emperor originally wanted to take this woman, but then suddenly smelled the smell from the box. The whole person stiffened, and then looked in the direction of the queen, but because of the screen in front, it could not be seen.

The emperor pondered for a while before speaking: "Well, I am a man who doesn't need to know about these tourmalines. I am going to send this girl to the queen mother, who loves tourmaline bracelets the best. Let her tell the queen mother Let’s talk. There was a Weiyang around her before the empress, and now Weiyang is getting married immediately.

"Slaughter thrush," said the thrush tremblingly, with a ecstasy in his heart! No need to wait for the emperor!

"Well, very good." The emperor smiled and said: "I will seal you as the master of the thrush county, and serve by the queen mother, are you satisfied?"

All the people were stunned, including which military and military officials, and a few princes, all looked at the emperor in shock.

The thrush should be called out, but still keeping calm. Thank you by biting your lip: "Thank you Emperor for your grace!"

Won the title of county prefect, that is, no one would dare to quarrel with herself in the future, and the three princes can no longer reach themselves. She was originally a concubine, and now she has become a prefect, although in the palace The prefect of the county is nothing. The emperor gave himself the title obviously to face Da Yinguo. The emperor was not going to ask for this woman, but everyone sent them over. Wouldn't it be a face-slap if he didn't want it? Therefore, I gave it directly to a county master, and the meaning of letting her be too thick was a good solution.

In the future, I will not say anything else, and I will not worry about eating and drinking! She is the county master who came over. She can't be abused. She doesn't take part in pet competition. She can stay in it all her life. By the time she is old, it doesn't matter if she is married to an idle royal family by the emperor! Therefore, the thrush is almost kowtowing gratitude, and the innermost mountain is long lived, so happy.

The three princes were stunned, and it was clear that she would wait for the emperor to pick them up. Who doesn't know that this queen mother never cares about the harem? And the emperor has always been in disagreement with the face!

But since everyone else is like this, what else? Say you can't throw her away, you must summon this girl? Only thanks. He smiled and said: "Thrush, it is your blessing to be able to serve the queen mother. You should cherish your blessing well."

"Yes, I would like to thank the three princes for mentioning it. The slave-maid knew." The two had a husband and wife. She had always been very docile and well-behaved. In the morning, she was still a very obedient girl, as if she could be a fist She was killed, but today, at this moment, she is no longer respectful and nervous, but she has straightened her waist and looked at the three princes coldly.

From now on, I am not afraid of her! The three princes were full of hatred, but they couldn't move her now. If there is a problem with her death, it is a problem between the two countries, and the emperor will not be happy.

The queen mother was also a bit stunned. Why did you feed me a county master for no reason?

But since the emperor is willing to give it, just keep it. Anyway, you are free. This woman will not hurt you. Especially when I saw the pitiful child who sat there wronged by me. Somehow Weiyang County Lord had just entered the palace, and did not object. He smiled and said, "That's the case, let her come and look at my family."

"Yes, slave-maid is over."

"Ah, now that you are the county master, you can't call slaves, call yourself servants, or the palace."

Thrush bit her lip and then nodded: "It's the courtier who knows."

She used to look for the queen mother, and the queen mother rewarded a bracelet, and then stayed intimately.