Although Yuan Fangfei doesn't mean to compete with Li Wanrou now, it is not enough to give her small shoes properly. -The fastest site to update this book Anyway, I am now desperate, and I am idle. Isn’t Li Wanrou kind and benevolent? Let me help, and when I return to Yin Guo in the future, the emperor will know that I might like her very much.

Concubine Yuan's words made her thrush stupefied. She did not dare to let her know the person who designed her prince. I dare not think about it, but now Lin Weiping is alive and a slave-servant is also alive. Should I be okay?

The two groups of people went outside the palace one after the other. Li Wanrou looked at the palace gate and nodded, but it was much taller than the palace of Da Yinguo. She said to the prince, "It is a country of hundreds of years. Very imposing."

"Well, I will definitely do it in the future. Da Yin Guo is also well established, but the palace will not be very imposing. As long as I have a good life, I will have nothing to ask."

Li Wanrou said with a smile: "That can't be too shabby either. As an emperor, if you live in a dilapidated house, you can't let your people live in the wilderness and wilderness? Can't you ignore it all for frugality?"

"Yes, I understand everything. In fact, I... forget it, that is the future."

Li Wanrou smiled, yeah, because you haven’t taken the throne yet, even if you have ambitious ambitions, you can’t show it, otherwise you have to hide the clue how the emperor is at home, and the third prince’s biggest problem now is not knowing how to show weakness, It always gives people an ambitious feeling, and it will not be hidden. The emperor will naturally not like it. Even if you are very talented, it is useless.

The three princes on the side also felt a little bit at this palace. Do I have to give up the throne? Absolutely not. I want to make this country very good. In the future, I will build the palace of Dayin Kingdom even more magnificent!

As soon as the three princes turned their heads, they saw Prince Li Wanren talking and laughing, and said with a cold smile: "The feelings of the two of you are really a harmonious family. Worthy of being the future prince."

The implication is that it is not easy to get married, and it is so simple, really shameless and do not understand the rules.

Li Wanrou said quietly, "Three princes, what are you talking about?"

"This temple has nothing to say, don't be nervous."

Li Wanrou just wanted to speak, don't stop the prince: "This is before the palace gate, why is this necessary."

As I was talking, I saw a team of horses coming out of the palace gate quickly. Inside the palace gate, the team of soldiers ran out quickly, holding a spear in his hand, standing on both sides, very energetic It is also a show of national prestige!

Because they are the prince and the three princes of the other country, the other side attaches great importance to them. The people sent are His Royal Highness the King and the prince. Because the first prince has just been poisoned, the emperor has been approved and he can be greeted directly in the palace.

The great prince was very resentful when he knew it. It's almost an explosion! He is indeed a symptom of poisoning, but it has been a few days, and it is already good! Why not let me go out to greet, but let an ambitious King King go to Li Wei?

Don't you know that this temple is the most powerful! ? But it can only be grateful.

King Jing and the three princes and the prince met and said a few words, and they got them on the soft sedan again.

When Li Wanrou was on the sedan chair, he was looking at himself when he was looking at himself, and he wondered: "What's wrong with you, are you uncomfortable?"

"Nothing, I just thought, can the thrush come out."

Although the thrush behind him is dressed up, but his face is sad, very sad.

Li Wanrou walked over and patted her hand: "Everything goes naturally and don't be nervous."

"Well, thank you." She smiled bitterly and got on the sedan chair.

The three princes looked at a few women and snorted without mixing them. After all, they used to speak unsightly. So many people looked at it. In front of so many people, Li Wanrou didn't dare to say anything. After he got on the sedan chair, he went directly to his destination.

Along the way, Li Wanrou looked at the surrounding scenery with great interest, which was very good, and the maid and grandma were both unconventional. The population of South Xinjiang was similar to that of Da Yin Guo, but each was relatively small, but the delicate and transparent beauty inside There was a lot more, Li Wanrou said, the emperor was really blessed. I see so many beauties every day.

The sedan marched, and in about a quarter of an hour, they replaced the Zhu wheel, and walked straight ahead.

Li Wan Judo: "A long road to a palace." How many people are coveting the power that can be brought to them in such a gigantic palace? I do not know how these nobles from southern Xinjiang competed for the throne? Is it also very complicated, but there is no one around, only Tingting is outside the sedan chair, can't hear her talk. She could only close her eyes.

The palace banquet in South Xinjiang is still quite good. The table is full of various delicacies with all colors and fragrances, and it is just a small pastry, which is also done after dozens of processes. It is very delicate.

The female dependents and the men are separated, one on the east side and one on the west side and separated by a huge screen. Li Wanrou is entertained by the nobles in the palace. They were all dressed in gorgeous costumes and were the first middle-aged woman. They were very elegantly dressed. They looked like they were 40 or 50 years old, but in fact she was already 60, and she was the empress of her country. Behind him sits the fiancee of the great prince, the master of Weiyang County.

Below is the concubine concubine, all of which are beautiful ladies of all kinds. Nanjiang and Dayinguo are very similar and useless queens.

The emperor does not stand as a queen for many years, and it is considered stable. In addition to some older concubines, there are younger second and third concubines, Shu Yi, etc. behind him, no one will be qualified to come to such occasions.

In addition to this, there was also the crown prince, Tang Yunqiao, the concubine of the crown prince, who also came.

The crown prince and Tang Yunqiao were handkerchiefs, but later, because one was a concubine and the other was a side room, the two were not in harmony.

Now it is even more tiresome for both lives! I don't want to talk to anyone at all. I wouldn't be able to speak in such a situation, but I just sat down after just asking a few casually.

The princess said, what are you stinking about? Weiyang went in just a few days. The woman always pretended to be weak, in fact, she was a pig and a tiger, and you will suffer!

Tang Yunqiao thought, the prince wouldn't take care of you at all, and he was about to write the word "disgust" on your face. It's still beautiful here! Your prince's position is in jeopardy, if you are crushed by our prince in the future, you will die!

Although both were disgusted and cursed at each other, they still smiled, and they saw each other and then sat down. The identity of the thrush is too low. He can only sit at one corner and lower his head, seeming very nervous.

Li Wanrou whispered: "If you come, you will be at ease. Now that you have entered the palace, you should take care of Quan Yin's face. Don't be so nervous."

"Yes, the slave-maid knew." She could only raise her head.

The princesses on the opposite side were also looking at the female family on the opposite side. It was indeed the national appearance of Tianzi. I have long heard that the great Yin Guo is rich in beauties, and today it is indeed well-known.

Lan Fei's attention is all on Li Wanrou's body, he said, whether I can have a baby or not depends on you.

Li Wanrou felt that she had been looking at herself for a long time, and she looked up. A beautiful palace concubine looked at her, and she moved Li Wanrou's heart. The palace concubine seemed to realize that she shouldn't, and she smiled and continued to drink tea. Li Wanrou wondered what was going on?

The crown prince has laughed and laughed with the emperor of southern Xinjiang, but what he said is hello, hello, everyone.

The emperor also rewarded many good things for Li Wanrou's women, and a few dishes. The atmosphere of everyone is still good, and then it is singing and dancing. Dozens of young girls wore veiled skirts, decorated with flowery branches, and danced in the sound of silk and bamboo. They looked very beautiful and moved, giving people a very fresh feeling.

Yuan Wan on the side said: "I heard the three princes say that these women are generally criminals, and the scholars are in the middle of the book, because their father committed a crime, they were caught in the palace and learned these things. Their status is very low. If you are the emperor, Fancy, or be valued by other ministers, the war will be valued, must serve, and can not even stay with children, here in my life, as I get older, I have to teach a new batch. Very bleak."

Li Wanrou said with heart, these women, who are also poor and good women, are going to suffer here.

"It's also their fate. They should have been Miss Qianjin, the head of the house, but who knows that his father and grandfather are in trouble, they will be troubled." Yuan Wan sighed, because he no longer loyal to the three princes. So it is rare to have a touch of tenderness.

Both of them felt regret from the heart, and the thrush felt empathy.

I am from a similar background. My father was framed by someone. If I had not been redeemed by my prince, I don’t know how much I would fall?

Thinking of the threat of the three princes again... She dared not think about it any longer, and her tears twirled in her eyes, but she swallowed it abruptly.

Don't cry on such occasions, otherwise it will cause trouble.

At this time, the three princes said: "I was entrusted by my father and emperor to bring something from Da Yinguo. It was not respected, but it was given to the prince. It was a celebration of his wedding!"

"Is it? I have a look." Huang Shangrao said with interest.

"Yes, I will let my minions send the congratulations to the thrush!" The three princes have finished speaking. There are more than one thrush, or is it their turn to play?

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