I can imagine how much preparation the prince has done. These people should have been in their own government from a very young age. Not only do they need to train their armed forces, but they must also be absolutely loyal. Only three or four people can train. (((This book updates the fastest site www.ck101.tw))) But now because I want to put these people in front of people, this means that there is no way to help perform special tasks, it is definitely the Prince’s favor for himself Too.

Li Wanrou said with a smile: "Thank you Prince."

"Why polite, you are my future wife, don't worry about it."

"Well." Li Wanrou was blushing, shy and restrained. The prince saw her face as peach blossom, very beautiful, thinking to herself, when will the father emperor make us married? This time when I returned from Nanjiang, I must speak to my father and emperor. He can't wait any longer, so he must include this girl in his own government, she will become his righteous prince!

Li Wanrou didn't know his thoughts, only thought that the Prince's sight was very hot today. He held Li Wanrou's hand and kept walking forward and personally sent her to the pace. Li Wanrou thought that the prince would sit on the pace. Who knows that he even picked up his robe and sat down with her, which is really embarrassing.

"Prince, you and I have not been married yet, it is not suitable..."

"What's wrong? I have the final say here. You don't know. The third son brought the thrush into the palace too. He was so unruly and he couldn't show me what happened. I want to be with you."

Li Wanrou was not surprised, the courage of the three princes was really big! Thrush is just a concubine's identity, and there is such a courage, which is really admirable! She was originally worried that someone had told the emperor Dayinguo about the situation here, but now it seems that there is no need to worry. Even if he is scolded, it is definitely the three princes who have the first chance, so don't worry.

Li Wanrou said: "This is the daring of the three princes. This is an unreasonable thing. A concubine can't easily enter the palace. How can a concubine let people in? It's too much."

The prince said: "I think I have a chance."

Li Wanrou said: "Have a chance? What chance?"

"Oh, there is something wrong with the emperor of southern Xinjiang today, and no one can change it. It is the color, and the thrush is very good."

When the prince said this sentence, his face was very ugly, and his face was mocking, but Li Wanrou was all upset. How could it be! The thrush is the concubine of the three princes, how can they be sent to the palace of Nanjiang, even if the emperor is interested in the moment, she enters the harem, there will definitely not be any reputation, until the emperor's interest in her weakens After that, she was dead. But what if it doesn't look good? The personality of the three princes, thrush is absolutely impossible to survive!

Li Wanrou was very angry: "Isn't he good at thrush? Why do I suddenly have such an idea!"

"Well, because the three princes heard a message last night, I also just knew it. I will talk to you slowly on the road."

The prince instructed her to lift up and walk, and then told her that the third prince knew that the emperor liked the very fair-skinned girl very much. She had been spoiled by a singer who had similarities to the thrush in three points. It's not a stunning allure, but it is also a very beautiful girl. It's just that the singer was seriously ill and died less than a month after she took the favor. The emperor was very sad. After re-investigating, I found that a nobleman was terribly guilty of it, and felt that her status was so low, so after she became ill, she consciously bought out the following doctors and the people in the palace, and the medicines were not good. She won't wait for me carefully, so she will soon be killed.

After the emperor knew it, he was furious and gave the nobleman death. He also exiled the noble father and brother for three thousand miles! This was a very heavy punishment. Since then, the emperor often missed the singer, but the thrush was officially similar to the singer. The three princes were of course tempted, so they took it in directly. Hope to get the emperor's favor.

Li Wanjuo said: "The three princes have their own purpose in everything they do. Why should he win over the emperor of the country, and it will not play any role in his fight for the throne, will he?"

"Well. Even so, it is also a good thing if someone from a hostile country can help to say something. Knowing that the two countries will open trade sooner or later, the emperor also hopes to earn money from the injuries of people in southern Xinjiang. If it fails, it’s not just a concubine who lost it at all!"

The three princes now have a very clear understanding of their position. The possibility of him hiding from the throne by means of normal seizure is almost zero. Although the prince is a sick seedling, he is not dead, and not only It’s immortal, and there is a trend that is getting better and better. It has to be anxious. In addition, the emperor has a lot of scruples and fears about the three princes. He found that the gold mine was not turned in last time. It was a turning point, the emperor. This time he waited for him to return to the capital. Eight achievements made him go to the land. And he won't give him a very powerful princess, so he estimates that, in every case, he will adopt the method of building a wall by the Gao family and slowly becoming king. Raise your own economy, then recuperate and rejuvenate, sooner or later, after three, five, or ten or eight years of hard work, the new emperor will be able to kill! In this case, he needs to have the best contact with Nanjiang. His land is on the riverside, and if he trades on two fronts, he can make a lot of money.

Li Wan Judo: "He really is a persevering person."

"No. This person, if I weren't there, could also be called a person who was a monarch." The prince meant that this person could not be compared with himself.

Li Wanrou smiled, and Nongong Rongji did not do as well as Nangong Chengde!

"But Thrush is yours? Is she willing to enter the palace?"

"She chose her own, I passed the news, if she is willing, she will not embarrass her, after all, everyone is ambitious, because I can't make her attack into a concubine, if she is sure that she has this ability, I will not Blocked. But... if she doesn't want to, I will let her find a way to show it, and I will naturally save her."

Li Wanrou nodded: "The meaning of the thrush is impossible in every case. You can help."

"Relax, this is certain. If I can't even match a little concubine, then forget it."

They talked and laughed along the way and went straight to the palace.

At the same time, the third prince was sitting on the fan's face with a gloomy face, and the people around him said: "The side concubine with the thrush girl is sitting in another car. Let them come to serve?"

"No need, go ahead and let the thrush pay more attention. If she still cried like last night, she would stay in the palace, but if it was unsuccessful, the main hall sent her into the barracks."

"Yes, my subordinates know." The man finished with cold sweat, he said, this is really amazing! Even if he would give his woman to the other emperor, did she make a quick profit? And the girl cried so badly, but she was not in China at all. It's really cruel.

But he was a minion. How could he speak, he would pretend he didn't know anything, and he took the people away. After telling the news, the side concubine retreated. Side concubine closed her eyes and nourished her spirit as if she hadn’t heard it, but her eyebrows around her thrush were red and swollen. She looked very sad. Yuan Wan glanced at her: "What are you crying for?"

"The slave-maid does not want to enter the palace, the slave-maid will die." Of course, she is not stupid. There is a prince asylum here. If you have any questions, you can still ask him, but if you stay in southern Xinjiang, is there another one?

Yuan Fangfei said: "You died there or died here, it makes no difference. You also saw who the three princes are. If you stay with her, you are either killed by him or given to him. People. After all, you are just a concubine, low status, unresolved things, otherwise, I will not be desperate to please him and become a side concubine."

Not to mention a concubine, even the concubine, if you don't like it, there are also direct sales.

However, this generation of princes is still a face, if a woman who doesn’t like the backyard is basically left to death, it’s not that he can’t afford to eat a bite, and he won’t sell it directly, but not selling does not mean not Yes, the women under the side concubine can be sold by the host or the hostess. Only the hostesses such as the side concubine and the concubine can get hold of Jade Butterfly, but for the three princes, it is not necessarily Isn't Li Shifu the right side concubine? Not the same as the dead.

After Yuan Wan dispensed the medicine, she was completely cold-hearted towards the three princes, so she did not have any worries about speaking. If she used to do this, she wouldn’t say it anyway, but now she said it calmly. Thrush thrilled for a while.

"Lady Concubine..."

"Don’t look at me as a concubine now, but I am a minion in the eyes of the third prince. If he is not happy, I don’t know how I will die. I’m used to it. Don’t be nervous. It’s good to leave the third prince. Son, if you don’t want to, the three princes will kill you. Wouldn’t it be more bleak by then. After entering the barracks, can you still live?"

Tears bite her lips without tears.

"If you want to survive, go to Li Wanrou for help." Yuan Wan rubbed her swollen forehead, feeling very uncomfortable, and gave her a light opinion.