Li Wanrou remembered that it was five years of Showa now that he touched the dead hair covered with lice. ---End of the beauty of the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan romance After being pushed down by her sisters and sisters, she was paralyzed. She lay in this cold bed in the cold palace for four years.

The cold in winter approached her limbs and bones, and the acupuncture was so painful that her body was tightly bound, and she could not even breathe.

Suddenly, the black-pressed room was brightened, and the eyes were embroidered with golden embroidered shoes, and the pearls were embellished with vamps, which made the people more noble.

The woman is dressed in a red silk dress, with a small face and white enchanting eyes, but her eyes are slightly raised. The narrow feather fan-like eyelashes are gently fanned, and the voice is very soft.

He just opened his mouth, but it was cold and poisonous.

"Sister, when I always stay with the emperor's side, I always miss my sister, you are lonely in the deep palace, except for snakes and insects, no one will be there anymore."

Li Wanrou's heart burst into anger, his eyebrows fluttered, but he quickly opened his mouth, revealing a gentle smile: "Mo Er is okay?"


Li Shifu's tail was drawn long, his face was cold, and he mocked: "It's just a bastard. The emperor cannot look at him. Naturally, he can't survive it. He died as early as the winter when you entered the cold palace."


How to die?

They all concealed themselves!

Li Wanrou's brain was about to explode buzzing, his heart was tight, and he shouted in disbelief: "Rong Ji is crazy! That's his first prince! His flesh and blood!"

Did she lose the last point of use and deserve to be kicked? Even innocent children just born can't escape?

Was she really blinded and blindfolded?

Since she married Nongong Rongji, who is still the third prince, she has blocked poisoned wine and suffered a sword for him, but these are not as good as a smile from Li Shifu in his eyes?

She was forced to give Li Shifu a back seat, and even Mo Er wanted to give her child the title of Chu Jun! Why?

Li Wanrou's heart was filled with turbulent coolness, but there was still a glimmer of hope. Her eyebrows condensed, and she said, "I want to see the emperor!"

"The emperor has every reason to take care of him, how can he take care of you, the dying person? You are just a mean, and the stain of being born with you has made me feel disgusting for many years!" Li Shifu's light smile slowly revealed a gloom. , A pair of water-glow eyes stared at each other with condescending eyes, and they were very happy.

Only Hou Fu was the only one in the Hou Fu, and she was the first to meet Rong Ji, but because of his low background, she was not able to marry. Instead, Li Wanrou, who was born, took the advantage and took the post that should belong to her!

The sharp nails deeply pinched the palm of the hand, Li Shifu sneered: "You are just a scumbag. Dad keeps you just to pave the way for me, but you are good, just step on my path and deserve to die. , It’s my compassion to keep you until now!"

Li Wanrou just thought it was incredible. When she married Rong Ji, she was in danger. The Hongmen Banquet set by the royals from all walks of life repeatedly told her that she almost went back and forth. Take advantage of it?

Seeing the anger in Li Shifu's eyes, Li Wanrou had to believe that even Rong Ji was afraid that she would laugh at her delusion like this, and sitting in the back position would be her dead end.

She should have paved the way for the dogs and men, so she had to die to death, and they should not delay their beautiful future for a moment.

After vomiting and bleeding, Li Wanrou's eyes became darker and darker. She lifted her **** with painful tears, and the fingers curled with the purple and purple veins were mostly rotten.

Li Shifu smiled softly and shouted: "Come here, go to dance!"

As soon as her words fell, a few palace men came out of the darkness. There were countless long and thin barbs on the iron plate that was lifted up, and a twine hung on it.

They dragged Li Wanrou, put a twine around her neck, and burned the charcoal fire under the iron plate. The tongue licked Li Wanrou's ankle.

Li Wanrou was so hot that he wanted to jump, but because his whole body was paralyzed, he could only be shuffled back and forth by the people in the palace, as if dancing in the fire.

The fire burned her clothes and covered the ground with blood.

Li Wanrou was out of breath with the twine, but somehow remembered that the spring breeze touched her heart. At the banquet, she only looked at Rong Ji but felt a horrified glance. She was almost addicted to it. Pushed himself to death.

With tears all over his body, Li Wanrou's facial features were twisted together. Through the fire, she saw Li Shifu's rampant laughter and could not remember the scene of the sisters' harmony.

If there is an afterlife, she will make this pair of dogs and boys better to die than to live in peace!

"The emperor has a purpose to throw this person into a mass grave, and this life will not be superborn in the next life!"

A palace man had already stepped out to extinguish the fire, casually used a broken mat, and thrown it to the burial place where the dead bodies were everywhere.

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