Chapter 371 371 Delicious and spicy

   "If Missy agrees, you can discuss it with Mr. Meng first."

   "If you don't agree, I've never mentioned it before." Song Rui said. He looked like he was thinking about Shen Rong wholeheartedly.

  A struggle flashed across Shen Rong's face.

   "I will discuss it with Xuan Lang, and then I will give you an answer." Then he said.

  Song Rui is right, now his father is ready to attack Xuan Lang.

  Kyoto is full of his father's eyeliner. If they stay in Kyoto, Xuanlang will be in danger at any time.

  Since it is doomed, Xuanlang will have no chance of becoming an official when his father is alive.

  Then it doesn't make much sense for them to stay in Kyoto.

   It's not as good as a golden cicada shedding its shell and letting the birds fly high in the sky.

  Thinking of this, a flash of determination flashed in Shen Rong's heart.

  How about leaving Kyoto? As long as you can be with Xuan Lang, life is sweet.

   "En." Seeing Shen Rong's expression, Song Rui responded.

  Knowing in his heart, his strategy has already become eight points.

   After all, Meng Xuan trusted him more than Shen Rong.

   And he had already discussed this matter with Meng Xuan.

   With an idea in mind, Shen Rong saw Song Rui's expression became more kind, and even showed some gratitude.

   "Xuanlang and I, thank you, Mr. Song." Saying that, Yingying saluted Song Rui.

   "Miss, you are welcome."

   "Leaving Kyoto is not the best strategy for the eldest lady."

   "I still hope that the eldest lady will think twice." Saying that, Song Rui looked at Shen Rong.

  Shen Rong's eyes froze for a moment.

   Being watched by Song Rui, he was almost lost.

   But soon, she came back to her senses, and quickly looked away.

   "I—I will give you an answer after I discuss it with Xuan Lang." He said with some panic.

  This Song Rui, why look at her with that kind of eyes?

   Is he interested in her? So want her to stay?

  If the relationship between her and Xuan Lang is innocent, and she is not pregnant, maybe—

  As soon as this idea came into being, Shen Rong quickly interrupted herself.

  No possibility, she is already Xuan Lang's person. In this life, he can only be with Xuan Lang for the rest of his life.

   No matter how good-looking Song Rui is, no matter how talented she is, she is not suitable for her.

   Fortunately, her Xuan Lang is not bad either.

  Being with Xuan Lang, in the future, the two of them, the husband and wife, will be able to live like a couple of gods and gods with their red sleeves and red sleeves.

  Thinking of this, the trace of regret in Shen Rong's heart was quickly suppressed.

   became more determined, and wanted to elope with Meng Xuan and leave the capital.

  Song Rui nodded without any further force.

   After talking to Shen Rong for a few more words, he left.

  Shen Rong watched Song Rui leave, and waited for her maid to return after they had gone far away, so she took her back to her yard.

  In the next few days, as Song Rui's new poems were circulated in the palace, Song Rui's reputation as a poetic fairy was confirmed.

  Kyoto Wushu students are proud of being able to recite Song Rui's poems, and they will always mention Song Rui when they go out to parties.

  Song Rui, who lives in the Prime Minister's Mansion, also received invitations to various poetry clubs one after another. There are even invitations from great Confucians.

  For a while, there were countless people who wanted to see Song Rui.

  At this time, Song Rui is hiding in the small courtyard, living a sweet two-person world with his beautiful girl.

  In the past few days, with the help of the palace and the prime minister's mansion, Song Rui's limelight was like no other in the capital.

   Besides, Meng Xuan and Shen Rong have already agreed to Song Rui's proposal.

  At this moment, everything is going smoothly for Song Rui, and it can be said that he is in good spirits on happy occasions.

  As for Qin Xiaoyao, just yesterday, he just bought a Zhuangzi on the outskirts of Kyoto.

   With the first official job after coming to Kyoto, this person is also in a very good mood.

   "Early this morning, Liu Ling took people to Zhuangzi to discuss things."

   "When Zhuangzi is cleaned up, I will move the preserved egg workshop there."

   "Not to mention saving the rent of the house, more people can be accommodated." Qin Xiaoyao smiled brightly.

   "In the future, there will be only one sales department in the city. If customers want to pick up the goods, they can go directly to Zhuangzi to pick them up."

   "Separate sales and workshops, so as not to be exploited by others and cause the prescription to be leaked."

  Song Rui saw his daughter-in-law's complacent appearance, and in a good mood, kissed her on the forehead.

   "According to this momentum, I am afraid that the lady will soon become prosperous." Holding someone's stinky feet, she said.

  Qin Xiaoyao listened very well, stretched out a finger, and lifted Song Rui's jaw.

"That is."

   "When I get rich, Xianggong will be able to follow me to eat and drink spicy food!" Said boldly.

  Song Rui was amused.

   He hugged the naughty woman into his arms.

   "Okay, wait for the lady to develop. Please warm the bed for the wife obediently."

  Qin Xiaoyao's eyes darkened instantly.

   "Why wait any longer—" After finishing speaking, he rushed forward.

  By the time the two went out, it was already evening.

  After eating the dinner prepared by Madam Hu, the two left the yard one after another.

  The difference is that when Song Rui left, he helped his waist several times.

   Qin Xiaoyao, on the other hand, had a springy look on his face and was very lively.

   Another three days.

  The results of the recruitment of the candidates for the recruitment examination have come down.

  Wu Kao, many soldiers under Qin Xiaoyao got official positions.

  The four brothers of the Huang family and her elder brother are all among them.

   I don't know if Empress Jia was taking care of them on purpose. The four brothers of the Huang family and Qin Dahu were all assigned to the army under Qin Xiaoyao's command.

  Qin Xiaoyao was very satisfied after learning the result, so he went to Yunxiangfang to set up a few tables that night.

  I had a good time with my subordinates before returning home.

   On the Wen Kao side, Song Rui performed outstandingly, and with the support of the Prime Minister's Mansion and Empress Jia, he went directly to the Ministry of Officials and became a member of the Ministry of Officials from the sixth rank, Wailang.

  As soon as this appointment was announced, it caused another sensation.

  The keen courtiers have already noticed the difference in this newly promoted member of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Uiro.

  For a while, not only literati flocked to Song Rui, but also courtiers who wanted to get close to Song Rui.

   After another three days, news finally spread from the Prime Minister's Mansion.

   Prime Minister Shen recruits the newly promoted member of the Ministry of Rites, Wailang, to betroth the only jewel in the prime minister's mansion to Song Rui.

  As soon as the news came out, there was new talk in Kyoto.

  Some people think that Song Rui needs talent, talent, and ability. In order to climb up better, he actually agreed to join the ancestral home and lost his spine.

   Some people also think that if a man can bend and stretch, it doesn't matter if he enters the family. After all, the prime minister's mansion is an only daughter.

  After marrying into the family, although Song Rui is a visiting son-in-law, Prime Minister Shen will definitely train him as his successor.

   In the future, when Prime Minister Shen is a hundred years old, everything will be decided by Song Rui.

   At that time, what is married is not married. It's not just a matter of Song Rui's words.

  Song Rui didn't care about the outside evaluation.

  At this time, the only thing he was worried about was Qin Xiaoyao.

   Yes, Qin Xiaoyao also heard the news.

  At that time, Princess Xiangyang happily rushed into her yard and told her about it.

   Then, her originally good mood suddenly turned gloomy.

  Ignoring Princess Xiangyang, who was talking vigorously, she got up, and left the Hou Mansion with a dark face.

  (end of this chapter)

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