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The Valiant Farmgirl’s Blackhearted Husband Wants a Hug

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Qin Xiaoyao once crossed and became the new daughter-in-law of the Song family who had just entered the door of the broken house in Xiashui Village.

In this family, the mother-in-law is not healthy, and the sister-in-law and brother-in-law are young. The beautiful and cheap husband was injured and couldn’t even get out of the bed.

The family lived in a shabby thatched hut and ate rice soup that was so rare that no grains of rice could be seen.

And the reason why the Song family was so miserable was because of her.

Just because she, the youngest daughter of the butcher’s family, fell in love with the beautiful reading man of the Song family, and asked her father to force the marriage by debt.

But she finally got her wish and got married to Song Que, but she couldn’t bear the poverty and killed herself as a demon.

Looking at his fat body with a big waist and a round waist, Qin Xiaoshan sighed that it was really a toad that had eaten the meat of a swan.

And she’s a good coincidence, now she’s the toad~~

The heroine: A woman of the end of the world, a powerful person with powers, Yan control, and cleverness.

Male protagonist: The reborn, the black lotus with black heart and poisonous hands.

Hilarious, strong women and strong men, welcome relatives to enter the pit.

I recommend the end of the article “Nongmen Spicy Wife: Buy a Friend to Farm”, thank you for your support!

This article assumes that one penny is equal to one dollar in the 21st century, and one tael of silver is equal to one thousand cents. A pound is equal to ten taels.

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Short Title:VFBH
Alternate Title:农门悍妻:黑心莲夫君求抱抱
Author:make trouble
Weekly Rank:#996
Monthly Rank:#966
All Time Rank:#3797
Tags:Female Protagonist, Rebirth, Transmigration,
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  1. At 110, and we're barely a couple of months since FL transmigrated... This one feels like it can go on for thousands of chapters 🥴

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