Li Zedao has become a fire man, just like the roast lamb thrown in the fire, grease is constantly flowing from his burning body.

Then, the fragrance came out.

Then, it burned completely.

Then, the burnt flesh and blood on his body gradually turned into ashes, drifted away, and became a part of this magma.

From a distance, there is only a skeleton covered in flames wriggling forward, oh, this skeleton also has a pair of beautiful butterfly wings.

The butterfly wing is still one of the ten great artifacts, even if it is a terrifying powerhouse like the sky, there is no way to destroy it.

Of course, I can't bear to destroy it.

Rise from the ashes? No, this is the cruelest punishment.

In short, this kind of scene looks so weird, so terrifying, but it is extremely moving, and I can't help but cheer for it.

Butterfly Wing had been infected by the unhesitating emotion of this weak master, and it began to cheer for him.

"Weak idiot, yes, just keep going like this, don't back down, and then you will be completely burnt to ashes, and then this son will be free..."

Butterfly Wing didn't know that this weak master could finally reach the Bichi Holy Spring successfully, but he didn't actually have much confidence in him.

Having such courage is worthy of respect, but compared with courage, strength is undoubtedly more important.

Without strength, courage can only be a joke.

Finally the skeleton was burned to ashes, and only a black spot was left slowly advancing in the fire. Above that black spot, the pair of beautiful butterfly wings looked so charming, but they looked so desolate.

The black spot is the dantian, storing the aura between heaven and earth, and at the same time being protected by the dantian.

These auras are still protecting the soul.

But in the flames, Li Zedao's spirit cannot be seen.

Li Zedao was still sober, but because of his sobriety, he could clearly feel that his soul was also starting to burn, so he was soberly enduring the indescribable pain.

Li Zedao also knew that when the soul burned, it was his dantian's turn.

If the dantian burns, even if his last soul is still there, he will become an unconscious soul, which will then be collected and refined into a soul pill or soul formation.

Fortunately, the black coffin is no longer so far away. As long as he is a little bit forward, he can reach the black coffin.

Finally, when Li Zedao's soul burned out and the breath of heaven was struggling to support and protect his dantian and soul, the black spot and the pair of beautiful butterfly wings finally came to the black coffin.

But I saw that the inside of the black coffin was filled with extremely bright red liquid, and at the same time the bright red liquid was still boiling crazily.

Of course, at this time, since the soul had been burned out, Li Zedao had no consciousness for a long time.

Out of instinct, the black spot continued to wriggle desperately, drifting towards the boiling blood.

Butterfly Wing was extremely shocked. It didn't expect that this weak master was actually not so unbearable. He didn't expect that he would have done it.

At the moment the wings flapped, and quickly took the black spot, and plunged into the bright red boiling liquid.

The butterfly wings and black spots were instantly swallowed by boiling blood, and disappeared, as if they had never existed before.


When Li Zedao opened his eyes again, he found himself lying under a big tree.

He swept around in a daze, then looked at his undamaged hands, his unmistakable feet, his naked body...

Then the muscles on his face twitched violently, dying of shame.

No wonder it feels a bit cold, and the **** is quite shabby.

After being sluggish, he quickly took out a set of clothes from his soul ring and put it on. The sense of security instantly increased a lot.

Since not only is there no spirit, but even appears in the wilderness, the surrounding flowers and trees are not the very depressing blue color, which means that they have left the Yinyou Mountains, which means that they have been from the Bichi Holy Spring. I got the great luck in that scene.

Li Zedao quickly felt his body, and then the face that hadn't had time to be excited directly solidified into a ball, his mind roared violently, and he couldn't believe it was true.

Because he is still a high-grade cultivation base of the Great Dao Realm!

So even though there was no soul-stirring, I didn't get that good fortune either!

"How could this be?" Li Zedao couldn't help but twitch the muscles on his face, really wanting to cry.

Let alone experience so many dangers before and after, even the term "nine deaths and a lifetime" is not enough to describe this period of danger.

Just say stepping into the magma fire pool towards the **** holy spring, not everyone uses such courage, not everyone can hold the determination to die, not everyone is burned by that kind of terrible fire but still a little bit forward.

In the end, he finally arrived in front of the Bichi Holy Spring, plunged into the boiling blood, and waited for the fruits to be harvested.

Who thought he didn't get anything, he was still a high-grade cultivation base in the Great Dao Realm.

Even if you can't break through into the Guiyi Realm in one fell swoop, it is okay for you to break into the Dao Realm High-Rank Peak anyway.

"My did I know?" Die Yi was also quite puzzled.

It stands to reason that this shouldn't be the case.

In the past, Devouring Fire was soaked in that pool of terrifying blood, and the cultivation base increased greatly. After that, he even left his name on the sky list and became one of the top powerhouses in the heavens in one fell swoop.

But this guy was good, and was also soaked in the blood. Although the burned body and soul were instantly repaired, and finally he successfully left the Yinyou Mountain Range, his cultivation level was still high-grade in the Dao Realm.

What's even more exaggerated is that the aura of that day in his dantian didn't even show the slightest increase.

Then Butterfly Wing said with deep approval: "It may be that you are morally corrupt, rather shameless, and rather greedy for life and fear of death, so Bichi Holy Spring is unwilling to gift that great fortune to you such a scum."

Butterfly Wing felt that he was so awesome, and he could find the key to it all at once.

Then it started to get annoyed again.

Because this kind of narcissism, which is not much different from an idiot, is exactly the same as this weak master.

Butterfly Wing is really too scared. What can I do? He will be affected more and more deeply. In the future, he will become as idiot and shameless as him. I don't want it.

Li Zedao was extremely annoyed: "Are you talking human words?"

"I am not a human being."


"Perhaps, that great good fortune happened and only once, so even if you successfully arrived in front of the Bichi Holy Spring, it is gone." Butterfly Yi proposed another possibility.

Then he felt decisively that he was too awesome, and he could even come up with such an explanation.

Li Zedao was crying, and it seemed that he could only explain it this way.

But even though he didn't get anything, he didn't seem to have lost anything. Moreover, after walking in the Yinyou Mountain Range, his cultivation level had improved a lot, so Li Zedao was relieved quickly.

This shameless master actually possessed such a mentality, which made Butterfly Wing a little surprised.

Li Zedao stood up, looked forward, and suddenly saw the blue mountains shrouded in blue mist and exuding a frightening atmosphere in the distance.

Looking behind him again, he saw that there was a small town there, and the bustling of the small town seemed so familiar.

There, it is naturally Yinyou Town.

After thinking about it, Li Zedao entered Yinyou Town again and found an inn.

In that room of the inn, Li Zedao arranged a few soul formations to prevent others from disturbing him easily, and then began to refine the big fool in that soul formation.

A few days passed, and Li Zedao had nearly a thousand idiots in his hands.

These big fools undoubtedly made Li Zedao's sense of security multiplied.

Feeling that it was almost done, Li Zedao then withdrew the soul formation and walked out of the inn.

On that street, a strong man was recruiting a strong man to go to the Yinyou Mountain Range. Li Zedao wanted to run to him and tell him that this young man had just returned from the Bichi Holy Spring, and that pool of blood had expired, and the Yinyou Mountain Range was too great. It's dangerous that your cultivation base is too weak, so don't go to die...

Forget it, don't look for smoking anymore.

"It's been a lot of time, it's time to go to Youyu to find the ice dragon!" Li Zedao raised his head and looked at the Yinyou Mountains in the distance, his eyes gleaming with inexplicable light.

This time, Li Zedao did not enter the Yinyou Mountain Range again, but chose to bypass the Yinyou Mountain Range and finally entered the Youyu Territory.

Youyu is one of the seventy-two small areas of the heavens.

At this time, Li Zedao had a general understanding of the heavens, knowing that the so-called large domain and small domain did not refer to the size of the area, nor the number of sect forces, or the overall level of strength.

The Tianyu domain where the sky resides is naturally the center of the whole sky. There are thirty-five large fields scattered around the sky. These thirty-five large fields are like the stars and the moon, surrounding the sky.

Seventy-two small domains are wrapped in thirty-five small domains.

The dividing line between the domain and the domain is either the steep mountain range, or the terrifying wasteland, the fierce turbulent river as the dividing line, and some domains and domains are the chaotic land that has not been opened up.

There is even a powerful primitive soul formation between some domains and domains.

The destination of Li Zedao's trip was the Chaos Valley in the quiet domain.

According to the Sect Master, Hanguang Longkong was the ice dragon encountered in the Chaos Valley. As for why Hanguang Longkong went to the Chaos Valley, I would like to know that there must be something extraordinary in the Chaos Valley. Hanguang sky attracts the past.

Coincidentally, that Chaos Valley is located in the deep mountains of Panshan.

In the old days, Panzong founded the sect in Panshan. Later, Panzong also appeared, whether he was in the cultivation base or the soul formation, there was a Tianjiao who had extremely terrifying attainments.

After that, everyone in the heavens knows that Pangu, an eternal genius, not only didn't make Pan Zong one of the most powerful sect forces in the heavens, but he didn't know why he had washed his sect in blood.

After that, he bloodbathed the Youyu Mansion and killed the Palace Master Youyu. That's all. Finally, he also killed the Heaven Realm, trying to kill the high heaven.