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The Ultimate Student in the City

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A scumbag like him, went to the flyover to beg when he was desperate, but was deceived to do a human experiment without thinking about it;

Escape from the dead, and fate has undergone an unprecedented astonishing change, and it is not a problem to learn the girl money.

Let’s see how he plays in the city and reaches the pinnacle of life!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:USITC
Alternate Title:终极学生在都市
Author:The night is sad
Weekly Rank:#1698
Monthly Rank:#1478
All Time Rank:#2120
Tags:Abusive Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Discrimination, Eidetic Memory, Genetic Modifications, Handsome Male Lead, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Smart Couple, Weak to Strong,

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27 Comments on “The Ultimate Student in the City
  1. It feels like the author wanted to make the mc into a person who is not swayed by beautiful women but immediately regretted it and turned the mc back into a standard d*ck brain.

  2. Read 20 chapters and out of the 3 illegal/criminal activities the police was mentioned once and immediately after was said that the police are useless. When during the activity there are witnesses (onlookers) they don't do sh*t except watching and acting scared.

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