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The Two Proud Sky Dragons’ Shura Fields

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Yue Xiuzhi played the most hated villain in Q*dian for the sake of resurrection—— The master of the protagonist, who abused the protagonist in various ways in the early stage, was finally killed, but he couldn’t go back.

In order to compensate, the system sent him to the second world of this book, where Little Protagonist was only five years old, and Yue Xiuzhi could OOC casually, ignoring any plot.

So, Yue Xiuzhi happily spoiled the wolf cub.

But he didn’t know that the protagonist of the body world who was abused by him in various ways would occasionally possess the Little Protagonist in this world.

This Son of Heaven was surprised to find that the hypocrite master, whom he hated so much, actually pampered the “self” of this world.

He had been tortured in various ways because of his demonic nature, but the master of this world, after discovering that “he” in this world had demonic nature, said: “Demon qi and spiritual qi are just a form of energy. Spiritual cultivation and demonic cultivation are just a way of pursuing the Dao. In spiritual cultivation, there are people with human faces and animal hearts, and there are demons who have clear grievances.”

He became jealous but did not want to admit it, in the step by step fall, he found out that the person who died for him, his best friend, his first love, and his most hateful master, were actually the same person!

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Short Title:TPSF
Alternate Title:两个龙傲天的修罗场(穿书)
Weekly Rank:#3243
Monthly Rank:#3504
All Time Rank:#6588
Tags:Ancient Times, Betrayal, Cultivation, Demons, Hiding True Identity, Master-Disciple Relationship, Misunderstandings, Past Plays a Big Role, System Administrator, Tragic Past, Transmigration, Transported to Another World, Younger Love Interests,
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  1. Hi I know it's unappropriate but I really need your help finding this novel I read. It's about a guy who has the ability to make his avatars. If he can make many believe that his avatar has their own power like when he had a killer avatar that can quickly teleport because the majority of people believed that he can teleport when he was able to kill people on the same day at different places. I think they named him Skywalker? There is also a flowershop owner that appears and disappears which can grant wishes. A Shadow Lord that can drag others in the shadows or something like that. By the way it's a yaoi and a pretty good read.

  2. Guys I need some help, do you know the title of this Chinese novel? the MC he burns to death and comes back when he was a baby where to see when the mother and father almost kill him, but they stop and regret it. mc is growing up without caring about people, but little by little he returned to his essence as a child and tries to stop his sister from dying of the disease and her family members, and become a genius in the science of medicine something like that he dates ML at 14 years old and ML is older than him, so they grow old and die together. so he goes back to his first life where he was burned to death and finds ML again so he has a good life taking revenge on his boyfriend who cheated on him with a painter and I try a wonderful life, does anyone know the name and a bl.

  3. Eh, maybe. I'm just excited I get to see more master-disciple relationships. They usually have cute misunderstandings and I am a sucker for those

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