The Track of Dawn In the World of Marvel

Reborn as a Gotham minion and strayed into an evil organization, his heart is bright but he has fallen into darkness step by step. The whole world and even countless worlds are convincing the good guy Mason that it is obviously more promising to become a super villain in this era.... Read more

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~ End of this testimonial Chapter 748 4 Questions, what things walked into the alley with six legs and eight legs Chapter 747 3 Hiss, this is a super job [Ga Jia Jia! 】

Chapter 746 2 His creed in life is, do your best, and the rest Chapter 745 1 Although I am a counterfeit dealer, I still want to Chapter 744 42 end Chapter 743 41 The Farewell of Pure Love God of War Chapter 742 Madam 40, you don’t want to [Ha, crazy addition] Chapter 741 39 A hunter without prey is nothing! (strict Chapter 740 Chapter 38: The End of the Star of the End【Add more to the ending! Europe Chapter 739 37 Can this brother-in-law still make you cry for nothing? Chapter 738 36 Facing the stubborn Dr. Bluebird, Mason gave

Chapter 737 35 Like rolling dice is a disease! Chapter 736 34 Wrestlers with God Chapter 735 33K Team Final Assembly

Chapter 734 32 The Demon Hunter Who Couldn't Save His Lover at a Critical Moment Chapter 733 31 So to make this kind of untrustworthy all-intelligence Chapter 732 30 strength is dangerous stuff, especially when it Chapter 731 29 The best way to deal with foodies is Chapter 730 28whatif there is no Mason's world line Chapter 729 27 Esel Dafa works in any situation Chapter 728 26 Rorschach! I like to throw my diary around Chapter 727 25 The secret to victory is to have more friends and fewer enemies Chapter 726 24 The miracle created on the last night before the summer vacation is nothing more than

Chapter 725 23 Doomsday Alarm Chapter 724 22 It's really too much to return to the craftsman spirit from the counterfeit dealers Chapter 723 21 The Mechanic Kingdom's Correctional Facility is open! first cause Chapter 722 20 High-end algorithms often only require plain design Chapter 721 19 Let This Broken Robot Deep Learning Is To Unravel Chapter 720 18 The last piece of the puzzle Chapter 719 17 Happiness is a comparison, you bastards Chapter 718 16 Tony Stark's legacy should be owned by Tony Stark Chapter 717 15 When the chain is lost at a critical moment, the council is in vain Chapter 716 14 We are afraid of the end, so we are willing to become the end Chapter 715 13 Went to the head office of Youshang to promote products? you can Chapter 714 12 Mason stabs a sharp knife in the enemy's heart, ha

Chapter 713 11 Do you guys have a good friend named Hermi? Chapter 712 10 Anything is cute as long as it is small, Chapter 711 9 is just a doomsday ark? No! don't underestimate yourself Chapter 710 8 Shocked Mason's 10,000-year-old father-son relationship Chapter 709 7 Of all the supermen I've ever known, your guy's Chapter 708 6Smart, forbearing and calm, the most important thing is to be bald! Chapter 707 5 yo? I just beat Uncle Da's daughter-in-law? Lord of Darkness Chapter 706 4 Speaking of which, Wonder Woman's weakness is apart from being bound Chapter 705 3 bat vampire lunatic scientist, this thing turns black Chapter 704 2 so this honorary robin nickname on me actually Chapter 703 1 Serious person who TM keeps a diary! Chapter 702 69 The old leader has no children so his legacy can be

Chapter 701 68 The new rules of the stars are like this, you can't do bad things Chapter 700 67 The Last Pioneer and the Last Pioneer Chapter 699 66 Dominating the future is a thing of the past, it is time Chapter 698 65 My dear, you never walk alone Chapter 697 64 I can easily destroy the world! but be a good mother Chapter 696 63 The day of retirement should be the long-awaited retirement Chapter 695 62 Two barrels: I think you beautiful women are really Chapter 694 61 Commander-in-Chief's Household Emergency Special Task Chapter 693 60 Life, bloom on the road to the future Chapter 692 59 The End of the Lone Traveler's Bitter Journey Chapter 691 58 I declare that Team K is disbanded! Chapter 690 57 You **** apprentice who almost killed the mentor, I

Chapter 689 56 Farewell should be decent Chapter 688 55 Stars will go bankrupt! Asshole Boss Destiny Takes Chapter 687 54 Neo-Utopian Manifesto Disintegration and Integration Chapter 686 53 Although the main task has been completed, it is not yet Chapter 685 52 Congratulations to the player for clearing the level, starting the second week of trying Chapter 684 51 Mysteries! cosmic dump truck massacre Chapter 683 50 is optimistic! This punch of mine smashes reincarnation! Chapter 682 49 The Invincible Uncle Tun also has his own wishes Chapter 681 48 Full-face Mephisto Network Service Stop Announcement Chapter 680 47 Becoming a God is not my will, I only wish the disaster to be peaceful Chapter 679 46 Of course you can play with the stars, as long as you pay Chapter 678 45 Turn my body into a raging fire

Chapter 677 44 I advise you to wipe your eyes and see what is true Chapter 676 43 When Your Boss Is Too Bad Chapter 675 42 Sir! This way Chapter 674 41 Ha, another super-evolutionary direction of the Mason lineage Chapter 673 Is 40 mere death an excuse for not doing good? Chapter 672 39 Damn Mason! How dare you poke me with a toothpick Chapter 671 38 This is no longer an ordinary rebel, it must be Chapter 670 37 Questions, is there any way to make my resignation Chapter 669 36 Next time we will be in a place where there is no darkness Chapter 668 35 yes we have a baby Chapter 667 34 You are really stupid when you say dirty words, do you know that? Chapter 666 33 Toolman Madeleine's Life

Chapter 665 32 My daughter, your whole life is a joke Chapter 664 31 In our place, this thing is called bar murderer Chapter 663 30 Ha! Smash Masons past, present and future Chapter 662 29 The war that decides the future in the past is the time travel Chapter 661 28 Let me show you what the real anti-Phoenix war is Chapter 660 27 yo, old A also imitates others to do "anti-Mason plan" Chapter 659 26 Black Death Sword VS Black Death Sword! Come on, Magic Duel Chapter 658 25 Only one thing can prove good and evil, and only Chapter 657 24 Dogs struggling to get rid of their collars and people who bowed their heads Chapter 656 23 There is a third choice besides loyalty and betrayal, Chapter 655 22 yo, isn't this Azu? fond of milk Chapter 654 21 Meow Meow Meow Meow! (You looking for cute cats

Chapter 653 20 is really an eternal problem! Therefore, I choose to be Chapter 652 19 If you can only choose between love and the future Chapter 651 18 The essence of victory that Mason desires is to be quick Chapter 650 17 Right click, renamed to Action Showdown Chapter 649 16 You who will dominate the sky in the future need to be firm enough Chapter 648 15 There is a ghost inside! Terminate transaction! Chapter 647 14 Old A, that dog is planning to compromise? Chapter 646 13 Rebellion? What rebellion? I don't know! Chapter 645 12 New Utopia Resolution 001! Solemn rebellion! 【 Chapter 644 11 None of our careers have sounded loud until now Chapter 643 10 Farewell, Weapon X [Monthly ticket plus 810] Chapter 642 9K Men Reversing the Future [Monthly Pass Plus 710]

Chapter 641 8 There are many ways to deal with disagreements, and we choose Chapter 640 7 If differences have disappeared, enemies can also become Chapter 639 6 The final preparations before cleaning up the house of the commander-in-chief【 Chapter 638 5 There is actually an honest man among the three, but I don’t know Chapter 637 4 It's time to test whether you are plastic sisters Chapter 636 3 Is it a piece of flesh that fell from you, and you shall Chapter 635 2 It's time to open my krypton gold dog eyes and upgrade by the way Chapter 634 1 Minion union reminds you that there is a new recruitment order Chapter 633 99 Action Code: Killing Old K Beyond Destiny Chapter 632 98 If you are in hell, the only one who can save you is Chapter 631 97 The first created is called a miracle, the second Chapter 630 96 Cheers to a happy family, family members

Chapter 629 95 is a bit of a thing for your age Chapter 628 94 When a potion requires the power of the phoenix and the elixir of death Chapter 627 93 The old devil sends you an invitation to Play, do you accept it? Chapter 626 92. Fortress of Stars·The City of Fading Gorgeous Reflections Chapter 625 91. Skynet also wants to jump back, what should I do? Chapter 624 90. The routine of falling before the dawn was never popular Chapter 623 89. There are always some people who exist in the world only for Chapter 622 88. You’re Best When I Tell You Wisdom Is Power Chapter 621 87. Mason, this is my last sneak attack! Chapter 620 86. Starting today, your name is Mason Chapter 619 85. I am waiting for my teammates, what are you waiting for? love? Chapter 618 84. This is so cool, which man can refuse to belong to

Chapter 617 83. Raise your arms high, survivors, the end of the chaos Chapter 616 82. Welcome to Universe FM, here is the host Chapter 615 81. People who always miss the past cannot create the future Chapter 614 80. The brave man responded to fate and said, fortunately, I have a spare Chapter 613 79. Fate reveals to the brave that the storm is coming, the brave Chapter 612 78. The old devil who was emptied was not happy! Chapter 611 77. While you were writing charge orders for my ship Chapter 610 76. The ones with style have already bounced back, while the ones without style are still there Chapter 609 75. We don't want to live by ignoble things, we choose to be brave Chapter 608 74. The planet is broken? Wrap it twice with tape Chapter 607 73. John Wick + Johnny Silverhand = The Matrix Chapter 606 72. Hey! Loyal vehicles never betray! eat me

Chapter 605 71. Mason who regards others as the anti-XX project has also become Chapter 604 70. Buying a new one if something is broken without repairing it is consumption Chapter 603 69. Dachao: I can’t beat the universe emperor to death with one punch Chapter 602 68. I have never seen anything that even the Star Destroyer Cannon can’t deal with Chapter 601 67. The power of hundreds of millions of magnetic fields! Turn your teeth! - Chapter 600 66. In the future, whoever says that doing good deeds is useless, I will beat him- Chapter 599 65. Headquarters, we are in big trouble! - for "Ho Chapter 598 64. Old A! Are you going to hand in blank papers for the final exam? -for Chapter 597 63. The Last Day of Utopia - It's Good for "Huo Zheng" Chapter 596 62. God Dum? I warn you, my punch Chapter 595 61. You are the ultimate form of existentialism, right? - Chapter 594 60. Run, little girl, run! here comes mason-

Chapter 593 59. Please allow me to sing a song "Little Chapter 592 58. No! What did you do to my gollum? -for Chapter 591 57. Is this the so-called Doomsday Star Project? why Chapter 590 56. Mason is angry with serious consequences Chapter 589 55. Next, please enjoy the 3K era engine oil guy to please the machine soul Chapter 588 54. Mutant + Alien =? Chapter 587 53. Time is pressing and there is no time for others, so bring a hundred million points Chapter 586 52. Wait, there is a situation, don't rush to roar! Chapter 585 51. The ultimate use of the universe tuning fork is a super Chapter 584 50. Dark times long for a miracle, Jie Chapter 583 49. Sound the doomsday alarm and announce the final battle Chapter 582 48. If there is no accident, then it is estimated that

Chapter 581 47. When I woke up in the morning and went to the toilet, I saw aliens enter Chapter 580 46. ​​After organizational research, it is decided that we want the sky Chapter 579 45. This shot! Through the stars! Chapter 578 44. Ha, I didn’t expect it, brother Heishan, I predict Chapter 577 43. Ha, I didn’t expect that, Brother Mason, this is Chapter 576 42. Even the noble gods want to jump on my ship Chapter 575 41. The sex-transformed version of Tony Stark is awesome【 Chapter 574 40. This bag of nine-turn sentinel serum is very precious Chapter 573 39. Every top elixir needs to be fried, isn’t it? Chapter 572 38. Bullying Metal Spirits is no brainer, right? go! Give Chapter 571 37. My brain is expensive because it's brand new! Chapter 570 36. I have a brain but no body, you have a body but no brain

Chapter 569 35. I am a craftsman! What do you do with fakes? Chapter 568 34. It’s fun to say that the stars will be pioneers, really Chapter 567 33. If a thing can affect the outcome, then Chapter 566 32. I can't find the black of decay, but the black light ring can make do Chapter 565 31. Ah, Fred Wood! no one can trap a speedster Chapter 564 30. We generally call it "the cage of the wise Chapter 563 29. Coach Mason! Where's your speedster? quick pull Chapter 562 28. People's personalities are all harmonious, and I forget later, Chapter 561 27. Want to retire after seeing your son? you old couple Chapter 560 26. The Day the Batgroup Was Founded Batman and Batman Chapter 559 25. Dark Chronicle of the Conqueror Chapter 558 24. When you design a clone you should

Chapter 557 23. No bad villains! hello we don't Chapter 556 22. It is well known that alliances are an advanced form of cooperation Chapter 555 21. Underworld: Blood Dawn Chapter 554 20. Underworld: Hunting Time Chapter 553 19. When you are beaten up and cry, you have to post with your girlfriends to get in the mood Chapter 552 18. The secret to choosing a girlfriend is whether she can Chapter 551 17. A lunatic who is not well-behaved must of course be executed by justice! Chapter 550 16. What's wrong with being Mason's birdie? look, Chapter 549 15. My sister is not the family fun of the boss old K の Chapter 548 14. Who wants to hurt my second brother? Who dares to green my father Chapter 547 13. The Invincible Little Fairy Beats Up the Shrimp-Headed Man【Fun Twitter】 Chapter 546 12. Yo, brother-in-law, I heard that you still have a masked

Chapter 545 11. If a traitor does not know that he is a traitor, he cannot be punished. Chapter 544 10. K-Men·First Battle [Tweet closed and updated 5/10] Chapter 543 9. How to quickly and Chapter 542 8. In this way, the Big Three choose to continue to be happy Chapter 541 7. Time is my friend and it is your enemy, run Chapter 540 6. Da Chao: I have a son! Master: what a coincidence Chapter 539 5. The good news is that Dachao has a queen, the bad news is that Dachao Chapter 538 4. Good news! This birthing operation is directed by the Star Society Chapter 537 3. Chaptery, you will be born again later, mom will cut it first Chapter 536 2. If you are obedient, senior Xiao will take you Chapter 535 1. Is Blackest Night so exciting when you come up? Chapter 534 80. The Sin of Mason Cooper and His Siblings

Chapter 533 79. Team K, transform! ready to go! Chapter 532 78. Invincible, but not completely invincible, so named Chapter 531 77. I have to do something to make my body and mind happy, um, go Chapter 530 76. The invincible Uncle Tun called me diao! that's too cool Chapter 529 75. Batemos's new deal · the smoothness of the mechanical kingdom Chapter 528 74. This Yamjoo is seriously ill, why don’t we take Chapter 527 73. You want me to be a yellow hair in front of the yellow hair Chapter 526 72. Jerusalem is before my eyes and speaks to me Chapter 525 71. Are you making clothes? Bah, I'm too lazy Chapter 524 70. Want to make an alliance? No problem, but next time please change Chapter 523 69. To celebrate the coming of the fourth shock," Chapter 522 68. The man named Consus decided to die

Chapter 521 67. The first full level of young people always comes like this Chapter 520 66. Become a "Master" Mason from today Chapter 519 65. Zombies, are you stealing mere death? Chapter 518 64. Roll up your sleeves and work hard, the various members of the Mason Production Group Chapter 517 63. Although the leader died unexpectedly, the job Chapter 516 62. You have to admit that setting a fire is also putting out a fire Chapter 515 61. Congratulations on handing in a good answer sheet, but Chapter 514 60. Clash of Destinies·The devils are as rich as you Chapter 513 59. The parting of the boat and the bay is the fate of the bat family Chapter 512 58. Hey, you devourer is too noble to be normal Chapter 511 57. Hey, this doesn't seem too good for you, does it? 【add Chapter 510 56. I admit that I used to speak a little loudly, but now

Chapter 509 55. The Unbreakable Crash and That Thing That Comes Down Chapter 508 54. The crime is love, and the punishment is death [additional 6/10] Chapter 507 53. The darkness gave you a black heart, which will eventually guide you Chapter 506 52. You tell me! when mephisto's dog has what Chapter 505 51. This group of stars will really be everywhere, it’s really hard to do Chapter 504 50. Mason, I have the advantage today, see if you still Chapter 503 49. If you need a plan B, seek Chapter 502 48. Mason's Anti-Dark Batman Tactics "The Last Chapter 501 47. Ask a question, there is something more powerful than the Three Worlds Tongtang Boxing Chapter 500 46. ​​Final Hunting·Infinite Gauntlet Laughing VS Hell Bat Chapter 499 45. Those who eat melons should follow the rules of eating melons and play casually Chapter 498 44. Beware of emotional fraud, don’t lose everything to your wife

Chapter 497 43. The strongest of the Justice League who brushes three times is who but me Chapter 496 42. How dangerous it is to drive away wolves and tigers, I think it is better to drive jackals away Chapter 495 41. You struggle, scream, the more you struggle I will Chapter 494 40. Leopard girl, you are no longer my old enemy! want Chapter 493 39. Poor Steel Bones, would you like to be with Master Mason? Chapter 492 38. Rough! Rough now! Clark's exclusive stunt: Chapter 491 37. Every time I say it is the last Kryptonian, the result Chapter 490 36. What age is it, still playing with traditional vehicles? Chapter 489 35. Does your family need an internship to find a job? Chapter 488 34. Isn't it common sense that macho men are afraid of cats? Chapter 487 33. Come and chase me, idiot, let you catch up with me Chapter 486 32. You are crazy! Although my nickname is Robin but I

Chapter 485 31. Approval from the Laughing Bat.JPG Chapter 484 30. I really don't understand why everyone in another world is trying their best Chapter 483 29. Which A-level squad is the strongest is debatable, but which Chapter 482 28. The proton torpedo must be thrown accurately into the hatch... Chapter 481 27. Batman started killing people? grass! it must be Chapter 480 26. When heroes are gone, so are villains Chapter 479 25. The dark cutie with the sky above the top Chapter 478 24. Mason Cooper, welcome to the top of the food chain Chapter 477 23. I knew that my well-prepared cyber maniac burst Chapter 476 22. Add a "Dark Robin" after Honor Robin Chapter 475 21. If you want to win, you have to Ban Batman first! punish him and Chapter 474 20. The Batman hunting contest is in full swing! at present

Chapter 473 19. Thanks to "Batman Tactics Against Darkness" or something Chapter 472 18. Ding~ The title of "God Slayer" is unlocked! Chapter 471 17. Jimeis unite and smash that tower together Chapter 470 16. Facing fate is always stressful, choose to escape Chapter 469 15. Damn Luthor, don't blame me for not being kind Chapter 468 14. The vengeance of the widow is burning brightly Chapter 467 13. Deadpool Legion's Battle Victory Chapter 466 12. You mobile pollution sources don't come here to pollute Chapter 465 11. Didn't I hire a whole bunch of badmouthed Deadpool? Chapter 464 10. Patrick! Let's have fun catching water together Chapter 463 9. The tactic of using all main members as bait is missing Chapter 462 8. So, the redness of all beings is actually a negative

Chapter 461 7. Black Ops Deathstroke Corps VS Suicide Squad Chapter 460 6. Millidale Oil! Don't zombies have corpse rights? Chapter 459 5. Longevity! Dead zombies come back to life Chapter 458 4. Resident Evil·Gotham·New DLC "Rotten Kingdom Comes" Chapter 457 3. The Harmless Little Secret of Mrs. Pirate Emperor Chapter 456 2. how? The natives of Gotham stole your rice Chapter 455 1. Arkham Prison Break: Hide and Seek Game Chapter 454 69. Everyone, I am going to invade a world, guess what? ~ Mason Cooper ID card update Chapter 453 68. The reasons why Luthor chose to establish the Legion of Doom Chapter 452 67. The oath declares to advance together and retreat together, blood forges brothers Chapter 451 66. The ambition of Ms. Thalia, a world diplomat

Chapter 450 65. A Maraca-style reunion Chapter 449 64. Cyber ​​Maniac Commandos will definitely be our thorn in the side Chapter 448 63. In the vernacular of Night City, it's...awesome Chapter 447 62. For those who do great things, the proper way out Chapter 446 61. Good morning! Night City... forgot later, since Chapter 445 60. Team K's force upgrade plan again Chapter 444 59. Warlock Faction Power Report·Master Swordsman Grabbing Ears Chapter 443 58. I'm from the Marvel Universe, but I'm bigger than most of DC Chapter 442 57. The world does not want to be destroyed, the answer lies in the stars Chapter 441 56. I want to have what Mason has! Junior K Squad's Chapter 440 55. Look at others, look at you, why are you all mutants? Chapter 439 54. The guardian spirit of Batboy is the terrible angel of death

Chapter 438 53. Question: Do you want to play in my Mason Miaomiao room? Chapter 437 52. Hi Black Adam! This stuff works better than spells Chapter 436 51. This is the wisdom of the locked door in the legend, too Chapter 435 50. The development of this wealthy family is not talking about a strong Chapter 434 49. Bat Family Secret Operations · Rescue Dachao Carat Chapter 433 48. All plots against the Justice League Chapter 432 47. Come on! Give Old A a Little Mason Shock Chapter 431 46. ​​When someone takes the initiative to impart life lessons to you Chapter 430 45. The man finally decided to take his secret weapon Chapter 429 44. Asgard day trip Chapter 428 43. There is no mistake! Only level 9? side rubber Chapter 427 42. Invincible Uncle Tun! Someone here touches you

Chapter 426 41. This self-proclaimed "King of the World", you Chapter 425 40. The great Brainiac deserved it when he went to the end Chapter 424 39. Still a familiar formula, still a familiar taste Chapter 423 38. When an unreliable guy confesses with confidence Chapter 422 37. Team K is doing activities, the second Hulk and a half Chapter 421 36. Always betting on the winner is a great strategy, Chapter 420 35.Sir!ThisWay! Chapter 419 34. At a young age, I learned the advanced level of card bugs Chapter 418 33. Do you even cheat on brainless skeletons? warlock you Chapter 417 32. So, this game is actually God of Wisdom VS Numbers Chapter 416 31. However, all this is in honor of Lord Robin's plan Chapter 415 30. It's not normal for the Sinister Six to have seven people

Chapter 414 29. What? Only you Skrulls can shake people Chapter 413 28. Although we are villains, we also have a conscience Chapter 412 27. You are Thor, I am Brother Hammer, everyone talks about it Chapter 411 26. Now I know why we call him "God Stick Germany" Chapter 410 25. Do you want to look back and see what you have protected? Chapter 409 24. Everything is just the task of the master (sorrow) Chapter 408 23. As long as Mazefak attacks, everything is fine Chapter 407 22. Secret Invasion Phase 1 Chapter 406 21. Your tragedies are all the world's fault! so Chapter 405 20. Prisoner Slagcom Mason Halle and Ciri's Happiness Chapter 404 19. The Happy Life of Prisoners Jarcon and Mason - Monthly Pass Chapter 403 18. Why are the strange things I encountered so unscrupulous!

Chapter 402 17. Sheep into the tiger's mouth, moths into the fire, throw themselves into the net, etc. Chapter 401 16. Slag Kang! I'm in the sanctuary and you're not here Chapter 400 15. Mason who is addicted to doing side quests has absolute luck Chapter 399 14. Unlucky ghosts with bad intentions often have less luck Chapter 398 13. Mason is an invincible player who beats all the girls' dormitories Chapter 397 12. Wherever you go, something goes wrong! How dare you say that you are not Chapter 396 11. Now I invite you to become an "anti-old A tactic" Chapter 395 10. The great black panther majesty let me touch your big Chapter 394 9. The best agent for the enemy is S.H.I.E.L.D. Chapter 393 8. Your pretender is dying all the time, but Chapter 392 7. Is this purple sweet potato essence here to help? do you think i Chapter 391 6. As long as Mazefak launches an attack, everything will be fine

Chapter 390 5. Skrull programmers are really quick to catch bugs and patch them Chapter 389 4. Unpolite breaking and entering is a classic story Chapter 388 3. Among the countless fates of old Peter, this is probably the only one Chapter 387 2. This world is really not serious -- for "Mian Yuefeng Chapter 386 1. There are billions of unscrupulous things in this world-- Chapter 385 84. Remind fellow pioneers that privateering is not Chapter 384 83. My son Zhakang perseveres! It's unfilial to save you for your father Chapter 383 82. An evil secret organization is eyeing a man Chapter 382 81. Although it is a heavy task to save the world, it cannot stop me Chapter 381 80. As long as you work harder, Mason will soon Chapter 380 79. The old green goblin, the king of the universe, and his flattering courtier Mei Chapter 379 78. Humiliate and provoke smuggling because of the crime you committed

Chapter 378 77. Mutants の final battle weapon! Chapter 377 76. At this time, a handsome observer asked: Chapter 376 75. Little wizards, this honorary principal has found for you Chapter 375 74. In this way, Mason completed his utopia Chapter 374 73. Mason’s bird seems to be crooked [Women’s Day] Chapter 373 72. All great magicians, please think about it during the sage time Chapter 372 71. Batman: Look, it turns out my disbelief Chapter 371 70. Hey, you know the word impenetrable in most Chapter 370 69. You must know that even the transformation of the archdruid Chapter 369 68. Classic dormitory joke: If a good brother becomes Chapter 368 67. Normally we have nothing to do with this matter, but luckily Chapter 367 66. You are not Constantine at all! explain! you put me

Chapter 366 65. The end point of Robin's career system is "male Chapter 365 64. Damian Wayne is going to be Junior K today Chapter 364 63. In order to let Mrs. Catwoman enjoy retirement honestly Chapter 363 62. Without Zha Kang, the Dark Justice League may be on the right track Chapter 362 61. Don’t just open the quantum tunnel left by others, Chapter 361 60. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Reunion, Clint Ba Chapter 360 59. The Sorrows and Joys of Old Peter Chapter 359 58. The bat family is a group of fearless rats! face Chapter 358 57. Mason has already filled up the money, this meeting is waiting to give Chapter 357 56. In order to compete for the title of Mason's most admired person, Chapter 356 55. Do you think this is over? Innocent! Chapter 355 54. Old A: Old K is really a **** good general

Chapter 354 53. Sharp contradictions have accumulated for a long time, I am not the one Chapter 353 52. The Doom Squad has made great achievements, and the K Legion is as terrifying as Chapter 352 51. This is probably the fate of being the captain of the self-destruction Chapter 351 50. Finally, the K team will also destroy a world with their own hands. Chapter 350 49. Gritting my teeth and stomping my feet, I will take this set Chapter 349 48. Pass it on! Mason Cooper is really too watery Chapter 348 47. Ha, the demon from **** claims to take Harley Chapter 347 46. ​​Hey, parents, don't let your ex-boyfriend miss you Chapter 346 45. Twilight Wolf Returns Home Chapter 345 44. Mr. Hulk wants to give Krypton baby who performed well Chapter 344 43. A certain evil god: Hahaha, look at those kryptonites Chapter 343 42. X-Men and K-Squad both have letters in their names

Chapter 342 41. It's going to be an epic Waggggggh! Chapter 341 40. Unexpectedly, all this is in the Red Skull Chapter 340 39. There is also the power of liberation in the belated death Chapter 339 38. The end of the twilight wolf walking alone Chapter 338 37. Love each other as a family·Wasteland Edition Chapter 337 36. The cunning and pathetic brat offended Mason Chapter 336 35. How dangerous can ants be? Chapter 335 34. The Last Treasure of the Avengers Chapter 334 33. Even my mother uses it, Mason, how dare you say Chapter 333 32. What are you doing in a daze, silly boy, call me mom Chapter 332 31. If this continues, Mason Cooper will die soon Chapter 331 30. Why are you yelling so loudly!

Chapter 330 29. The Invincible Hulk: Rebirth of Rot in Doomsday Chapter 329 28. The "secret treasure" of the Stark family Chapter 328 27. The man of the scene deserves to be the man of the scene, even if the curtain ends Chapter 327 26. What? The scene people just died like this? Chapter 326 25. Shock! Old Peter, who was collecting wind in Gotham, probably Chapter 325 24. The passing super symbiont just wanted to add a meal, Chapter 324 23. Jane Foster of this world said, loved, Chapter 323 22. Look, there's a lone Thor's Hammer ahead, I Chapter 322 21. Thief who steals other people's favorite things, don't you Chapter 321 20. Whose beautiful motorcycle is parked here! unnecessary Chapter 320 19. Ding! The Ghost Rider career branch is open! Please find Chapter 319 18. How can Mason, who bullies the old man, be worthy of justice?

Chapter 318 17. Robbery! Hand over the courier in your hands! Chapter 317 16. what? Blind driving? Twelve points deducted! revoke Chapter 316 15. Behold, family! Scenery of nuclear war ruins Chapter 315 14. This situation is inappropriate in other world backgrounds Chapter 314 13. As I said earlier, how could this artisan alliance be possible? Chapter 313 12. The end of the world is drizzle, Mason Chapter 312 11. Therefore, the membership criteria for mutant groups are now Chapter 311 10. Ciri "Hunter", a non-staff member of Team K, would like to present to you Chapter 310 9. I almost believed it, if you weren't Mazefa Chapter 309 8. There are different black guys wandering around Gotham in the middle of the night Chapter 308 7. Although everyone is called Hal Jordan, but really not Chapter 307 6. Yes, the expired parent voucher is useless

Chapter 306 5. We got a capital injection from the Wayne Group! future Chapter 305 4. Sad! Iceberg Bar closed down due to poor management Chapter 304 3.BigFuckingGun! Chapter 303 2. The Deathstroke Corps is on the move Chapter 302 1. Justice League: Criticism and Self-criticism Chapter 301 99. Contemporary Gotham young people are all confident to this extent Chapter 300 98. Halle Halle! good luck! tonight... Chapter 299 97. What time is this, and you are still worried about your Luo? Chapter 298 96. Ah Fu: Let me see what new things Mason has done Chapter 297 95. Grandpa and Granny's Hometown Revisited Chapter 296 94. Batman: The Return of the Vengeful Knight Chapter 295 93. Get the title of "Old K Secret Envoy"!

Chapter 294 92. If all members **** like you, group Chapter 293 91. The K team can't keep up with the version. Chapter 292 90. Yo, you are the famous V Zhentian, right? Chapter 291 89. Intelligent life is locked, from the dead world Chapter 290 88. Decentralized governance guru Mason Cooper Chapter 289 87. Run! Barry! Korrun! Chapter 288 86. Things are too big for you to grasp Chapter 287 85. Runner with fate Chapter 286 84. I am The Flash, the fastest man in the world Chapter 285 83. Pass it on, Mason Cooper is a super fast guy Chapter 284 82. People who are too smart always develop a lot of bad habits Chapter 283 81. The composition of Team K is really getting more and more abstract

Chapter 282 80. I have swiped Zhenglian twice, this is really a life Chapter 281 79.NoWomanCanKillMe! Chapter 280 78. Our Wayne family is the upper class of Gotham. Chapter 279 77. Atlantis and the King of the Seven Seas claim Get Chapter 278 76. What is the old saying? Blackening strong three points, wash Chapter 277 75. This is the union of Deathstroke and Deathstroke, the Legion of Deathstroke Chapter 276 74. If he thinks you're a bad guy, you have Chapter 275 73. Ghost story time! When Superman says: I hate humans Chapter 274 72. Don't panic when you encounter trouble, restart first! Can't figure it out Chapter 273 71. We need an attacking (push) firm (earth) hand Chapter 272 70. Barry Allen is about to murder Barry Allen - Chapter 271 69. The person who bears the name of lightning is sacrificed to heaven again

Chapter 270 68. On-site card printing, right? Stop pretending, right? no Chapter 269 67. No, I just beat you once and now Chapter 268 66. Aunt Zhou Keer's Ambition - for "starsfal Chapter 267 65. What is it like to be a clown's clown assistant? Chapter 266 64. Deadly Joke·Power Enhanced Edition-【11/25】 Chapter 265 63. Terrible! Such a grandma is scary! - Chapter 264 62. Please! Such a grandpa is super cool, okay? - Chapter 263 61. Granny! Just grab it! your son... bah Chapter 262 60. Couldn’t the identity of “Honorary Robin” Chapter 261 59. The Thelma & Louise, the Three Sisters, I Become in the World of Madmen Chapter 260 58. Come on, villains! To the Warmongers of Another World Chapter 259 57. Boys and girls rush forward! --For "Huo Zheng is very good

Chapter 258 56. Fuck! It's too exciting to be almost wiped out when you enter the door- Chapter 257 55. No one can stop me from dedicating to the Stars--for Chapter 256 54. Hurry up and invite Siri Buddha! --For "Huo Zheng is very good Chapter 255 53. Batman's new tactic is codenamed "May" Chapter 254 52. Look at Zhakang in the wind, rely on Mason in adversity, and return to the hopeless Chapter 253 51. O Kouman, Zac! Chapter 252 50. Anti-union tactics continue to be upgraded Chapter 251 49. Damian: The first lesson of freshmen Chapter 250 48. A good boy should know not to play around with what you don’t understand Chapter 249 47. Batman, you do all kinds of bad things! Chapter 248 46. ​​After making such a big battle, you only want this Chapter 247 45. The second disease also wants to fall in love!

Chapter 246 44. The mentality of the **** on earth has happened a little bit Chapter 245 43. Clay Doll Diana's Shame and Humiliation Chapter 244 42. So a guy with an overly active mind is not allowed Chapter 243 41. So I have to beat the Big Seven today Chapter 242 40. Stop! Otherwise, it will be glued to you! Chapter 241 39. A dastardly two-on-one? Where is your Wude? Chapter 240 38. Patients who cannot protect Dr. Sweetheart are not worthy of the name Chapter 239 37. The catwoman who can't mediate the conflict between the bat family's civil war Chapter 238 36. Two gangs of weird people are committing crimes with wooden sticks. Chapter 237 35. Goodbye Gotham, tonight I will sail away Chapter 236 34. The countdown to the last rush (watch) tower Chapter 235 33. The evil alchemist intends to shake a group of great wizards

Chapter 234 32. Anti-super tactics, start! Chapter 233 31. A fight is an affirmation of the enemy, and shaking people is to give the opponent Chapter 232 30. I advise all cat lovers not to treat their cats Chapter 231 29. Warframes that have been scrapped are not destroyed but become Chapter 230 28. Anti-Batman tactics, start! Chapter 229 27. The name of the parent organization is really high-end and atmospheric Chapter 228 26. When I was 18, I gave me this thing and I can Chapter 227 25. People in Night City say Gotham is too messy Chapter 226 24. The name of the project is "Fucking Justice League" Chapter 225 23. I'm Mason Cooper most of the time, occasionally Chapter 224 22. Now please explain to Batman, what is his Chapter 223 21. Everything was born in the ancient starry sky, and everything was destroyed by B

Chapter 222 20. Those who can only play tricks are not careerists Chapter 221 19. The Bat family inherits the spirit of Batman! two barrels Chapter 220 18. Right click, rename to "Anti-Iron Man Chapter 219 17. The K team plays cards: man can conquer nature, but destiny Chapter 218 16. Intermission: Captain Single's Caring Style Chapter 217 15. Countdown · Only Days Left Chapter 216 14. Little things! Don't use power armor anymore! go Chapter 215 13. Respect the war at the end of all things Chapter 214 12. Doom alone Chapter 213 11. You can't grasp this matter, you leave it to Uncle Tun, you Chapter 212 10. Guess it! It's Secret Wars + Infinite Earths Chapter 211 9. The boots of ruin finally drop

Chapter 210 8. "God's Contract" is too cheap, hey, Chapter 209 7. Come on, Wade, give him the whole job! --Lunar New Year's eve Chapter 208 6. You secretly have another great mentor behind my back Chapter 207 5. The sudden appearance of the blonde girl with open arms and eyes really Chapter 206 4. Strange friendships come uninvited and occasionally break Chapter 205 3. Brilliant! Mason's true identity turns out to be...- Chapter 204 2. Nine out of ten people I meet when I go out to buy a pack of cigarettes Chapter 203 1. Let's have a showdown when I come back victorious--【8/15 Chapter 202 85. You have completed the novice guide, take it quickly Chapter 201 84. Good news, grown up. Bad news, long crooked Chapter 200 83. Now I am a genuine "craftsman" Chapter 199 82. Take whatever you like, I just want Mason

Chapter 198 81. Mr. Hunter loves you--for "Autism Brigade" Chapter 197 80. You are the fat pigeon we released Chapter 196 79. Anti-Virus Tactics: Eat Me A Phoenix Fire Starts a Prairie Fire Chapter 195 78. Bicos mourns Baiteman! Chapter 194 77. Dare to blow hair with me in my territory? give you face Chapter 193 76. I see that you are a yellow-haired girl with strange bones. Do you have any? Chapter 192 75. Don't talk about your boss when you are in trouble. Chapter 191 74. If the world cannot be changed, then only Chapter 190 73. Become an honorary Isu from today Chapter 189 72. As long as there is enough strength, our hands Chapter 188 71. No! You killed Kevin! You pay! Chapter 187 70. Anti-tank assassins in Hellworld

Chapter 186 69. No, Zhakang! We are teammates, scum Chapter 185 68. The Stars in the Eyes of the Assassin World Chapter 184 67. Mason's world of assassins Chapter 183 66. There is no serious person who gives things away when they meet for the first time Chapter 182 65. Look, I just said it wasn't easy... Chapter 181 64. Can Team K take on simple tasks? who will believe you Chapter 180 63. You have had a two-minute break, donkey of the production team Chapter 179 62. As the captain of Team K, I like to fight against that Chapter 178 61. Batman! Your son is in my hands! Quick take two Chapter 177 60. Mason Cooper really is a vicious **** ( Chapter 176 59. Mason Cooper! 3.5 of this quarter you come Chapter 175 58. "Venom Black Cat" new skin Get! cool!

Chapter 174 57. This AI is not quite right Chapter 173 56.V, there is a cyberpsychopath in Stars Fort doing things Chapter 172 55. If I had known earlier, I should have stabbed you to death Chapter 171 54. I didn’t expect you, a guy with thick eyebrows and big eyes, to still Chapter 170 53. Although I am full of reputation, I just don’t recruit Chapter 169 52. The Old Goblin's "property declaration" and personal gifts Chapter 168 51. But is it all worth it? (manual dog head Chapter 167 50. Ha! So it's time to call you 'Tarantula' Peter Chapter 166 49. Family! What I bring to you today is overtake Chapter 165 48. You all saw that it provoked me first Chapter 164 47. This is your war Chapter 163 46. ​​Gun in hand, follow me! Ride a lizard, kill a mad dog

Chapter 162 45. Black to deep natural powder Chapter 161 44. Unanimous vote! Ladies and gentlemen, let us send to death Chapter 160 43. It's all a game, Peter, don't let them take you Chapter 159 42. B-class personnel sandstorm! You are fired! Chapter 158 41. To be a good magician is not only proficient in magic Chapter 157 40. Yo, isn't this Lord Bullseye? come with your Chapter 156 39. Ertong: The villains in this world are so cute Chapter 155 38. Catwoman-sama's real usage Chapter 154 37. I am a little candle burning and burning Chapter 153 36. The Last Days of the Demon Knight Chapter 152 35. In the presence of true engineering masters, Mason feels Chapter 151 34. There is only one purpose of Osborne Enterprises! dig through

Chapter 150 33. The sandman's abacus beads all collapsed on the spider's face Chapter 149 32. Mary Jane's "Spider Traps", Who Uses Chapter 148 31. The old spider will die in the hands of you crazy woman sooner or later Chapter 147 30. Blind man, super power is to see things--【10/ Chapter 146 29. Spiderman brand condoms, ingenious quality, worth it Chapter 145 28. Even if I lost my dream and my family broke up, I still Chapter 144 27. The middle-aged Spider-Man also lost his dream- Chapter 143 26. Lo and behold, failed man! -【6/10】 Chapter 142 25. The group on the verge of extinction because of the gangster's mess Chapter 141 24. Mason has no generals, and the devil is the vanguard - for " Chapter 140 23. I, Mason Cooper, did not cheat! --for" Chapter 139 22. The code name of the operation is "Swindle and Swindle" -- for "King

Chapter 138 21. Brother has learned how to operate Batman, even if Chapter 137 20. Fax Pero! Are you wearing my identity Chapter 136 19. Wait, something seems wrong? Chapter 135 18. How can you show that you do your job so perfectly? Chapter 134 17. Hogwarts' Beast of Doom Uncaged Chapter 133 16. License to Kill Chapter 132 15. It's boring to fight and kill, let's form a " Chapter 131 14. You should know when I say crows fly Chapter 130 13. The man who was forced to become the king of rags because of his lack of money Chapter 129 12. Let Mr. Hunter personally teach you to avoid jobs in three sentences Chapter 128 11. What? Who is the traitor? how can you humiliate people out of thin air Chapter 127 10. The great journey of the prostitute king begins now! 【9

Chapter 126 9. Sharingan! Krypton gold dog eyes! Copy eye! launch Chapter 125 8. My friend's friend is also my friend Chapter 124 7. You must be the illegitimate child of old K, right? 【6 Chapter 123 6.GoToShopping!【5/10】 Chapter 122 5. Who investigates the Bat-family in Gotham? you ask for instructions Chapter 121 4. Captain! We are in big trouble-【3/10】 Chapter 120 3. Bad King Mason, let me touch your cool Chapter 119 2. Unlucky, I knew it was rotten in the ruins! -【1 Chapter 118 1. Master Evil Alchemist's Construction Plan Chapter 117 69. There are traitors in the organization! How can I be just Chapter 116 68. How should I reply when a subordinate tries to identify his identity? exist Chapter 115 67. K team work report - I wish you a happy and happy 2023

Chapter 114 66. Gritting Barbosa: Mason is really a " Chapter 113 65. Old K's partner came to kill him? --【48 Chapter 112 64. Great, finally someone under the pressure of doomsday Chapter 111 63. Pirate Riddler get out of the Caribbean! --【46/ Chapter 110 62. Why is my dignified captain of Team K not considered an adult? Chapter 109 61. At the critical moment, our Master John still has to step in - Chapter 108 60. Because of your excellent seduction, I sincerely hire you as Bing Chapter 107 59. Mason's K Team·The Second Naxin Day--【 Chapter 106 58. Dr. Mason is not responsible for giving any life advice to patients. Chapter 105 57. The new kanban girl at Cooper's store is actually evil Chapter 104 56. He still has to thank us for this--【39/50】 Chapter 103 55. Honor Robin? New Title Get! --【38/5

Chapter 102 54. Sharing a secret with you is itself a sign of goodwill- Chapter 101 53. Unfortunately, I am not here to Chapter 100 52. If you can't beat Batman, you come to block my three-headed dog? Chapter 99 51. At least one must be killed! or my revenge Chapter 98 50. Miss, your illness really cannot be delayed any longer Chapter 97 49. I let him go, but the speed of his exit is too fast Chapter 96 48. Riddler get out of Gotham, please--【31/50】 Chapter 95 47. Bat Family·Blood Enmity--【30/50】 Chapter 94 46. ​​Make up the knife, you must learn to make up the knife--【29 Chapter 93 45. What is eating at both ends--【28/50】 Chapter 92 44. The decisive battle at the top of Arkham--【27/50】 Chapter 91 43. When you overstrengthen the initial weapon...--【26/

Chapter 90 42. Butler Xia's long-cherished wish has finally come true --【25/5 Chapter 89 41. Is it okay to be a mercenary and take drugs every day? Stop doing! Chapter 88 40. Feel the love of stepmother, you crooked Chapter 87 39. As expected of Bruce Wayne, look at this Chapter 86 38. Good news! Guys, I fixed the activated slime Chapter 85 37. Freeze! don't go! --【20/50】 Chapter 84 36. The awesome Kiteman is about to open the Gotham villains Chapter 83 35. The new plan is that we distract you, you come Chapter 82 34. Batboy, please review yourself Chapter 81 33. Then my K team must help the scene--【1 Chapter 80 32. Now that the Bat family decides to fight back.. Chapter 79 31. Congratulations to Gotham for being successfully promoted from City of Chaos to None

Chapter 78 30. Is this disturbing the work of colleagues? -【13/50 Chapter 77 29. The rotten people from this rotten place in Arkham are really fucking Chapter 76 28. What is self-defeating, what is wrong Chapter 75 27. It is the fate of the protagonist to go where there is a problem Chapter 74 26. Zhou Ke'er: Mr. Mason's medicine is so good that I Chapter 73 25. The following is a grand welcome to the evil alchemist Mason Chapter 72 24. Will there really be customers in this dilapidated shop in the dark alley? Chapter 71 23. Sons of Gotham owes me money feeling great-- Chapter 70 22. Mirror mirror, tell me the most handsome writer in the world Chapter 69 21. 17-year-old young people always have to kill a dragon to show Chapter 68 20. Quickly use the magic of friendship -- for "Dark Rose" Chapter 67 19. The code name of the operation is "Operation Save the Batboys"

Chapter 66 18. I saved you for the sake of big sister’s prayer ~ A testimonial written on the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new Chapter 65 17. MD, there will be a surprise as soon as you come back--【Ask for a monthly ticket】 Chapter 64 16. Something enters the alley on four legs and exits on two legs Chapter 63 15. Creeping dreams in the abyss of the blue sea Chapter 62 14. No, don’t use offensive words like “cannon fodder” Chapter 61 13. Hope is very expensive, how much you can get depends on sincerity Chapter 60 12. Lord Mason announces himself for a world to bring back Chapter 59 11. Steal? Why steal? take it away it doesn't taste good Chapter 58 10. We launched a new stealth mode and fixed Chapter 57 9. Gordon's heart skipped a beat again Chapter 56 8. "Resident Evil Gotham" new DLC "Ghoul"

Chapter 55 7. You stay here and don't move around, I will start a Chapter 54 Regarding the launch time and adding more instructions~ very important, Chapter 53 6. Blackbeard? Who is that? I'm coming with the great ba Chapter 52 5. The guest of the great pirate Barbossa Chapter 51 4. Caribbean Idea King Chapter 50 3. Operation Code: Selling Hope Chapter 49 2. Treasure of Doom Chapter 48 1. It is very simple to get rid of this curse, pick up the knife and give Chapter 47 Doomsday Shadow·Dark Tide Attack Chapter 46 46. ​​Mason's K-Squad Nashinri Chapter 45 hey john, remember to come to the thrill tonight Chapter 44 44. Behold, I have turned this curse into mud!

Chapter 43 The second guest on the opening day of Cooper's Little Shop Chapter 42 Gotham City psychopaths appear younger Chapter 41 41. Fishing? Fuck! I **** fucked Chapter 40 Although the younger brother is willing to support with love, he still has to persevere Chapter 39 39. If you make a mistake, speak louder immediately Chapter 38 My organization is absolutely impartial, and my boss is absolutely Chapter 37 The record for the fastest promotion in the Stars Club has been achieved! Chapter 36 36. Finally able to live a peaceful life...? Chapter 35 Catwoman told you not to contact her for now, she Chapter 34 Even a cat with nine lives can't stand your misfortune! Chapter 33 33. TMD, I'm really an orphan now Chapter 32 "Resident Evil Black Gate Prison" No Life

Chapter 31 Gordon's heart skipped a beat. Chapter 30 30. Frostmourne, hungry...uh, wrong set, Chapter 29 Now that we're friends... Chapter 28 Lady Catwoman takes whatever she likes, don't be shy, Chapter 27 27. Truth or Dare Chapter 26 Cat Hunting or Big Sister's Mini Game Chapter 25 All because of the fact that from the beginning Chapter 24 24. Stop pretending, you are not Batman at all! Chapter 23 I regard you as a friend, but you want to be my father? Chapter 22 It's hopeless, eat and have fun, prepare for the funeral Chapter 21 21. Doctor, do you think I can still be saved? Chapter 20 Look at the big battle outside! You also said you were a

Chapter 19 Dungeon settlement time... Don't be kidding, this book Chapter 18 hogwarts last night Chapter 17 my emblem Chapter 16 A smart person must learn to make up the knife Chapter 15 Hey Potter, this thing is much better than a wand Chapter 14 man motorcycle and dog Chapter 13 Unarmed bomb disposal has always been a big job Chapter 12 destroy your home, kill your dog, even your Chapter 11 Death's sacrifice to the stars, let us shine Chapter 10 Tragedy caused by a cat Chapter 9 A Few Things About Hairy Mason Chapter 8 Self-cultivation of qualified cannon fodder

Chapter 7 Someone is crossing illegally here! What about the Justice League? you Chapter 6 My rebirth is not so simple Chapter 5 What kind of life are you playing with hundreds of dollars a month! Chapter 4 For the sake of being orphans... Chapter 3 Let's just say, my grandma can also fight with Batman Chapter 2 Come, come, a hot man with invincible steps Chapter 1 Old Gotham Zhengheiqi's way of asking for help

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