Chapter 747 3. Hey, this is a super job [Ga Jia Jia! 】

   "Where are you taking me?"

  In this strange house that looks like a mysterious house but is clearly far ahead in all aspects, Mason asked softly, and the vain king who led the way ahead said without looking back:

  "Library, our Recorder is waiting for you there, you have to call him Oneiroi, he will explain our story and the origin and current responsibilities of this organization to you.

   This is a necessary process.

   After you know this, I will take you to a place where you will work next. "


  Mason asked in surprise:

   "Isn't it to rescue those lost compatriots in the void?"

   "No, we can do that job, your responsibility is on the other side.

   And to be honest, this may sting your self-esteem, but the fact is that your rejection of power has caused your life form to be at least five levels behind ours."

  Vanity Maharaja said softly:

  "You can't enter the void, and you can't resist the chaotic call of the void will, and you will fall into the same situation as the lost spirit, but you don't have to feel sorry for it.

  After joining the Brotherhood, power is trivial, and you don't need it to function.

  We need a head of brains and logistics.

  Your presence is required. "

   "But you don't lack wisdom."

   Mason says:

   "It is not enough to rely on strength alone to get to this point. Your ability to stand out has proved that you all have outstanding wisdom."

"Well, your statement may be scoffed at by Saibo. When the strength reaches a certain level, wisdom becomes a drag, such as the shock you face and the change of the era. If there is a person who can smash the origin of the universe with one punch, Then use your fingers to knead a new core of the universe, what kind of wisdom is needed?"

  Maharaja smiled and said to Mason:

   "Don't underestimate yourself, our wisdom is biased towards tactics, and you are a master of strategy, understand what I mean?"


  Mason nodded and asked again:

   "Then what is the situation we are facing now?"

   "Don't worry, let's talk about this issue after you really understand the cause and effect."

  Merlin stopped in front of a door and made a "please" gesture to Mason. He said:

   "Oneiroi doesn't like to be disturbed, so I won't accompany you in. Don't be afraid, he is a very talkative collector, and you are his favorite kind of protagonist.

  He has been complaining that the current protagonists all advocate selfishness, and regard decisiveness and thick black literature as a kind of glory, but hope and beauty are the original wishes rooted in the hearts of every observer.

  The stories of good people can be great, and your presence proves it. "

   "I can only say I'm flattered."

  Mason smiled, and pushed open the door in front of him under the gaze of the Vainglory.

What caught my eye was the huge library beyond words. The huge and quaint bookshelves were filled with all kinds of books, some of which were stacked on the ground as high as the entire bookshelf after being read. Under Mason's gaze, He could also see some half-discovered spirit bodies shuttling between the bookshelves, and occasionally took out a book and left it on the spot to read.

   But that is no ordinary spirit body.

  It’s like a reflection in another world, occasionally you can hear some laughter, but there are also curses, which seem to express love or dislike for the stories recorded in the book.

  Looking deeper, there is a desk in a corner next to the bookshelf, and a guy in a strange robe is sitting on a chair and writing something with a quill on an open book.

   That's the only entity in this big library.

   That should be the Oneiroi.

  Mason walked over but didn't disturb him immediately. From behind the Oneiroi, he could see that new words were being written on the opened page:

  “The changing era of the new universe is very smooth, a new world has unfolded before the eyes of hopeful people, and in the light of the future, those wishes that have been fulfilled can be seen.

   Stephen Strange, who lost his strength, completed the wedding with his beloved Christine on the first day of the new era. The horrible and weird black strange died and a surgeon found his own happiness.

  The battle for the cloak also began in the dark of that day.

  But there is no accurate ending. No one knows who became Batman, but people will still see the figure of Soaring in the dark night of Gotham.

  That is the child of the night, and a symbol of fear born of self-righteousness.

  The Isu civilization set sail in the New World.

  They may still be eager to return to their hometown, and they may reach reconciliation with their descendants amid conflicts and frictions, but the most difficult hurdle has been passed, and nothing can stop the deepening of communication.

   swallow star

  The invincible Star Devourer was released on the seventh day of the birth of the new era. He was angry and wanted to find the Star Devourer messenger who betrayed him, but perhaps he still has more important things to accomplish among the abundant stars.”

   The quill writing the beautiful words stopped at this moment, and Mason urged:

   "Keep writing, I haven't finished reading yet."

   "There is no way to continue."

  Oneiroi said softly:

   "Because the protagonist's story is not over yet, I can only record everything I see in this book until he returns to his story."

  He laughed, put down the quill and stretched out his hand to Mason, saying:

   "Welcome to my library, Mason, I'm a huge fan of yours."

   "Hello, Oneiroi."

  Mason also replied gently.

  He looked at the Oneiroi in front of him. The latter was a man of unknown age, with long hair and shoulders full of a neutral temperament, and his always smiling lips looked very friendly.

   But the most conspicuous feature is the veil, or strip of cloth, covering his eyes, which gives him an aura of mysticism.

   "As I see it, I'm blind."

  Oneiroi felt Mason's gaze, and he said:

  “I can’t see the real world, but I can see the stories, the good, the dark, the perfect, the broken, the fascinating, the exhausting.

   All stories.

  I recorded them so that those touches would not be forgotten, and even after a long time when I opened them again, I could still feel the throbbing in my heart. "

  He pointed to the side where there were already several books, and he said to Mason:

   "Go read them, know the past of your companions, don't worry about time, reading when you devote yourself to it will always make time sing for you."

   "This organization."

  Mason picked up which books and planned to find a quiet place to read, but before leaving, he asked:

   "Merlin said you would explain the existence of the Brotherhood of Shadows to me."

   "I don't need to explain, you already have the answer."

  Oneiroi waved his hand, picked up another unfinished book, wrote a line on it, and said:

   "It's just an organization left to them after the story is over, so that they will not be forgotten, so that their stories can continue, extending until the moment when they will eventually be forgotten.

   This multiverse, it's wonderful, but it's not real.

  It is built on the imagination and cognition of the observers. As long as the observers keep reading, as long as their reading and pursuit of the story exist, it will never collapse.

   And we, those of us in the story, can live forever. "

  Mason nodded half-understood. He felt that there was still a deep meaning in the Dream Myth, but that might not be something he should think deeply about now. When he turned to leave with the book in his arms, Oneiroi suddenly asked:

   "That child. The child you brought back from the void, what name are you going to give him?"


  Mason turned around in surprise and asked:

   "Can't he use his real name?"

   "Yeah, but that would ruin the reading experience."

   Oneiroi smiled and said:

  “A new life should start with a new name, right? You are his guide, and I think you should give him a new name as the starting point of his story.

  Like when you were brought back by Merlin, he named you Mason Cooper, of course that's just laziness of the vain king, you know what I mean.

  So I urge you to think about it carefully, don’t really come up with a ‘plum’ or ‘plum’, it will make him hate you, just like the stinky pirate named Blake makes him feel bad. "

   "Uh, okay."

  The captain tilted his head and thought for a while. After a few seconds, he touched the soul stone hanging on his chest and said:

   "When this unlucky guy met me, both he and I fell into a bad situation. He was reborn from bad things, so let's call him 'Murphy'."

   "It's okay, I'm starting to look forward to this story."

  Oneiroi smiled very mysteriously, reached out and took out a completely blank book, and wrote the name on the first page.

  As for Mason, he has already opened the book he took from Mason and started to read. Although he hates the stinky pirates, he started reading from this guy's story.

  He had a premonition that Pirates' life must have been magnificent, otherwise it would be impossible to explain how his neurotic personality was formed.

   Several hours later, Mason stretched out of Oneiroi's library.

He already had the most basic understanding of the members of this strange organization he was in. He knew that apart from Merlin the Vanity Lord, Black Shaw the Silent and Tyrion the Dawnblade, the dark blade death god, there was another A guy named Cyber ​​Hawk, and a Dick who chose to self-destroy and re-enter a new life.

   There are two other mysterious members who voluntarily left the organization for unknown reasons.

  Mason walked through the corridors of this ancient room following the guidance left by the Vainglord, and soon found the half-open door.

  He stretched out his hand and pushed it away, thinking he could see Merlin, and then he saw a completely different sea of ​​stars, as if he was about to fall into this strange sea of ​​stars as soon as he opened the door.

   "Yo, are you here?"

  Vanity Lord's voice sounded from it, bringing Mason back to his senses. He looked at Merlin walking out of the sea of ​​stars and asked:

"here it is?"

   "A universe just born."

  The King of Hell waved his hands and explained:

   "Serber asked for it from his cronies. It is said that he won it at the gambling table. Who knows the truth, anyway, that guy spends all day at the gaming table and his gambling skills are really good.

  Come on, let me introduce you to this place. This will be your workplace from now on. "

   "So what the **** do you want me to do?"

  Mason was a little confused.

  But the lord of vanity just smiled and did not immediately explain and answer. He invited Mason to walk with him, and the two walked into this newly born universe, and the light spots of the stars shone very beautifully.

   "I've tried."

  He suddenly said:

   "You should know from the Oneiroi what happened to my two apprentices. It was the result of failed attempts. I thought I wouldn't have the courage to do it again.

   But it turns out that people always have to be forced.

  The wall of origin has undergone a mutation.

The multiverse we are in is going through some kind of 'labor pains', the rules of the multiverse are changing, and until this disturbing change stabilizes, we shape the beginning of a new life for our fellow human beings with the template of the world we are familiar with, and from this process The move to recruit new members has come to an end.

  The simple model cannot last long. After all, being a human being requires a bit of pursuit.

   But you don't have to worry about this, because I'm already planning to try it for the third time.

look! "

  Vanity Monarch raised his finger, pointed to an empty area in the Star Sea in front of him, and said to Mason:

"This is our 'proving ground', where we will build a new world that has little connection with us, and we will start our new life here for the new compatriots we have collected so far, so that they do not have to suffer from the rules from the multiverse impact of change.

   We're shaping a new world here.

  From scratch, casting it bit by bit, this is a job that requires extremely high skills and skills, and your ingenuity is destined to be the most suitable candidate.

   Two of my apprentices left the organization but they were not betrayed or dismissed.

  They are far away from us but have been secretly preparing some things that are not convenient for us to intervene. We have raised enough materials through their activities.

  You can start now.

  Create a planet that is not involved by the outside world, as the starting point of a new story. "

   "Wait, from nothing?"

   Mason blinked and said:

   "It's too much work, and I haven't done this job before."

   "Everyone has a first time."

  Vanity Maharaja patted Mason on the shoulder optimistically and said:

   "Don't worry, no one will blame you if you do something bad, it's all about trying anyway."

   "No, no, no, I'm not worried, nor do I want to refuse."

   Mason shook his head and said:

   "I just had an idea."

  He took something out of his bag and placed it in front of the Vainglory.

  It was a very special storage jar, turned upside down like a glass cover, and inside it was a black ugly planet. But a person like Merlin can tell at a glance that a stable ecology has formed on the surface of this planet, and there are still some primitive life forms moving freely within it.

  They have not yet begun to explore the world, so this planet can be regarded as the original place.

   "Look, the Star of Doom."

  Mason said to the surprised Vainglory beside him:

   "I brought it out, too, and the planet is symbolically solid, blessed with destruction and rebirth, making it a rough gem.

  We don't need to build a new world from scratch, that would be too risky, my current craft is not enough to forge planets, so I can use it as the most basic body to complete the shaping.

   I already have a plan. "

   "Don't tell me."

  Vanity Maharaja waved his hands and said:

  "You make the decision, you execute it, we only need to see the results, but you have to change it, erase everything familiar, reshape it from the cognitive and existential level.

  I know you are a little numb.

  Don't worry, I will teach you, as long as you master the knack of billions, then the job of world creator is really not difficult at all. "

   "Also, before I actually start my work, I plan to go back."

  Mason made his request, and he said to the Vainglory:

   "My wife is pregnant, I'm worried."

   "Understand, can understand."

  Melin laughed and patted him on the shoulder, saying:

   "When the cosmic egg is stable, I will send you back and give you a period of leave before you come back to work. Our organization is very free, and there are not so many rules about superiors and subordinates.

  Don't be so reserved, Mason, you have already proved that you are qualified to stand with us by coming here on your own.

   But it’s idle now, let’s go, let’s have some fun, it happens that the four of us can play mahjong or something, if you are good at gambling, you might win some good things from us. "


   Mason readily accepted.

  The two guys of the Mei family chatted and laughed and left the newborn universe placed in a special area, and when leaving the door, Mason touched the soul stone hanging on his chest.

  He seemed to be able to feel the uneasiness and apprehension of the lost spirit in the stone.

   Seems like an overly sensitive guy.

  The chief captain whispered:

   "Don't be afraid, Murphy, I will give you a new world, just like they did for me...I promise."

  (end of this chapter)

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