Chapter 669 36. Next time, we will see you in a place without darkness

  The candle held in Shirley's hand was sent to Mason's hand, just like some kind of ceremony.

  It burns on the cliff of this barren planet. The weak candle can't light up the sea of ​​stars or the darkness, but it is a ray of light, so that people walking on the night road no longer fear the blinding darkness.

  Mason held it in his hand, and the beating of the candle seemed to reflect Ciri's life.

   No longer in the form of some paper man's wife, but a real life dancing in the corona of burning fire.

It was not the first time for Mason to see this candle. He had seen this burning thing placed on top of the chandelier like a crown in the Shadowlands of Starsburg, but he really didn't expect Ciri to bring this thing out .

   "Are you worried that I won't be able to do it?"

  Mason held this unadorned plain candle in his hand, and he asked:

   "Do you want to perform the ceremony of blowing out the flame yourself at a certain moment, so that I don't have to bear the pain of loss?"

   "Not as complicated as you think."

  Hiri brushed her long hair behind her ears, looked at Mason in front of her, and said:

   "I'm just worried that you will fall into the old A's trap because of me, and fall into crisis because of me. I can guess what choice you will make in that situation.

  If old A really completes his anti-Mason tactics, when the last hope is lost, you, a silly little man, will definitely choose to stay there and accompany me to hell.

   But that's not where a soul like you should be,

  All the kingdoms of heaven have opened their doors for you and welcome you to enter, and you will enjoy happiness and beauty in those places forever.

   That's what you deserve.

  I was just thinking, in case I need a severing hope that pulls you into hell, I won't suffer too much pain, just blow gently. "

   "We can't use it."

   Mason shook his head and said:

   "This is just Mephisto's trick to play with people's hearts.

  He wants us to see how fragile life can be, but he can't understand that when a fire is burning, nothing can extinguish it.

   But it's not his fault, he's just a devil.

  I feel like at this point I should say something to commemorate what is about to happen. "

   "Speak, I'm listening."

  Hiri looked at Mason leaning on the Sword of the Lake Lady, her cat-like eyes were full of tenderness.

   There was no more hesitation, confusion and pain, and the first ray of rain fell from the top of the two of them, like a naughty and gentle Mason's kiss on Ciri's forehead.

  Although there are few water sources on this uninhabited planet, for Mason now, turning a thought into water is already the most basic supernatural operation.

   It was drizzling and breezy.

  Blowing into this barren land, nourishing the nutrients in the withered ashes, maybe in the next year, buds representing hope will grow.

   It is also stormy.

  Sweeping the filth of this dilapidated place, returning the sunlight after the evil spirits have been dispelled to the earth, hoping to reflect the fragrance of all things in the next morning.

  Mason stood in his rain curtain with a candle in his hand. The icy raindrops did not damage the ignition of the flame. The small flame stood proudly in the rain, like a soul that was unwilling to submit to show its existence to the world.

  Although humble, it cannot be ignored.

   “I want to say a lot, but I can’t get the words out.”

  The captain finally gave up on this plan.

  He raised his head and looked at the lady in the rain with a smile. He observed every detail of her, and wanted to engrave all of this in his mind and never forget it.

  The pistol on his waist was drawn.

   Lift up, aim.

  The two looked at each other, and the captain said in the most gentle tone:

   "I have brought the dawn, so that when you are born again, it will be a time of hope without tragedy."

"Yes, I believe."

  Ciri closed her eyes, she said softly:

  "I believe that we will finally meet again in a place without darkness. I have traveled to the end of the night and escorted the dawn to the end of the darkness. I have atoned for the sins in my hands, and the dazzling blood has been washed away.

   I set out on this path with vengeance in my heart, and now, I will die without any regrets, to declare the end of the broken age.


  I've got it so I can enjoy the dream that never wakes until another kiss wakes me up and I'll be waiting for you at the next stop, Mason.

  I will not miss you for the rest of your life. "


  The curtain of rain is rushing up at this moment.

   It was almost harsh, perfectly covering up the gunshots.

   Gulu, who was urging the heroes of Walter to enter the gate of time and space opened by the speedsters, seemed to be frightened. She turned her head and looked at the cliff in the distance.

  She saw nothing, but a candle seemed to go out.

  It's another death in an age where violence and madness are commonplace, but this time without any vendetta or evil.

   Let her such an iron-blooded lady feel the slight sadness in it.

   Ah, she also understands grief.

  Gulu turned his head, gently lifted the cloak that was torn on his back, shielding the sleeping child in his arms from the wind above his head and the rain in front of him, and walked towards the crack in front of him under the **** of the tall and reliable figure beside him.

   This long day is over for her.

   But not yet for others.

   "Did you see the soldier boy?"

  Queen Maeve grabbed Azu who was about to jump into another world. She lowered her voice and asked:

   "The man you should call father, something has been wrong since before."

   "Whatever he does, isn't he always the kind of **** who can do whatever he likes?"

  Azu didn't care about his biological "father" at all, and even said with disgust on his face:

   "I don't wonder what he does."

   "No, you empty-headed idiot!"

  Queen Maeve said in a deep voice:

   "You don't look at the current situation, we escaped, but these guys in front of you are no better than the people in the council. Whether you want it or not, we have to exist as a whole.

  In case that guy does something dangerous, we will also be implicated. Isn't he also strengthened by the No. 5 compound? It seems to me that Lord Mason, who was like a demon just now, is also a mutant.

  You said it’s just in case”

   "Ah, **** it!"

  Azu is not stupid.

Although he has not reached the level of super wisdom, he still immediately realized what Queen Maeve meant. He is a **** himself, so he naturally understands the style of **** very well, and he thought of a set that has something to do with "dangerous" in minutes. of various situations.

   In addition, their group has always been loose.

   Among them are some **** who are very close to the people in the council. If something happens, everyone has to be jointly and severally responsible, not to mention the ability of the soldier boy's **** is really tricky.

  So a few seconds later, when little Iris, who was in charge of opening the Speed ​​Force channel, was sitting on his hips, thinking hard about his homework problem today, he saw a man and a woman walking to him, and said to her mysteriously:

   "Hello, little leader, we want to report a dangerous guy"

  Mason half-kneeled on the ground while wiping in the rain, twisted the deformed bullet and burned it into a delicate frame with magic fire and placed it under the extinguished candle in his hand.

   Picked up the dropped ring on the ground in front of him again.

It was a gift he had given to Ciri before. It was the same style as Harley and Quinn. There was no corpse in front of his eyes. Because of the resurrection potion, Ciri disappeared into the original place at the moment of death. land.

   There wasn't even any clothes left, only a shimmering sword of the lake girl stuck in front of Mason's eyes.

  The chief captain showed no sadness on his face, and there was still a gentle light flowing in his eyes. He put the ring in front of his eyes and then put it on his right finger.

   It is only kept temporarily, and will eventually be returned to its owner.

   Afterwards, on the cliff where he was the only one left, Mason stood up and held the hilt of the Lake Maiden's Sword, and with a light pull, the sacred blade fell into the palm of his hand.

This sword is a real legend in Shirley's world. It is said that it was shaped by the greatest supernatural power. It is a holy sword born among the five virtues of human beings. Hold and use it to kill enemies.

   After each sword holder dies, the sword will disappear and return to the mysterious place to wait for its next owner again.

Legends are always exaggerated, but when Mason held the sword, he found that it was not just a "memory" left by Ciri. It did not disappear because of Ciri's death, but stayed where it was. world is dead.

   There is a saint in front of its eyes.

   Mason looked at it, and the information tab popped up quickly:

  Sword of the Lady of the Lake/Sword of Virtue/Blade of the Holy One

  Quality: Forging Artifact · Immortality · Relic

  Trait: Slashing Spirit·Sharp 【Rule Level】·Breaking Demon·Invincible·Never Wears Out


   1. Holiness:

  Only beings with the five virtues of benevolence, wisdom, generosity, glory, and courage can use this weapon. When the five virtues are possessed and each quality is outstanding, the weapon will add the following effects to the holder:

  Benevolence: Any non-fatal attack will be accompanied by [Holy Purification], this effect cannot be exempted.

   Wisdom: The effects of magic, powers, and supernatural powers are raised to the maximum level at which the user can manipulate them.

   Generosity: [Damage Immunity] effect will be generated when being hit, the maximum immunity is 30%.

  Glory: During frontal combat, various abilities of the sword-wielder will be temporarily enhanced, with a maximum enhancement level of 30%. This effect will be canceled after the battle, and sneak attacks will not trigger this effect.

  Courage: When the number of enemies is greater than 1, the weapon will generate a [Courage Aura], which will cause [Shock] to the enemy and give the sword bearer the effect of [Momentum Suppression].


  The former owner, Siria Fiona Allen Lianlun, has the right to use the weapon from [Bloodline Inheritance]. It does not possess the five virtues, so it is difficult to realize the full potential of the weapon.

  The current owner, Mason Cooper, possesses the five virtues and outstanding quality, and the above effects have reached the maximum blessing.


  When the owner Mason Cooper violates the five virtues, the buff effect of the weapon will be weakened.

   2. Slash evil with the silver sword:

  The holy silver blade created by ancient techniques will permanently increase the damage to all supernatural power creatures. When using this weapon to face evil/chaotic alignment creatures, it will be easier to hit a fatal blow.

  When the holder has the inheritance of [Demon Hunter], the damage bonus effect of this weapon will be doubled.

  3. Undefeated will:

  The Sword of the Lady of the Lake is endowed with the magical power of a world. After each slash, if the enemy is a creature of the evil/chaotic alignment, the quality and destructive power of the weapon will be permanently improved and energy will be infused.

  The sword holder can actively activate the energy of the holy sword to increase the destructive power of the weapon by ten times in a short period of time.

  Current level of destructive power and quality improvement: Satisfactory.

  Current holy sword energy infusion level: perfect.

  Creator: Igor Viktorov/World Wish

  Item Description 1: When I am not by your side, my weapon will protect you for me, my love. -Ciria Fiona Allen Liane

Item description 2: Poor thing, I originally wanted to mock you for not getting your first holy sword until now. I have too many holy swords in your hands at this time, but considering that you just got your first holy sword I killed my wife, so I will let you off this time.

   "Give me back my emotion, you idiot! When I see you, I will beat you hard!"

  The captain cursed.

But when his fingers touched the holy sword of the lake girl exuding golden streamer, all the anger and dissatisfaction in his heart were wiped out in an instant. His fingers slid across the bright blade, making the mysterious inscription on the sword jump like To be ignited is like a mass of golden fire flowing over a sharp weapon.

  He looked so intently that he didn't even seem to notice the sneaky guy behind him.

  The time-honored name among the heroes of Walt, it can be said that it is the first professional hero born in that world, obviously imitating Steve Rogers, the guy nicknamed Soldier Boy is accumulating power.

  He clenched his fist behind Mason, roared the moment the captain put away the candle, and the flickering light shot out from his chest like a sharp arrow and hit Mason precisely.

He was originally endowed by the No. 5 compound with the ability to eliminate all the functions of the No. 5 compound on life forms. In his world, this is basically equivalent to completely stripping the source of power of a superhuman, but after Dum added Soldier Boy also benefits from the research on Compound Five and the enhanced effect of the reinforcer.

  His ability has been upgraded like other Walt heroes to be effective for all abilities, so the direct effect of this blow is to suppress and seal Mason's mutant ability like leech serum.

  He obviously wasn't acting alone.

  When Mason was hit by the chest cannon, several space-time tunnels opened at the same time when the latter was engulfed in light, and Conqueror Kang, who was sitting on the mechanical chair, flew out of it expressionlessly.

   This guy is not the **** who died inexplicably in the past before, he is the director of hope Kang who maintained a good relationship with old A.

   "No one can be trusted these days!

  Even the rest of me are a bunch of **** worms who can’t accomplish anything but fail. It’s really hard to do something, so I have to leave my crumbling Kang Dynasty and come and kill you myself! "

  Hope director Kang complained, while holding the thing that extended from the mechanical chair, which was very dangerous just by its appearance.

  He is obviously much more dangerous than other Kang.

  As soon as he came out, it was a big battle, not only brought other Kangs who were loyal to him, but even brought in many bullies and destroyers from other timelines from his own time empire, and surrounded the helpless Mason in just an instant.

At the same time, the reinforcements who received the news from the speedster have also arrived here. It is precisely because almost all the people who can fight in New Osborne Tower have been taken to hell, and the rest of the "Mason Family" who had to go into battle shirtless people.

  They were also worried about whether the main body would capsize in the sewer this time, but when they approached the cliff that had been surrounded by Kang the Conqueror's army, the alchemist sitting on the front magic carpet suddenly changed slightly.

   As soon as he stretched out his hand, he stopped the other people who were rushing forward.

He said:

   "Back! Hurry up! We are no longer needed there, the main body has used dangerous things, it seems that he will be in a really bad mood, brothers, calm down and prepare for the 'Exorcism Formation'!

   Mason will need it later. "

   "Ha, is our Darkseid brother going to be forced to open again?"

  The jeweler whistled. Looking at the golden waterfall in front of him, he covered his eyes and said:

   "Damn it, look at the energy intensity. Is Mason going to be black?"


   As soon as the words fell, a stronger shock broke out again.

A golden corona formed on the shattered cliff. At this time, Kang the Conqueror stared at the expressionless Mason who was hanging in the air like an avatar in front of him. The latter's indifferent eyes made him feel stressed. Shanda, at this moment he suddenly realized a very serious problem.

  Why didn't Lord Doom participate in this assassination plan?

   Could it be that guy knows that the **** in front of him has such a dangerous thing?


   Are you cheating?

   "My mind is tired, let it rest for a while."

   Mason whispered:

   "Dakseid, leave it to you, don't kill people, keep it for use."

   "Hey, who wants to listen to you!"

  The voice of the chief captain became frenzied in the next instant of evil spirits, and the reawakened Mason took over the body. He moved his fists and looked at a group of ants that were constantly retreating in front of him.

  The fear shining in the other person's eyes makes it very enjoyable and satisfying.

   "That idiot is very sad, because he just passed away his little wife, and you little cuties sent him to the door thoughtfully at this time, oops, I am so grateful to you all.

   After all, it is really too difficult to let him lose control once. "

  Void Mason moved his five fingers, feeling the trembling of the world under his feet, he laughed and shouted to everyone in front of him:

   "Now. Cry! Cry full of fear and despair, that is a necessary ritual at a funeral, but if you cry badly, you will be crushed to death!"

  (end of this chapter)