Chapter 668 35. Yes, we have a baby


  Azu flew out of the space rift opened by Lord Hunter with super fast speed and stunning posture, and then slammed his head into the rocks of this uninhabited planet in embarrassment.

  Because he rushed too fast and couldn't slow down, he smashed his head into the mountain wall, plowing out an impact-shaped gully amidst the loud noise of gravel flying across.

  This is an embarrassment.

   But this is nothing, after all, they have just completed a Jedi escape with an almost impossible victory. Compared with the little life they just saved, it is nothing but embarrassing.

  Most of the other grotesque professional heroes who rushed out with Azu also thought so.

  As Mason said, for this group of migrant workers who regard superheroes as their jobs, don’t expect them to have lofty ideals and noble character.

  For the Justice League, the morality of a hero is to be the light that illuminates everyone in times of despair, but for the heroes of Walt, it is victory to survive every bad situation!

   They even cheered on the spot after they escaped.

   There are a few who are obviously adulterous and even hugged and kissed like no one else. If it weren't for the current situation, these guys don't mind releasing the most primitive desire in their hearts to relieve the pressure in their hearts.

  Compared with them, Mason and Master Hunter, who finally walked out of the crack, are much more respectable.

   First of all, it’s because these two are well-informed, isn’t it just the scene of the world exploding? Tch, I've seen you a lot, what's there to panic about?

  Secondly, it was because Mason had precisely caught the time. He was sure that his actions were all planned, and naturally he didn't need to make such a sudden move to destroy his image as a winner.

The Iron Queen followed behind Mason with the crying baby in her arms, and beside her was the stronger iron-blooded alien. This guy had a set of hunting armor made by the Mason Manufacturing Group to cover his hideous face. Like an enhanced version of the iron-blooded bodyguard, no one can guess the real identity of this guy until it really starts killing.

   But Gollum is really good at taming animals.

  Especially the training alien. This iron-blooded alien is quite well-behaved beside her. Of course, it is also possible that he felt the breath of "mother" so he dared not make mistakes?

   "Grunt! (She looks hungry.

The queen is good at hunting and killing people, but it is really difficult for her to let such a woman who is iron and blood from head to toe to take care of her children. She will protect the baby version of Madeleine with a very blunt posture, and then poke her with her finger Mason called for help.

   "Feed me when you're hungry."

  The chief captain glanced at her and said:

   "What? Don't you always have milk powder in your battle bag? It seems that you have to learn more from Harry in this regard."

   "Gulu Gulu (Believe it or not! Bastard, don't talk sarcasticly, her temperature is a little high, she seems to be sick.

  The queen complained angrily, and handed the baby in her arms to Mason for him to check. The captain took it over and checked the child's condition with his own superb medical standards, then shook his head and said:

   "No, she is very healthy. It should be that the rapid accumulation of vitality has caused her body temperature to rise. This may be normal, but to be on the safe side, she should be sent back to the New Osborne Tower and handed over to Emma.


  Emma has never raised a child, I grew up in a biological jar, and she is also a novice mother. It seems that I have to leave it to Martha to make people feel more at ease. "

   Mason was speaking, and activated the K team's silent communication before.

  Hiri's random teleportation sent them to an uninhabited planet, and they don't know where it is. If the World Gate can't be used, the speedsters can only make another trip.

   "Mason? You survived? I knew it!"

   It was Barbara who was connected to the training.

  Batgirl will be guarding the Stars Fort with the main force, and she will be happy when she sees her stinky brother alive and well with all limbs in the communication projection.

  Heaved a sigh of relief, she was about to ask more questions, but she saw the crying baby in Mason's arms with extreme sharp eyes. It looked like a newborn baby.

   This scene immediately made Barbara's expression strange, and she exclaimed:

   "This child! Wait, who does this child belong to? Are you supposed to save Ciri's?"


Before she finished her irresponsible random associations, there was a loud sound of a heavy object falling on the background of the communication, and then amidst the familiar screams, Barbara's communicator was snatched by an exasperated Harley come over.

  The captain's cutie stared at Mason and the child in his arms with wide-eyed eyes before the projection. After a few seconds of silence, Harry pursed his mouth, and those big eyes immediately filled with tears.

  She said aggrievedly:

  "I knew it! Woohoo, there must be something going on between you and Ciri, whoooo, you even have a baby in the blink of an eye! Damn, that bad woman hid it really well!

  I didn't find out she was pregnant before, it was just born, right?

   Definitely yes, right?

  It's so annoying!

   Quinn! Quinn get your body bag ready, we're going to trouble Ciri and give her to... uh, wait, this isn't right! "

  Brilliant IQ suddenly occupied the high ground of the chaotic mind at this moment, Halle wiped her eyes, she said strangely:

   "You and Ciri have only known each other for five or six months, right? And I heard that witchers cannot conceive, so whose child is this?"

   "You are so stupid!"

   Quinn next to him knocked on Harley's head, and she said sinisterly:

   "October pregnancy is just a human saying. Maybe the Isu can give birth to a child in just one month? Don't forget, little sweetheart is a half-Isu.

  The child’s eyes are so similar to his, this must be him hiding from us outside.”

   "Ahem, you two are enough!"

  Mason saw the drawing getting darker and darker, and hurriedly explained:

   "This is Madeleine, she took the resurrection potion before she died, and was subsequently reborn as a baby. The alchemist's potion proved to be effective.

   This is also the first thing I want to tell you. Immediately send someone to the new Osborne tower to find the alchemist, where he has prepared potions for Liana and old Shazam.

  Take it back and let them both drink it.

In addition, the speedsters staying at the new Osborne Tower should be little Iris and Hey Wally, let them come to my coordinates as quickly as possible to get this child, Gulu, and our new batch of members take them back. "

   "Received! Arrange people to leave immediately."

  Barbara snatched back her communicator from Harry, and replied without Mason asking:

   "The Stars Fort is calm, and there have been no unconventional incidents so far, but you may have escaped the death trap of old A, which means that Mephisto's participation in the operation has also failed.

  I suspect that the old devil is about to jump the wall and launch a counterattack from the Stars Society. We will be ready here, Mason, you don't have to come back here, go directly to the battlefield of hell!

  Our contact with them was fifteen minutes ago. They had broken through the obstacles of the Ghost Knights and approached the old devil's lair, but encountered great resistance.

  The other side obviously needs you more. "

   "Well, I'm going to finish the last thing at hand."

  Mason responded, and Barbara obviously knew what Mason's so-called "last thing" was, so she didn't say more, just told Mason to be safe, and then cut off the communication.

  The chief captain looked down at the baby in his arms, who was crying endlessly as if he was happy for his own life.

He shook his head, hugged her like he was hugging little Bruce Kent before, and took out the "flavored milk" left for Azu from his luggage, poured a small amount of medicine into it, shook it well, and gave it to her to eat In order to restart the first ration in life.

   A few minutes later, the child who stopped crying was re-handed to Gulu who was watching from the sidelines.

  The Jagged Queen focused all her attention on the child. She hugged little Madeleine into her arms, and heard Mason remind her:

   "I can understand your desire to adopt her, but you have a special status now, and your clan will soon discover your existence and send a large number of people to hunt you and your 'baby'.

  You're going to be on the run for the rest of your life, I think."

   "Grunt! (That was the old rule.

  The queen gently touched the bridge of little Madeleine's nose with her claws that could easily break steel. She seemed to have made up her mind and muttered:

   "Gulu Gulu (The first sequence is already free, and the eighth sequence will also live in real freedom. I will personally send the future woven by you into my people.

  No one can stop me from taking care of the little girl to grow up, this is my mission and responsibility.

nobody! )”

   "It's up to you, the speedsters will come in a while, you stay here and watch them, don't let them run around."

  Mason glanced at the Walt professional heroes who were resting on the uninhabited planet, and he left Kevin and the wild phoenix Fox who was flying around to digest food.

   Then he turned around and looked at Ciri, Lord Hunter was leaning on his lake girl sword and looking at the dark sea of ​​stars above her head, her silver hair fluttered like a person who would disappear at any moment.

   Filled with an uncertain unknown.

   "Let's go for a walk."

   Mason stepped forward and said something.

   Ciri certainly understood what this meant.

  She turned her head and showed a gentle smile, put the sword behind her back and took Mason's arm. The two of them were engulfed by the silver arc in the next moment, and reappeared on the barren mountain cliff not far away.

   This is fine here.

  The view is good and quiet enough. Facing north and south, you can still receive the light in the sea of ​​stars. It is a very wonderful site for the tomb.

   "Are you going to shoot me in the back? Or use a more ritualistic weapon? Or choke my neck for a bloodless death?"

  Hiri is really in a good mood.

  She didn't feel the reluctance, pain or despair when death came.

  She was even in the mood to play a joke on Mason behind her, and it seemed that she really planned to cooperate with any death method proposed by Mason.

she says:

   "You're a great pharmacist, maybe you can give me a potion that will take me on my death journey without any pain?"

   "I'm still a cook."

  Mason stepped forward and took Ciri's waist from behind, and the two stuck together. He said softly:

   "Do you want to prepare a poisonous pastry for you, which can make you close your eyes in sweetness?"

   "Forget it, it's sweet enough now, if you go on, you'll get diabetes."

  The hunter raised his head with a smile, and kissed the bowed Mason without the shyness of the past. This time, he really devoted himself wholeheartedly, as if he wanted to enjoy the last tenderness before death.

  Her hair was swaying, falling on Mason's shoulders and neck, and her hands drooped to hold Mason's fingers around his waist.

   After nearly a minute of passionate kissing, she said in a hoarse voice:

   "We still have a little time, maybe we should invite you to complete the thing that must be done between lovers, you still have one last chance to think, you also said that the potion I drank will take effect for an uncertain time.

  Maybe you will be old when we meet next time. "

   "It will not exceed six months at the latest."

   Mason shook his head and said:

   "I still stick to my original idea, after all this mess is over, let us enjoy the destined long life.

   Don't be in a hurry for this moment, and there will be a big battle in a while.

  I guess the result of being drained by you here before going to the battlefield will not be too good. "

   "That's what it says."

   Ciri snorted.

  She no longer has the trouble of being a great teacher of the Stars Club who needs to be tense all the time, so she relaxes wholeheartedly, letting herself lean in the arms of her little lover and rest her head on Mason's shoulder.

  She looked at the dark starlight flying all over the sky, and said:

   "My parents' souls are quite weak. They have been imprisoned in Mephisto's **** for seventeen years. They need to sleep for a long time before they can recover their energy and then consider resurrection or simply live as a spirit body.

   I guess that's a good thing.

  They may be able to attend my wedding when they wake up next time, or catch up with the birth of their grandchildren. Your potion will revive me in the purest form.

   That means, the effects of the witcher's grass potion will also be cleaned up, right? "

   "Are you so impatient to have a baby?"

  Mason complained:

   "Shouldn't you enjoy the two-person world first. Uh, the four-person world, right?"

   "No, I'm not going to live with you and Harley and Quinn."

  Ciri closed her eyes, imagining the future at the moment of death, she said:

   "That kind of life is **** for a demon hunter. We can't be quiet unless we don't fight anymore. I am a hunter who traverses all worlds, and my career serving the Stars will come to an end.

   My dog ​​leash will also be off, and the rest of my life will be mine.

  I'm not going to waste it on a man who will sink me to the point where I don't want to travel anymore, ah, now I finally understand why Selena ran away at the wedding Bruce planned for her.

  It turns out that this feeling of wanting to hug but fearing the trap of tenderness is so disturbing. "

  She paused, reached out to stroke Mason's cheek, her cat-like eyes were shining, she said to Mason:

   "You are the Robin who is most like Batman. I think you should also have a partner who is as inseparable as Catwoman in your life. In fact, you are also quite envious of the love between Selena and Bruce

  I will help you realize this wish, and I will make the same promise for you as Selena.

  When I have the first wrinkle, I will marry you without hesitation, but until then, we have to continue this love battle. "

   "Okay, that sounds interesting."

   Mason nodded and said:

   "But I have a request. When you want to settle down, you have to propose to me. What are you doing, Ciri?"

  Before he finished speaking, he felt the hunter in his arms struggling away.

  She turned around and stood a step away from Mason's eyes, stretched out her hand and coughed around her mouth, and then took off the pendant of the Wolf School around her neck.

   Kneeling down on one knee under Mason's astonished gaze, he said to the captain in front of him:

   "So, Mason Cooper, are you willing to be my eternal soul mate, Siria Fiona Allen Lianlun?"

   "Hey, do you want to be so sudden?"

  Mason was a little bewildered by Ciri's move, but the next moment, he smiled and stretched out his hand to hold the pendant in Ciri's hand. He blinked and said:

   "Of course, I am willing. Remember to have such a sense of ceremony when proposing marriage. Also, won't you give me the Gwent card as a demon hunter?

   Isn't this traditional? "

   "Tch, it's not time yet."

   Lord Hunter rolled his eyes and stood up, brushing his long hair.

  The eyes of the two people met and fell silent at this moment, and a sad emotion was silently outlined. Even if the separation is for the next reunion, this kind of thing can never make people happy.

   Ciri took a deep breath, took out the burning candle from the bag, and handed it to Mason.

she says:

   "It's time, come on, let the rain drown out the gunshots, let me die in romance."

  (end of this chapter)

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